143 Chapter 143

Fou appears, because Mash repeatedly emphasizes that he can't show otherworldly powers in front of ordinary people, so he can only jump on Ryuji's head in a jumping form.

  Even though Ryuji and Fou often fight over Mash, Ryuji is actually Fou's closest human besides Mash.

  Roman wanted to touch him, and only received a flying kick, the same treatment as Merlin.

  "If you dare to mess up my hairstyle, you will die!" Ryuji threatens.

  Maybe because the boy's head is bigger than the girl's head, so Fou will only lie on top of his head, and not Mash

"Fou." Fou nodded humanly, stretching his cute little body. Because it's always in Mash's handbag, and he almost broke it.

  "W-what is this?" Yukinoshita's voice was slightly excited, what kind of creature was this, and why was it so cute! Could it be a cat?

  Ryuji was stunned for a moment, noticed Yukinoshita's frenzied eyes, and showed a playful smile, "You say this, it's called Fou."

  "Fou?" Yukinoshita frowned and asked, "I asked what animal it was."

  "Even if you say so, Fou is Fou."

  "Fou!" Fou called out symbolically, declaring his sovereignty.

  Even though Ryuji still didn't know what species 'Fou' was, but as long as it was cute, then it was fine.

  Yukinoshita showed an embarrassed expression, and said to Ryuji, "Can I touch it?"

  "Haha." Ryuji showed an evil smile, took Fou from his head, hugged him in his arms, and said, "Want to hug it, it feels so good."

  Yukinoshita blushed, and nodded in an odd way.

  "It's fine if you want to hug me, then give me a kiss." With an evil expression on his face, coupled with that frivolous tone, Ryuji looked like a punk.

  "Fou!" Fou struggled to express dissatisfaction, having not asked his opinion.

  "Shut up!" Ryuji silently glared at Fou, eating and sleeping all day long, how dare he object!

  "Impossible!" Yukinoshita was so angry at Ryuji's words that her face turned red.

  "Really." Ryuji didn't take it seriously, and returned Fou to his head, "No problem."

  He had an expression of thinking of joy on his face, yes, it was joy!

  He found it so much fun to tease Yukinoshita, and what could be more exciting than making her look shy.

  "Wait a minute..." Yukinoshita hesitated.

  "Do you want to kiss or not?" Ryuji smiled and waited for Yukinoshita's answer.

  "I..." Yukinoshita didn't dare look Ryuji directly, but it was so cute, if she could touch it...

  Just as Yukinoshita's line of defense collapsed, she heard an angelic voice.

  "Senpai, you can't bully Yukinoshita Senpai!" Mash stood behind Ryuji, with her hips raised, and said angrily.

  "Um, I don't." Ryuji pretended to be innocent.

  "Hmph." Mash snorted softly, and called Fou.

  "Fou, come here." Fou jumped straight from Ryuji's head into Mash's arms, and stuck his tongue out at him.

  Mash walked up to Yukinoshita and said, "Yukinoshita Senpai, Fou is my pet, if you want a hug, go ahead."

  Mash smiled and handed Fou over to Yukinoshita.

  Fou wanted to cry but was betrayed by his master.

  "Thank You." Yukinoshita nodded, and finally embraced Fou as she wished.

  She held Fou in her arms, felt Beast's IV hairy body, and reached out to touch his ear.

  "This kind of touch, similar to a cat." Yukinoshita compared seriously.

  "Fou is indeed a cat." Mash nodded.

  Fou's identity is no longer a secret, he used to be Cath Palug, a three-eyed cat demon.

  Mash remembered that Ryuji laughed at Fou for a long time when She knew that Fou hated Merlin, because the legendary three-eyed cat demon was born from a pig demon, which is a cross-species miracle!

  "That's right." Yukinoshita nodded, maybe only cats could be that cute in her eyes.

  "Meow~" Maybe because Fou was so cute, Yukinoshita meowed in public. The last time Ryuji saw her, she was on the verge of crying out of anger.

  "Fou!" Fou shouted displeasedly, he won't meow!

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