My Runes Can Be Upgraded

Condition 1: Collect 1 Yellow Turban Soldier’s Rune (Completed) Condition 2: Defeat 100 Runic Monsters Solo (Completed) Condition 3: Kill Wild Boars in One Strike 5000 times (Completed) Condition 4: Consume 10 Runic Pills (Completed) Your Rune Can Now Be Upgraded.

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005 First Kill

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Runic World. 

Near Maple Leaf Town - in Wild Boar Valley.

Wu Wei, who had completed all of his preparations, once again returned to this place.

The spot where he appeared after logging in was where he, together with Zhou Hong and the others, had hunted the Wild Boar King the previous day.

After arriving, Wu Wei immediately checked his surroundings and confirmed that he was alone. There also did not seem to be any trace of recent activity. Evidently, his four former teammates hadn't come online since.

This came as no surprise to Wu Wei.

With their personalities, they should be preoccupied with selling their loot and using the money to have a good time and buy new equipment immediately.

"Sigh, if I knew I would be kicked out of the team today, I would have set my login point to that spot yesterday to save the trouble."

After letting out a soft sigh, Wu Wei summoned Yellow.

With Yellow, Wu Wei headed towards the hiding spot he had found the previous night.

As a day had passed, the Runic Wild Boars that had been cleared yesterday had already respawned. As there were more mobs than usual, it took Wu Wei a while to arrive at his destination.

After returning to the place with large rocks, Wu Wei crawled into the little cave through the crevice. Inside, he summoned his Book of Runes and took out the bottle of medicinal dregs that he had gotten from the exchange market and the food he had bought from the cafeteria.

One of the many handy uses of the Book of Runes was the storage function.

However, the storage space of a Level 8 Book of Runes was relatively small - only about the size of a standard refrigerator.

The storage space had been filled to the brim by Wu Wei, so it was quite an effort to get only what he needed out.

Afterward, Wu Wei put on a mask and a pair of gloves before carefully opening the bottle of medicinal dregs and pouring some out.

As he poured the dregs out, he examined their properties.


Item: <Medicinal Dregs>

Quality: <Common >

Description: This fails to qualify as medicine and barely qualifies as poison. Consuming it will induce the effects of diarrhea, dizziness, and weakness in the limbs. It is suitable for poisoning targets below Level 10 with low poison resistance.


Yes, this was the reason why Wu Wei had gone to look for the black-robed stall owner.

In his free time, Wu Wei enjoyed checking out the marketplace. On one excursion, he had discovered the black-robed stall owner's stall and noticed these dregs.

At that time, Wu Wei had already thought of using them to hunt monsters, so it was a plan that he had long envisioned.

However, Wu Wei had never dared to approach before because he was intimidated.

Make no mistake - Wu Wei did not dare to approach because he was afraid of the intimidating stall owner and thought he might be beaten up. The reason was that he did not want to suffer emotional damage from not being able to afford the price.

However, after a period of observation, he realized that, despite looking fierce and powerful, the stall owner was actually an anti-social introvert.

Since Wu Wei had become team-less, he finally plucked up the courage to approach. Unexpectedly, things had gone relatively smoothly.

"Black-robed bro, whether I make it or not all depends on this 'medicine' of yours. Please give me your blessing and make this work on the runic boars! If this succeeds, I will not forget to repay you when I return!"

After making a deep bow, Wu Wei started to mix the medicinal dregs with the food he had bought.

Next, he ordered Yellow, his trusty Yellow Turban Soldier, to head outside with the poisoned food.

Wu Wei's plan was straightforward. He would use Yellow to lure the monsters, feed them the food, wait for the medicinal effects to take effect, and kill them!

Simple and direct!

Regarding monster hunting, simple and direct was all one needed!

Wu Wei proceeded with his plan.

After Yellow went out, he began to make loud sounds with his voice.

Although a [Common] summon like him barely had any intelligence and could not speak, he could still make sounds!

In no time, the commotion he was making had attracted the attention of a Runic Wild Boar nearby.

Weighing close to 180 kilograms, the 1-meter-tall, 1.5-meter-long Runic Wild Boar suddenly charged towards Yellow.

Although the boar's intelligence was on par with Yellow's, it was extremely fierce!

With its eyes turning red, the Runic Wild Boar lowered its head as it approached.

The speed of its charge was clearly too fast for Yellow to dodge in time. Fortunately, Wu Wei had a countermeasure.

When the Wild Boar was about to charge into Yellow, Wu Wei slapped his Book of Runes.


Upon Wu Wei's command, Yellow was unsummoned and returned to the book. The Runic Wild Boar, which couldn't react in time, directly crashed into the rocks in front of it.


The collision sounded like a watermelon bursting open. 

Blood splattered everywhere, and, with a loud thud, the half-dead Runic Wild Boar lost its balance and collapsed to the ground.

Wu Wei was stunned by what he had just seen.

"This pig is so dumb!"

Wu Wei started to feel that he wouldn't even need to use the medicinal dregs. 


Wu Wei quickly re-summoned Yellow and ordered it to bring a rock over to clubber the boar to death.

After a brief but fierce clubbing, the Runic Wild Boar died.

At the same time that the Runic Wild Boar died, a stream of light appeared and flowed into Yellow. This was the first time Yellow enjoyed all of the experience points of a Runic Wild Boar to himself. In an instant, Yellow, who had dropped to Level 5 before, levelled back up to Level 6!

Suddenly, a line of words appeared in front of Wu Wei's eyes!


The line of words only flashed past for an instant, but Wu Wei did not miss it.

Wu Wei's eyes narrowed.

"Does this mean killing 100 Runic Wild Boars is another condition?"

"What will happen if this condition is fulfilled?"

Although Wu Wei still had no concrete answers, he was in no hurry to seek them. What he needed to do was clear: hunt Runic Wild Boars 100 times. The answers would come after.

Having successfully hunted a Runic Wild Boar without using the poison and finding another condition through his 'cheat', Wu Wei felt highly motivated.

"Let's continue!"

Wu Wei quickly began round 2.

This time, he adjusted his tactics to use the rock wall again.

Unfortunately, the second round did not go as smoothly as the first.

Yellow had to shout for an extremely long time before he could lure any Runic Wild Boars over and succeed. Unfortunately, it was not 1 or 2 of them but an entire group.

A group of 6 to 7 Runic Wild Boars around Level 7 or 8 was lured over. Wu Wei quickly unsummoned Yellow.

Round 2 was a failure.

Wu Wei failed to hunt a single Wild Boar despite expending 1 portion of poisoned food.

After Yellow was unsummoned, the Runic Wild Boars split the food on the ground amongst themselves before sauntering off.

While they feasted, Wu Wei simply waited with bated breath.

He was afraid of accidentally attracting their attention and ending up being surrounded.

Although his hiding spot was relatively safe, he didn't want to risk ending up in that situation.

Hence, he just watched them until they finally left.

After this failure, Wu Wei learned from his mistakes and reformulated his plan.

He decided to dig a hole.