My Runes Can Be Upgraded

Condition 1: Collect 1 Yellow Turban Soldier’s Rune (Completed) Condition 2: Defeat 100 Runic Monsters Solo (Completed) Condition 3: Kill Wild Boars in One Strike 5000 times (Completed) Condition 4: Consume 10 Runic Pills (Completed) Your Rune Can Now Be Upgraded.

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015 Rune Diviner

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After bidding farewell to the helpful lady who seemed reluctant to see him go, Wu Wei left the rune shop.

After coming out of the rune shop, Wu Wei looked at the time and realized it was still early – just a little past 7 AM. Wu Wei guessed that the black-robed stall owner had not set up his stall yet, so he left the market first and went to the school library.

At this hour, there weren't many people in the library.

Apart from the other students in groups of twos and threes, there were only two librarian administrators – also students who worked part-time.

Wu Wei looked at the two librarians - a guy and a girl - and subconsciously approached the young man.

As a frequent visitor to the library, although he wasn't that familiar with these two librarians, you could say that Wu Wei did know them. He knew the young lady was lazy and had a bad temper, unlike the young man who was usually friendly to him.

"Brother, please help me find these books!"

Approaching the young man, Wu Wei pulled out a long list of books and handed it over to him. However, although he thought that the good-natured librarian would be happy to help, unexpectedly, the young man acted sourly. "Who's your brother? Can't you see that I'm busy? Do you think I'd have time to find books for you? Think you've become handsome, huh…."

Before the man could finish his sentence, his face suddenly turned pale, and he took a deep breath as he squatted down - as if his foot had just been stepped on.

Before Wu Wei could figure out what was going on, the young lady beside him, who usually had a bad temper, came over, and she spoke in a gentle voice:

 "Young brother, he's having his period today, so he's not in a good mood… I'll help you find it!"

As she said that, she took the long list of books from Wu Wei's hands, turned around, and squatted down. Leaning against the counter to avoid Wu Wei's gaze, she suddenly grabbed the tie of the young man beside her and handed the book list to him, fiercely ordering:

 "You help me look for it!"

Afterward, the young lady stood up and gave Wu Wei a refreshing smile.

It caused Wu Wei's hair to stand on end.

Was this that very hot-tempered female librarian whom he knew before? Could it have become possessed by some runic monster from the Runic World?

What caused Wu Wei's hair to stand on end was that the fiery young lady in his impression in front of him was being unexpectedly warm and patient with him!

She even sat down in front of Wu Wei, started to make small talk with him, forced a cup of water into his hands, and then began to make a relentlessly appeal for Wu Wei's Runic ID!

This was the first time Wu Wei experienced a girl's warm passion!

However, Wu Wei did not enjoy the feeling at all. On the contrary, he was scared out of his wits!

After a long while, the male admin finally brought over the thick stack of books that Wu Wei wanted to borrow. After confirmation, Wu Wei ran away with the books in his hand without turning back.

"How odd!"

The sight of Wu Wei running away caused the puzzled woman to narrow her eyes.

The male manager's expression changed. "What? Is there a problem with him?"

"Yes, it's a huge problem!"

The female manager's expression darkened. 

"He didn't give me his Runic ID! Oh, no, I mean… looking at him just now, he seemed to have visited often, but I don't have any impression of him. This shouldn't be, he's so handsome... uhh, anyway, there must be something wrong with him. Get me his personal information and Runic ID. I'll teach him a good lesson... oh, no, I mean… investigate him!"

After unethically obtaining Wu Wei's identity information, the female administrator searched up his Runic I.D. and sent him a friend request.

Seeing his superior act shamelessly, the male assistant finally understood her true intentions.

After sending the friend request to Wu Wei, she continued holding onto her phone, refusing to let go. Her face was full of anxiety, nervousness, and anticipation.

Meanwhile, on Wu Wei's end.

He had just escaped from the library when his phone received a notification. He picked it up to see that it was a friend request from a girl named Liu Feiyu.

Wu Wei stared dazedly at her profile picture. Wasn't she the overly enthusiastic female librarian?

Feeling a shiver down his spine, he quickly put his phone away.

"Women are really too scary!"

This was the first time that Wu Wei had such an epiphany.

After composing himself, Wu Wei found a quiet corner and began sorting out the books he had borrowed from the library.

This time, Wu Wei had borrowed around 17 books.

These were all books that Wu Wei had shortlisted recently. One-third of the books were related to the [Yellow Turban Soldier], and another third were related to Runemaster Advancement. The remaining were related to level 10 summoning runes and general Runemaster knowledge.

It was not difficult to see that Wu Wei had borrowed these books to prepare for his next move.

Wu Wei's preparations mainly concerned two aspects. One was to prepare for his next rune inscription, and the second was to prepare for rune upgrading.

Although Yellow had already been upgraded to a Yellow Turban Strongman, Wu Wei felt that his 'cheat' would definitely have its own reason for selecting him, so Yellow's growth would not stop there.

The quality of the runes was divided into several grades: [Common], [Uncommon], [Rare], [Superior], [Unique], and [Perfect]!

Although Yellow's quality had already reached [Rare], Wu Wei felt - or rather - hoped that Yellow would continue to become even stronger.

Since he wanted to continue upgrading Yellow, Wu Wei would need to find the exact upgrade conditions.

In this regard, Wu Wei felt that he could not just rely on blind luck anymore. He needed to grasp more knowledge related to the [Yellow Turban Soldier]. Only through attaining a level of comprehension regarding Yellow could Wu Wei could become able to upgrade him.

And that was just one consideration. Another consideration was that, with the 'cheat' starting to become useful, Wu Wei would upgrade even more core runes.

This was unavoidable, so Wu Wei decided he would not try and delay it but instead take the initiative himself.

His concern was that continuously upgrading his origin runes would attract the attention of others.

So Wu Wei would need to come up with an explanation for his rune upgrading to convince others why his runes could level up so quickly.

In this regard, Wu Wei already had some ideas.

The best way was to let become a professional Runic Diviner.

Runic Diviner referred to a class of Runemasters dedicated to researching runes. Their lifelong pursuit was to find out what the origin of runes was.

Of course, Wu Wei wasn't interested in the origin of runes right now. He wasn't even at Stage 1, so what interest would he have?

What Wu Wei was interested in was the ability of a Diviner to create and even upgrade the runes.

Wu Wei felt this characteristic of a Diviner was compatible with his 'cheat'. He could come up with a cover for himself as a genius Diviner - or at least one who specialized in upgrading the quality of runes. Such a cover would allow him to continuously upgrade his runes in the future.

Moreover, it wasn't the first time Wu Wei had had such an idea. Previously, before discovering the use of his 'cheat', he had bitterly attempted to cultivate as a Diviner for some time. Unfortunately, he had given up then due to a lack of results.

Now, however, Wu Wei had both the confidence and desire…