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"You know, I don't really care what you do or what plans you have, But just know that if even a single one of my group members is affected by it. I'll kill you," Haru said simply smiling.

"Are you sure you can?" Jung-hyuk's face became serious as he looked at Haru, Deep red mana flickered around Jung-hyuk indicating him using a skill.

[The character 'Yu Jung-hyuk' has used 'Strong Self-Defense Lv. 5'.]

[The Incarnation 'Tsugikuni Haru' has used 'Haki Lv. ???']

"It isn't even a question maybe this time I'll actually lop off your limbs," Haru smiled looking down as Jung-hyuk was a few inches shorter than him, dark red and black lighting crackled around him.

Even the tiles at Haru's feet cracked everyone could feel the tense atmosphere between the two since neither of the two looked like they'll back down.

'Are these guys going to fight for real?' Hee-won was a bit taken aback at how quickly the situation escalated in a matter of few seconds.

[The Constellation 'General Who Dined with Hades' wishes to see an intense battle.]

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[The Constellation 'Abyssal Black Flame Dragon' is ready to see a rain of blood.]

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[The Constellation 'Goddess of Love and Beauty' wants to see a beautiful fight.]

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[The Constellation 'Noble Child of the Sun' doesn't want you to fight.]

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[The Constellation 'She Who Invites' is saying 'Youth']

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[The Constellation 'One Who Hates Food' is saying 'Women']

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[The Constellation 'One Who Hates Food' has left the channel.]

[The Constellation 'He Who Invites' has left the channel.]

[Several constellations are praying for the dead and saying their sacrifice won't be in vain.]

The Constellations were having their own fun and waiting for the fight to start.

They wanted to see who would come out on top between the two, Will Jung-hyuk be able to make a comeback? Or will Haru sweep the floor with him once again?

The moment was very tense as the two continued to be locked in a stare-down. But the silence was broken, and it wasn't either Haru or Jung-hyuk who did it.

"Hey Jung-hyuk, what are you doing trying to do by fighting your companion's Group?" Dok-ja said shocking most of the people on the floor given what he has just done.

'I can't let these two fight here,' Dok-ja smiled looking at Jung-hyuk's deep frown.

[A few constellations are paying attention to character Yu Jung-hyuk's answer.]

[The constellation 'Demon-like Judge of Fire' is observing Yu Jung-hyuk's loyalty with shining eyes.]

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"Companion?" Haru looked interested in what he had just heard.

[This is a good chance….] Dok-ja was perplexed by what he had just heard from Jung-hyuk.

"Yes, Dok-ja is a companion of mine," Jung-hyuk agreed looking at Dok-ja.

'What is this bastard thinking?' Dok-ja's smile twitched since the way Jung-hyuk said it made it seem like he was a mole in Haru's group. This was surely the worst possible thing that could happen.

'I was trying to stop the fight since I don't know what will happen if Jung-hyuk dies, What if this worldline ends if he regresses? I don't want to take that chance,' As much as Dok-ja knew how powerful Jung-hyuk was, Haru was something else entirely.

This guy still hadn't shown his whole hand yet and can still be considered the strongest incarnation here. His battle techniques are no joke given what Dok-ja had seen during the night. Haru's stamina is pretty much inexhaustible.

He didn't even break a sweat after fighting for the whole night, and it didn't even look like he fought since his clothes were as clean as ever,

'I don't know why but attacks don't hit him,' Dok-ja had seen it himself last night, Haru can easily dodge attacks from multiple monsters. At first, he thought it was an illusion, but seeing Haru do it all night long changed his mind into thinking that it is some sort of attack detection skill.

While Dok-ja was having this mental battle, The others in Haru's group were also shocked.

"What? Ji-hye did you know about that?" Hee-won asked as she looked back towards Ji-hye since she didn't get an answer.

"Yeah I don't think she knew," Jin-ah said pointing at Ji-hye who was shocked into being a statue. Her mouth was opened so wide that it shouldn't be humanly possible.

Alea closed her mouth lest she dislocates her jaw because of this.

But, Ji-Hye seemed the most shocked person on the floor, and rightfully so. Ji-hye already had doubts when Dok-ja came to talk with Jung-hyuk alone and he let the former walk away even if he got on his nerves. She was sure there was something going on between these two but she didn't ask since Jung-hyuk won't answer her.

Now she understood the reason, she actually came to ask Dok-ja about this last night, but her bad luck as she met Haru first and was dragged into the mess, being in the heat of the moment, she ended up forgetting it while fighting the hordes of monsters.

"What? Didn't he tell you? He was quite enthusiastic about becoming my companion, I was sure he would tell you," Jung-hyuk looked at Dok-ja with narrowed eyes

'This emo bastard, maybe I shouldn't have stepped in since a beating might bring him back to his senses,' Tick marks appeared on Dok-ja's forehead as he regretted not having enough strength the knock some sense in Jung-hyuk's head himself.

Dok-ja had no reason he could make for his defense since no one told him about the conflict that happened between Jung-hyuk and Haru. So there was no way he can say he hid it to not cause any problems.

Hell, he didn't even know that they saw him being tossed off the bridge since the barrier isn't supposed to be see-through. So he really had no excuse for what he had done and he can't lie as well since Haru would catch him. Well, there was a possibility of that happening.

"Well, he didn't, I wouldn't as well if my companion was a crazed idiot that fights anyone in sight, Who knows if his enemies capture me wanting to get revenge?" Haru shrugged as Jung-hyuk frowned a little.

"You're still sticking to your old ways," Jung-hyuk looked at Haru.

[Given how he acted, I thought he changed but it seems like he didn't,] Jung-hyuk was amused by what had just happened.

'Shut up you bastard, Let Haru-ssi be the way he is, He is the best leader, Now go into your corner and brood the whole day ....I wish I could say that to his face, But I don't have a death wish,' Dok-ja could see Jung-hyuk look at him with a glare even if he hadn't said anything.

"Not really, I will take action when there is a threat that requires me to," Haru simply smiled back. In his words, he clearly said to Jung-hyuk that he is only alive because he isn't a threat.

"I see," Jung-hyuk was used to this kind of behavior since he had dealt with people like Haru multiple times.

[The Constellation 'I Am Worth More Than That' is smiling at the blatant mental warfare.]

[100 Coins have been sponsored.]

[The Constellation 'Secretive Plotter' is curious about what you are planning.]

[100 Coins have been sponsored.]

[The Constellation 'Abyssal Black Flame Dragon' is writing the conversation down for future reference.]

[200 Coins have been sponsored.]

"Ji-hye come back after you've rested," Jung-hyuk said and walked away without looking back.

"Haru-ssi, you know …I …" Dok-ja wasn't sure how to say it to Haru now since Jung-hyuk had just flipped the table on him.

"There is no need to worry about that, it is no such thing as too much caution, The times have come to the point where such things are important after all," Haru shook his head as Jung-hyuk was walking away from them.

"I see Haru-ssi," Dok-ja was a bit taken aback at how understanding Haru was. Though he didn't really think Haru would get angry over such a thing, But…

'Does he not consider me as part of the group?' Dok-ja has had this thought for some time now, and he wouldn't be surprised if it was accurate given how he has been after coming back.

The others have probably picked up on it as well, he was a bit too vigilant and acting suspiciously. Well, he wasn't acting suspiciously given how the world is currently, if he was with anyone else his actions would be viewed as normal.

But he was with Haru's group who is pretty much an anomaly from their behavior to their actions. Imagine trying to save people when your own lives are in danger. Especially in the current world where people would stab you in the back at the drop of a hat..

It was weird, but it isn't like you can call people weird or idiots just because they have a different mindset or ideals than you.

'Wait a Second …..'


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