My Second Life in Another World

As night descends, a man sits alone, lost in thoughts of grief on his birthday, mourning the loss of his parents. Seeking solace, he turns to alcohol, hoping to numb the pain. But when he wakes the next day, he finds himself in a strange new world, gifted with powers he unknowingly acquired in his intoxicated state. Rather than succumbing to despair, he chooses to face the unknown with resilience and determination. Exploring this unfamiliar realm, he uncovers hidden truths about himself, unlocking a wellspring of abilities he never knew existed. Driven by an unwavering desire to be reunited with his parents, he embarks on a quest to understand his newfound powers and the world that now surrounds him. Throughout his journey, he forms alliances, overcomes adversaries, and lends a helping hand to those in need. If there are also those who pose a threat to his loved ones. He confronts these challenges head-on, employing diverse strategies beyond mere violence. From Solo Leveling to The Beginning After The End to Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint, follow this man's story as he tries to make sense of his new reality and find his way back to his loved ones. …. Before you begin reading the story, I'd like to share a few important points. The main character (MC) is a good-natured and cheerful person, so don't expect him to become excessively violent or aggressive from the start. However, he won't let others walk all over him and will deal with anyone he sees as a potential threat. How he handles these situations won't always involve violence, but you'll understand more about this as you progress into the second part of the story. The first part is meant to be uplifting and doesn't involve much danger because the MC is already powerful. Its purpose is mainly to introduce the MC's personality and the female characters who will develop romantic feelings for him. I did my best with my writing skills at the time, so I apologize if it's not as good as you'd like. Your feedback and thoughts are welcome, as I value your input. While this story can be enjoyed as a lighthearted harem fanfic commonly found in web novels, if you take the time to explore the sentences and scenarios, you'll find deeper meaning beneath the surface. Ultimately, it's up to you as the reader to interpret and decide whether it's a typical fanfic with an overpowered MC and a harem or something more meaningful when read with greater thought and investment. I've learned this through my writing experiences. Give it a try and let me know your thoughts after reading. I deeply appreciate all of my readers, and I am truly grateful to those who enjoy reading this story. Your support means a lot to me. At the same time, I want to apologize to those who didn't find it appealing or satisfying. Anyway thanks for taking the time to engage with my work, and I will try to improve and deliver content that you may like one day. That is all, Thank you for reading. Note: This story is a fan fiction and I do not own any of the characters. For those interested, you can join the Discord link provided or check out my Patreon to read ahead. 1 extra chapter for 650 power stones https://discord.gg/NdaZBAbQ8D https://www.patreon.com/OVERLOAD69

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WELL, SH*T!!!!!

It was a weekend, I was in my house drinking as I do every weekend. I turned 27 today but I didn't go anywhere and stayed home.

It kind of became a habit after my parents passed away because a tsunami hit the cruise ship they were traveling on the south pacific ocean.

Because of a 9.4–9.6 on the moment magnitude scale in Chile caused a massive tsunami of about 30 meters in height. no one survived and the tsunami passed by the destruction was enormous.

Not only my parents but the 3000 passengers and crew aboard the ship died, and almost 75% of the body weren't even discovered. My parent's bodies were discovered as I told the government to work with them as a priority as my father was considered the most famous businessman in America so they had many concerns regarding the situation.

I dropped out of college and helped my father in his company, We made the current business we have at some point we didn't have the money to support our family but we were able to pull through and make it to the top.

'It's been over a year now.' I still can't stop thinking about my parents as I loved them. I miss my mother's cooking and my father who would hound me every time to marry or scold me when I didn't listen to him.

'When I was your age I already had you.' He used to say that all the time.

As an only child, I don't have any family members left.

'I miss them.' I said as I drink another glass of wine.

And went to my room to sleep.

I am currently in Tokyo in the mansion we owned as my mother liked to live here.

I went towards my room, I was feeling very dizzy and I just crashed on the bed and slept.


After waking up I was in an unknown place that I don't know.

'Am I still drunk? I did drink a lot last night.'

That's what I thought as a blue screen came in front of me with what looked like a character profile. Which was empty currently and on the left side are names of…


Emiya Shirou

Uchiha Sasuke

Tomioka Giyu

Big Chungus


The player can use Three Characters' power and One's body. (You can only use a human with no mana or other energy for the main body.)


'Za FUCK' how much did I drink to see shit like this?

Ahh, my head hurts it feels like it's going to split.

It looks like character customization with one character as base body and full power from Three different characters.

'What a weird dream to have, I have been reading way too many fanfics. It's even showing up in my dreams now.'

'The base body should be human, this is hard.' I can't use characters that are of other races or have any type of energy like mana, ki, or the works. What the fuck is this condition even here I don't get it, is it just harassment for someone like me who has only recently been drawn into ACG culture.

A human who has immense talent and potential. There are a lot of them in anime but one without mana or any form of energy is few. Guess I am still a noob when it comes to anime, I only started it after the death of my parents as a way of coping.

'Well, I have already made up my mind.' I said as scrolled and selected the one I was looking for.


Tsugikuni Yoriichi


Well, this is the only one that comes to my mind as an OP human that has a lot of potential. Just thinking of him becoming a demon in place of his brother gives me shivers.

[Model Tsugikuni Yoriichi has been chosen as the base body]

Okay, now on to the other three it seems that I can choose which version of the character I want so I chose Yoriichi In his prime.

Now the second is going to be Naruto when he fought against Kaguya.

And Uchiha Madara when he fought the Five Kages. He was so badass. Madara is the definition of badass in my dictionary.

And now the last one is Edward Newgate my favorite character, I still feel like crying thinking about the Marineford arc. I am going to choose him in his prime his powers are op.

[Compling character models,

Naruto Uzumaki, Madara Uchiha, Edward Newgate

Compiling completed ]


I pressed on confirm and felt satisfied with the character model [CONGRATULATIONS!!]

If this was real it would have been a force to reckon with Or maybe that is just my biased view.

But, I know this isn't real and I felt my consciousness slipping as my vision darkened


(??? POV)

"Do you think he's going to be ok?" Said a human-made of golden light in a somewhat masculine voice with no face.

"Yes, we should believe in him although he was chosen by chance, he is still our child after all and what kind of parents don't trust in their children." A feminine voice with the same body as the male said sounding a little angry replied.

"OHHH you are right he is our son so he will do a great job I am sure."

"HMPH, Good that you know." The female looked away.

And the male was trying his best to calm her down or it would be hell for him.


(Mc POV)

I woke up feeling dizzy and I had a really bad headache.

I looked around and saw that I was In a different place.

My mind was cleared in an instant as I saw a room that wasn't known to me.

"Where the fuck am I ?" this was the only question on my mind.

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