1 Once upon a time

" A Land of peace. A Land of serenity. A Land of Joy, Happiness and other states of simple calmness was destroyed on that day. I can remember because I witnessed it. But I was one of the lucky few who escaped with only a few bruises and the others? A topic for another day.."

"Grandma what exactly happened" Her 14 years old grand daughter, Annabelle, was curious.

"Yeah." Her 11 years old Grandson, Brandon, Chirped in.

"They had red eyes. They had long tooth at each side of their mouth. Though their Unearthly Beautiful, It's only a disguise for their wicked acts. They invaded our country..Took over everything and even everyone as we forcefully became their slaves...They were cruel!" Grandma Felt nostalgic in a bad way.

Brandon looked scared while Annabelle had only curiosity written on her face.

"Why are they so nefarious? What did we even do to them?" Brandon was angry.

"Maybe they wanted to be our friends but we were just scared, who knows?" Anna spoke.

"No Anna, Brandon's right. They are Wicked, In fact wicked is just an understatement for what they really are." Annabelle didn't believe so, but she still nodded and her grandmother continued.

"I was enslaved there so I know how they work. I found out that they do rankings. The first is the most dominant ones, the royalty. The second is the Natural born Vampires. The third is the Servants and the last is the none Vampires which they really dislike and kill" She paused looking at her afraid Grandson but she was shocked that her Granddaughter was not at all trembled.

It was a night time story she tells them every night, though it was true. She tucked them on each of their bed as they laid down.

Grandma could remember that She was the only one who took care of these two since their parents left the world. Although she's a grandma, she's just fourty years old because of her daughters teenage pregnancy..twice! but she still loved her. "Children go to sleep. You both have a School ceremony to attend tomorrow and I don't want you making us go late" She looked at them playfully. "Yes Grandma!" They replied simultaneously as she kissed them both Goodnight.

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