142 Chapter 142

At the service club, Yuigahama smiled stupidly, as if something fun had happened.

  "Yuigahama Senpai, did something good happen?" Ask Mash.

  From the start, Yuigahama had an expression of waiting for someone else to ask, but no one in the service club took the initiative to ask, and in the end it was Mash who did.

  "Mash-chan, this weekend is actually my birthday!" Yuigahama's voice was loud enough for everyone in the service club to hear.

  "Happy birthday, Yuigahama Senpai." Mash was surprised, then gave her blessing.

  And then... Nothing more, and the others remained silent.

  Ryuji was reading a light novel, Yukinoshita was holding a book, and Mashiro was holding a drawing board to draw on.

  Yuigahama's mouth was pouted, and tears welled up in her eyes.

  "Ryu-kun, Yukino-Chan, Mashiro-chan, you idiots!" Yuigahama shouted, then dashed out of the service club.

  She shared things like birthdays with other people, but they didn't care, and even Yuigahama would get angry.

  After Yuigahama ran out, Mash looked at Ryuji who was still silent, and said helplessly: "Senpai, are you really okay with this?"

  Ryuji put down the novel in his hand, gesturing at Yukinoshita, "Here are the directions."

  Yukinoshita also closed her book and said, "I heard this kind of thing is called a surprise party. First, I feigned ignorance, then wished Yuigahama a happy birthday."

  The corners of Ryuji's mouth twitched, "What era are you from, and you still use the old-fashioned way of surprise parties."

  Yukinoshita blushed slightly, she also knew that the surprise party was a bit old-fashioned, but she, who had never had any friends, wanted to surprise Yuigahama no matter what.

  "The method need not be outdated, as long as it is useful." Yukinoshita defended herself.

  So you know how cliche that is!

  "Ryuji Yukino are both bad people." Mashiro raised her head.

  Ryuji expressed his innocence, and said: "I said that this matter was her directive, and it has nothing to do with me."

  Yukinoshita snorted coldly.

  He had only confessed a few days ago, but now with this attitude, he was simply a bastard!

  Yukinoshita did not publish Ryuji's confession to her. In fact, even if she wanted to, she had no one to confide in.

  And she really likes the current service club, and doesn't want the service club to become chaotic because of the relationship between the two.

  "Then it's a deal. We will be gathering at the Shopping Plaza tomorrow to prepare a birthday present for Yuigahama." Yukinoshita made the final decision.


  The next day, the service club members gathered in front of the shopping mall except for Yuigahama.

  Ryuji was wearing a plain white shirt and jeans, Mash was wearing a white jacket and short skirt with black stockings and Mashiro was wearing a light yellow dress.

  Yukinoshita's outfit was considered the most special, as her hair was in double pigtails today, which was different from before.

  "What do you see?" Yukinoshita folded her arms across her chest, noticing Ryuji's straight gaze. She wasn't used to it.

  "I didn't expect you to turn into a double ponytail, so beautiful." Ryuji praised with a smile. He was going to chase after Yukinoshita, so he should at least display a pursuit attitude, and of course praise was needed.

  "Thank You." Yukinoshita lowered her head slightly, her face blushing slightly.

  Obviously, she has heard those words many times, but this man seems to have a special magical power when he says it, which makes people fascinated.

  In fact, Yukinoshita understood that since that day's confession, she could no longer face this man in her original manner.

  Everyone entered the shopping mall, and since there was no specific destination, they went shopping one by one.

  Everyone entered the doll shop, there were lots of cute dolls in it, very popular with girls.

  "How about this?" Yukinoshita picked up a panda doll.

  Obviously this panda has fangs and claws, and a fierce face, but it's surprisingly popular.

  "Could it be that you like it so much because there is the word cat in pandas?" The corners of Ryuji's mouth twitched, this person was a cat slave.

  Yukinoshita said calmly, "There's no one who doesn't like these cute creatures."

  That's right, this is the basic speech of a cat slave!

  "I remember the Yuigahama family had a dog, so they really hate cats," Ryuji said.

  Their topics gradually diverged, initially just a question of dolls, but gradually developed into a cat and dog fight.


  At this time, a cute creature ran out of the bag that Mash was carrying, and jumped onto Ryuji's head precisely.

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