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A bright light engulfed the whole room and Haru.

"Fuck! I won't be taken away like this." Haru cursed as he covered his eyes and tried to 'Resist' the 'Unknown force'(Cliché) but what can he do the author had other plans.

A few seconds later Haru Opened his eyes and found himself in...

"Damn it," Haru cursed again as he looked around the place all he saw was….

"I am still here, Phew*" Haru sighed in relief as he was still in his own house and had dodged the 'Unknown Force'(Cliché).

But his attention was quickly stolen by two objects that were floating in the air as they excluded a bright light.

The objects were...

"Argh, Why is this light so fucking bright? Are you trying to blind me or something?" Haru cursed because he wasn't able to make out what the objects were.

And as if listening to Haru the light around the objects dimmed and Haru was able to see them in their full glory.

"A bracelet and a red gem?" Haru took the items in his hands and looked at them carefully.

The bracelet was made of a chain that was about 5 cm in width that sparked under the with many small gems of red and purple color adorning it and the main gem holder in the center which was craved beautifully and intricately giving the bracelet a noble feel. But….

"Why is the gem missing?" Haru spoke because the main gem which was supposed to be at the center of the bracelet was missing which caused Haru to look at the second item in his hand.

"I guess it is this one, But how much Mana does this thing hold?" Haru muttered while looking at the sparkling red gem that held a lot of Mana. The amount of Mana Haru felt from the gem was even higher than him and he lacked anything but mana he had a fuckton of it.

'Damn how much Mana does this little gem have, I have never once felt like I had a limit on my Mana even though there is a limit stated on my Status, I have never felt I even used a quarter of my reserves till now.' Haru thought as he shook his head.

'Whatever, I'll just think about it later, I need to do this first.' Haru pushed the other things to the back of his head and placed the red gem in the gem holder of the bracelet.

"Just don't blind me again," Haru said as he pushed the gem inside the holder and closed his eyes.

His eyes were still burning a little because of the light from before but unlike before there was no light instead.


The sound of a similar bell was heard and Haru opened his eyes to look at the bracelet.


Bracelet of the Dimensional Shift(??): The bracelet crafted by the creator gods to make the travels between the universes for the weaker gods. The Bracelet will take the user to the destined world he needs to be in.

Price= ??


'Creator gods? Lesser gods? What type of cultivation shit is this again? Well, the important thing now is that I can get an idea about what type of people are aiming for this place, The system can't assess its price nor can it give it a rating which means…' Haru thought as he wore the bracelet on his left hand and it suited him really well.

"Things are getting a lot more complicated than before," Haru said with a smile.

Then he opened up his status.



LEVEL: 50 (20/100%)

AGE: 20


STRENGTH: S- (7,000)

AGILITY: S+ (8,000)


VITALITY: SS (10,200)

CHAKRA(MANA): SSS (12,600)

CHARM: SS+(11,000) [Can't be increased with points]

POINTS: 19,500




Sung Jin-ah (Lover)

Cha Hae-in (Lover)

Queresha Calistria (Lover/Maid)

Tawata Kanae (Lover)

World Travel [NEW]


'World Travel, Huh.' Haru nodded as he had kind of expected it this ??? to be this I mean come on it was apparent.

'So this item was necessary for the world travel, I guess I should look after it more carefully then because this is the only way I have to reach my parents.' Haru sighed and opened the world Travel option.


World Travel

-Current world-


-New World-

Proceed with the Transfer?


-Archived Worlds-




'Hmm, ok I understand how this works. It is not that complicated now I just need to set a day when I will leave, seeing the circumstances delaying things will only reduce my chances of getting stronger.' Haru sighed as he closed the status and the door to his house flew open followed by a blur that dived right into his side hugging him.

"Haru where have you been?" Jin-ah asked with a smile.

"I was just on the roof, why? did something happen?" Haru asked with a small smile.

Jin-ah saw his smile and narrowed her eyes.

"Jin-ah don't run around the house," Hae-in walked in with a sigh.

"Yeah, why do you always act like a child? If you aren't careful the building might as well collapse," Kanae walked in with her arms crossed under her bust with a frown on her face. While Queresha followed behind her with an exhausted look on her face.

'What happened to her? She looks tired,' Haru tilted his head looking at Queresha who walked straight to his side and sat down leaning on him.

Haru had an idea of what happened but decided not to say it or things might get a bit Cough* Chaotic.

"Hehe look at Queresha Unnie she is so daring now," Jin-ah had a teasing smile.

"Uh-huh," Hae-in nodded as well as she sat down on the sofa opposite of Haru with Kanae who just gave her signature 'hmph' and looked away.

"…" The room was silent for a few minutes as they didn't exchange any words but looked at Haru.

He was about to open his mouth but…

"You are going to leave this place right?" Hae-in asked Haru making everyone look at him waiting for his answer.

"How did you know? Don't give me the bullshit like 'women's intuition'," Haru said making Hae-in stick out her tongue at him.

"Jin-woo-nim told us about it before he took Joo-hee away," Hae-in answered.

"That bastard does the most random things ever," Haru sighed.

"So is it true," Kanae asked with a fierce look on her face but Haru can see the fear and unwillingness in her eyes.

"Yeah that is what I have planned on after learning about some things, There are many powerful enemies that are aiming for this world," Haru explained slowly about the things he learned from the rulers about the potential dangers that are just around the corner.

He didn't tell them about the fact that he was from another world because he needed to confirm a few things before telling them this.

Kanae leaned back on the sofa and looked away after she had heard of the possible dangers there was no way for her to throw a tantrum while knowing everything.

"So when did My Lord decide to leave for the journey?" Queresha asked with a torn look on her face. It was clear that she didn't want to be away from him. Hae-in was looking at the floor with sadness filling her eyes, she wanted to stop him but couldn't find the words to.

'I knew something like this will happen but it is too soon,' Hae-in had already expected this after the dream she saw before.

"Well, we need to deal with a few things here and then I'll leave for a bit," Haru said with a smile.

"For a bit?" Hae-in looked up in surprise, There is no way the things he wanted to do will be finished so early.

"Yeah I will look around the new world to see the power level and then come back to take you guys with me if it isn't dangerous," Haru said with a smile shocking everyone in the room except jin-ah who had an 'As Expected' Look.

"You are taking us with you?" Kanae asked in shock.

"My Lord!" Queresha was so happy that she nearly teared up.

"You should've said that from the beginning, you nearly made me cry," Hae-in complained but the smile on her lips showed how happy she was.

"Well I guess, The main reason is that it will take a long time to finish the things that I want to do, so there is no way I can leave you all here alone waiting for me, not after promising you guys that I won't leave you behind and this can also help you all grow more powerful," Haru told them the reason he had in mind.

"Yeah we can't always be behind your back," Kanae nodded immediately as she was the most prideful among the group. She didn't hate the idea of being protected but she also didn't want to be overly dependent on him.

Everyone nodded as they had the same thoughts especially jin-ah who is currently the weakest among the group.

"Come to think of it Jin-ah you didn't seem surprised when My Lord said he will take us with him," Queresha asked as Jin-ah whistled while avoiding eye contact.

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