My Second Life in Another World

As night descends, a man sits alone, lost in thoughts of grief on his birthday, mourning the loss of his parents. Seeking solace, he turns to alcohol, hoping to numb the pain. But when he wakes the next day, he finds himself in a strange new world, gifted with powers he unknowingly acquired in his intoxicated state. Rather than succumbing to despair, he chooses to face the unknown with resilience and determination. Exploring this unfamiliar realm, he uncovers hidden truths about himself, unlocking a wellspring of abilities he never knew existed. Driven by an unwavering desire to be reunited with his parents, he embarks on a quest to understand his newfound powers and the world that now surrounds him. Throughout his journey, he forms alliances, overcomes adversaries, and lends a helping hand to those in need. If there are also those who pose a threat to his loved ones. He confronts these challenges head-on, employing diverse strategies beyond mere violence. From Solo Leveling to The Beginning After The End to Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint, follow this man's story as he tries to make sense of his new reality and find his way back to his loved ones. …. Before you begin reading the story, I'd like to share a few important points. The main character (MC) is a good-natured and cheerful person, so don't expect him to become excessively violent or aggressive from the start. However, he won't let others walk all over him and will deal with anyone he sees as a potential threat. How he handles these situations won't always involve violence, but you'll understand more about this as you progress into the second part of the story. The first part is meant to be uplifting and doesn't involve much danger because the MC is already powerful. Its purpose is mainly to introduce the MC's personality and the female characters who will develop romantic feelings for him. I did my best with my writing skills at the time, so I apologize if it's not as good as you'd like. Your feedback and thoughts are welcome, as I value your input. While this story can be enjoyed as a lighthearted harem fanfic commonly found in web novels, if you take the time to explore the sentences and scenarios, you'll find deeper meaning beneath the surface. Ultimately, it's up to you as the reader to interpret and decide whether it's a typical fanfic with an overpowered MC and a harem or something more meaningful when read with greater thought and investment. I've learned this through my writing experiences. Give it a try and let me know your thoughts after reading. I deeply appreciate all of my readers, and I am truly grateful to those who enjoy reading this story. Your support means a lot to me. At the same time, I want to apologize to those who didn't find it appealing or satisfying. Anyway thanks for taking the time to engage with my work, and I will try to improve and deliver content that you may like one day. That is all, Thank you for reading. Note: This story is a fan fiction and I do not own any of the characters. For those interested, you can join the Discord link provided or check out my Patreon to read ahead. 1 extra chapter for 650 power stones https://discord.gg/NdaZBAbQ8D https://www.patreon.com/OVERLOAD69

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Cha Hae-In's Dilemma.

Cha Hae-in POV

"Hey, Hunter Cha let's go and see the new S-Ranker." The guild master said this to me as I was about to go home.

I have heard about a new S-Rank that has caused quite a ruckus because of him being part Japanese, but I didn't care much.

"Is it necessary?" I asked because I want to go back and train my swordsmanship.

"Of Course, it is Chairman Go who asked us to come." The guild master said with a serious expression which is rare for him to show outside the dungeon. Even in the dungeon he rarely shows his serious side….

'If it's Chairman Go who asked us to come it might be important.' She knows what type of person Chairman Go is.

"OK, let me change then," I said as I went towards the changing room to change out of my training equipment.


After reaching the hunter association we met the guild master of Baek-ho guild and chairman Go who had arrived before us and he seemed…

Healthy for some reason. He looked full of vitality different from how he usually was which was also noticed by the Guild masters.

But they didn't ask anything and talked about minor things as they waited for the person in question.

When it was near the appointment time I saw Woo Jin-Chul leading a man towards us.

The man was 6ft 2inches in height wearing a purple shirt and black pants with white shoes. He had a well-toned body which can be seen through his clothes to some extent.

He had reddish-black hair tied in a high ponytail that reaches his waist. Two bangs on the side framing his face and small fringes on the forehead with a red flame-like mark on the left side of his forehead. With red jewel-like eyes that have a calm expression attracting attention towards them with the most handsome face, I've ever seen.

But that wasn't what surprised me.

'There is no opening in the way he walks. I can't find a place where his defense will break. I can't even feel his mana and presence he must be an extremely skilled swordsman from the way he walks….' I was able to deduce that much from the way he carries himself.

I was so shocked that I forgot to introduce myself it was embarrassing to behave like this but who could blame me.

It's hard to ignore the guild master teasing me but I had too many questions in my head at the moment.

After entering the training room Chairman Go explained the test which was the same for every fighter class.

I saw him standing 20 ft away from the target and summon some small….. black balls was my guess wrong and he wasn't a swordsman.

My mind was running in full panic mode.

But then what happened next made me forget everything.

He vanished from his spot split the target into two and come back to the original position leaving only a trail of fire.

I was shocked he didn't use any mana that was a pure physical... attack.

I didn't know what to say as he asked us about it I have seen anything like this and I am sure the others haven't as well but the chairman and guild master of the baek-ho guild wasn't that surprised so I guess they had some kind of information that we didn't.

After taking his hunting license he was about to leave.

But I approach him quickly I was known for my speed but...

He wasn't surprised which was as I expected. He then asked

"Can I help you with something Hunter Cha?" I asked her while smiling.

I blushed as I didn't know how to respond to his smile and asked him.

"Where did you learn swordsmanship?" I didn't meet His eyes and looked down forgetting that I was near him and didn't cover my nose.

"Hmm, I am self-taught. Is that all you want to ask?" he said to me as he smiled softly.

I was surprised to hear that something like that can be self-taught to hide his intent to attack. I thought he must have learned from someone.

I looked up again and saw him smiling softly. I don't know why but it warms my heart when I see this smile. I blushed again as I looked down.

He then went back. I was in a daze looking at his back.

"Hunter cha are you alright." Chairman Go's voice brought me out of my daze as I saw that everyone was looking at my guild master was looking at me with a teasing smile. And Chairman Go was looking at me like watching his grandchild. I don't know what to say here like this the first time this has happened to me.

"Hunter cha is your nose alright." Baek-ho's guild master asked me as it wasn't a secret about me having an extra sensitive nose which caused me to cover my nose in the vicinity of hunters and as Guild master Yoon-Ho also has a sharp nose although not to my extent. he understands my problem, after he asked this it caused me to panic as I realized that I didn't have my nose covered.

"Did he not smell like other hunters do?" Chairman Go asked.

"He didn't smell Unpleasant but rather had a calming smell."I nodded

But when I was near him I didn't smell anything unpleasant. it was only a warm feeling that one gets when one bask in the first sunlight of the day it felt so warm and calmed me down.

"OHO is that so Hunter Cha." Guild master Choi said smiling teasingly and Both guild master Baek and chairman Go were smiling looking at me. I just ignored them as I had my mind occupied with thoughts.

"Ok, now I'll say why I invited you all even after telling you that he won't be joining a guild." Chairman go said.

All of us nodded and waited for his next words.

"He wants to clear gates alone but I can't allow that without a safety net in place so here is the offer, I ask for one of your guilds to accompany him as he clears 3 A-Rank, and 5 B-Rank gates if he can clear it alone he passes and if he can't I'll have him join the guild that is accompanying him. " Chairman Go said as he said. 'though it is unlikely that he will fail'

This was the same thought that went through their head as they saw the target and floor of the training room that was cut in half so smoothly.

'But it's a chance to make a connection with him.' This is what both guild masters thought. But before they can say anything.

"I'll do it, no please let me do it," I said loudly as everyone was looking at me I came back to my senses.

I was blushing after doing something stupid. But I saw them looking at me with a warm gaze.

"Would you look at that?" Guildmaster Choi said laughing.

Guild master Baek nodded as well with a complicated face.

"Now, Now don't worry your sacrifice will be remembered." Guild master Choi said proudly and Guild master baek became angry.

"CHOI JONG-IN" he shouted and both started bickering with each other.

"They are at it again, Well I will this in your hands Hunter Cha." Chairman Go said to me.

"Yes I will do my best to not break your trust in me," I said while thinking about him again.


Back to M.C

"ACHOOO* why do I feel some trouble is coming my way." I thought as reached home and had lunch together with Jin-Ah and played some games with her it was already 5 in the evening so I said goodbye to Jin-ah who was pouting. I patted her head before heading back to my unit and entered the training ground and started training till way into the night.

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