8 008 Wild Boar King

Wu Wei spent the next few days in Wild Boar Valley.

Wu Wei had discovered this area with Zhou Hong and the others, and few people came here.

After five days, apart from Zhou Hong and her team, Wu Wei saw no one else.

Regarding his former teammates, seeing them did not affect Wu Wei at all!

Still, he adjusted his schedule to avoid meeting them face-to-face after seeing them come back here.

Initially, after obtaining the Boar Slaughtering Sword, Wu Wei would train at night and hunt during the day. Now, he trained in the day and hunted at night instead.

In the first two days that Zhou Hong and her team returned to Wild Boar Valley, they did not discover Wu Wei's presence.

It was just two days, after all.

On the third day, they seemed to have concluded their business in Wild Boar Valley as they had even taken down the Boss anyway, and they left to a different map.

Wu Wei found it hard to understand why they did not hunt to Level 10 and reach Tier 1 first before going to a different zone.

However, even though he could not understand why Wu Wei did not bother to advise them.

They all had their own paths.

After five days, Wu Wei could be said to have reaped a bountiful harvest.

Firstly, in terms of hunting, Wu Wei could hunt up to 14 or 15 Runic Wild Boars daily.

In just five days, he had killed a total of 76 Runic Wild Boars and obtained several drops.

Besides the Boar Slaughtering Sword that he had obtained on the first day, he earned two to three drops each day.

However, these drops were basic materials – body parts of boars.

Wild boar ribs, wild boar kidneys, wild boar trotters, wild boar kidneys…

In five days, Wu Wei had acquired all the parts of a wild boar.

The number of Runic Wild Boars he had killed had now reached [81/100].

Hunting these 81 Runic Wild Boars had raised Yellow and Wu Wei's levels. As Wu Wei enjoyed solo experience, he quickly reached Level 10.

Now, he just had to carve another Core Rune to ascend to a Tier 1 Runic Summoner!

Secondly, in terms of training - during these five days, Wu Wei had trained whenever there was time.

Initially, he could only unleash 4 slashes at a time, but now, he could perform up to 10 consecutive slashes!

Wu Wei's physical level had increased by a large margin, and in the process, he had lost a lot of weight.

However, Wu Wei's improvement was insignificant when compared to Yellow's.

Five days ago, Yellow could only perform 32 consecutive slashes. Now, he was able to perform 108 slashes in one go!

Yellow's chest muscles were now well-defined.

In the training process, Yellow had already completed 4,788 out of the 5,000 required slashes!

The reason why he was able to complete so many slashes was that Wu Wei had not left Runic World at all in these five days.

There were many differences between Runic World and the real world, such as the difference in spiritual energy. Back in the real world, in the academy, the level of spiritual energy in the air was much denser than in ordinary places. However, it still paled in comparison to Runic World.

In the real world, when Yellow's strength was depleted, it would take five to six hours for him to fully recover. In Runic World, however, Yellow only needed two to three hours!

Hence, Yellow had basically been training every two to three hours, which was why he could complete 4,788 slashes in five days, and his body had improved so much.

However, Wu Wei still felt that this level of improvement was not enough!

Today was already the sixth day that Wu Wei had been farming solo. The rations and water he had brought with him were almost used up, and even the materials he had earned from here were being depleted quickly.

At this rate, he would only be able to stay for another day at most before having to head back to replenish supplies.

Hence, Wu Wei set a small goal for himself today.


That's right, finishing the condition of hunting Runic Wild Boars 5,000 times!

Wu Wei sought to round up his solo trip with the accomplishment of this small goal.

As for the [100/100] condition, Wu Wei decided to put it aside for now.

There was not much he could do about it since he had used up all his resources and did not have any medicinal dregs left. Without supplies, Wu Wei could not guarantee that he would be able to succeed. Hence, it was better to play it safe!

However, things did not always go as planned.

Just as Wu Wei was about to complete the [5000/5000] condition and return, he suddenly spotted an earth-yellow figure forming outside the crevice.

A monster was respawning.

Although Wu Wei was not surprised at first, as monsters respawning was a common sight, he soon became dumbfounded!

The figure that was spawning kept growing and growing, and in no time, it had reached a height of more than two meters tall!

"Could it be that the Boss has respawned?"

Just as Wu Wei wondered aloud, the monster fully spawned.

It was two meters tall, four meters long, and had a mysterious rune marking on its head.

It was none other than the Wild Boar King that Wu Wei had previously hunted with his former team.

"What the f*ck!"

Seeing that what had spawned right in front of him was a Wild Boar King, Wu Wei whipped out his [Book of Runes] without a second word and pressed 'Logout'!

What was happening was no joke to Wu Wei. With the Wild Boar King just outside, there was no way Wu Wei would be able to leave the crevice.

What else could he do but escape?


Back in the real world, within the dormitory building of Yuehua Academy. 

Wu Wei had just returned from Runic World and was still cursing and swearing when the phone in his dorm rang promptly.

The sudden call startled Wu Wei.

After all, he was not part of many social circles. 

Originally, Zhou Hong and the others might have called looking for him, but now that he had been kicked out of the team, Wu Wei was stunned by the sudden ringing of the phone.

After a short daze, Wu Wei finally picked up the phone.

"Hello! Who is this?"

"Is this student Wu Wei?" 

A girl's voice sounded from the other end of the phone.

"I am a member of Yuehua Academy's [Moonlight Organization]. My name is Lou Xiaoyue!"

What Wu Wei heard only served to add to his confusion.

[Moonlight Organization] essentially served as a law enforcement department within Yuehua Academy. Why would they suddenly contact him when he had nothing to do with them?

Could it be that someone noticed him observing the black-robed stall owner for a while and thought he was a stalker?

Wu Wei instantly became flustered.

Upon hearing no response for a long time, the girl on the other end of the phone asked: "Student Wu Wei, are you listening?"

"I'm listening, I'm listening. Is there something wrong?"

"It's like this - we want to clarify some things regarding Team 8911 with you!"

It wasn't about the black-robed stall owner!

Wu Wei let out a sigh of relief, but shortly after, he frowned. 

"Team 8911? What happened to them? Did they sue me?"


Wu Wei was stunned by what he heard next.

"They might have been wiped out!"

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