140 Chapter 140

Ryuji shrugged, and didn't commit.

  Since only Rumi had come here alone, it meant that Hayato's plan had failed.

  "Return." Ryuji prepares to return to the camp.

  Yukinoshita fell silent, no matter if it was Hayato's current group or the service club, they had all failed in this task.

  Rumi has not improved her relationship with her classmates, and is still single.

  "Can someone survive even alone?" Rumi asked a more philosophical question.

  Ryuji shook his head and said, "Unfortunately, humans haven't evolved to that level yet."

  Humans cannot survive alone, even King of Heroes has one true friend.

  Therefore, humans cannot survive alone.

  "Oh." Rumi was a little disappointed, she actually longed for a friend in her heart, but because she had shunned other people before, she couldn't forgive herself in her heart. Therefore, even though there was an opportunity to establish good relations with people, she didn't try it.

  Ryuji said: "Don't think too much, the reason why you are lonely is because you haven't met anyone who can make you less lonely."

  "The person who makes me no longer lonely?" Rumi raised her head blankly.

  "Um, definitely, sooner or later you will meet."

  Yukinoshita followed behind, hearing Ryuji's words, and was in a daze.


  Back at the camp, they seemed to be the last to return. The teacher who led Rumi's team was very anxious because she heard that she was lost, and she was relieved after seeing her return.

  After a test of courage, there is a bonfire party. At first Ryuji didn't want to come along, but at the request of Mash, Mashiro, and Yuigahama, he found a seat not too far away to sit down.

  "Why don't you go?" Yukinoshita came up to Ryuji and begged.

  "I don't really like events like that," Ryuji said. He doesn't like crowded places, even if that's unacceptable, but tries to stay out of it if he can.

  "It is such a coincidence." Yukinoshita sat next to him, also the type who didn't like noise.

  Yukinoshita had already changed into her personal clothes, and the jeans perfectly outlined her legs, causing Ryuji to take another look.

  Yukinoshita frowned, but said nothing.

  "It's not like you," Ryuji said.

  "In your case, shouldn't you say 'eyes of the bastard, I feel unclean' at this moment, or take out your cell phone and call the police?" Ryuji said with a smile.

  Yukinoshita sarcastically said: "People like you should be called M, do you want me to scold you?"

  "Compared to M, I still want to become S. Is it more satisfying to teach privately?"

  "This is total hentai talk." Yukinoshita smiled disdainfully.

  "Hentai, maybe." Ryuji shrugged, maybe this word was enough for him.

  "Yukinoshita." Ryuuji called.


  "I thought about it before, I would never like you, because you have such a bad personality, and you don't look like someone who obediently listens to men."

  Yukinoshita didn't speak.

  "But now, I might fall in love with you." Ryuji spoke words like a confession.

  Yukinoshita thought nothing of it, and answered in seconds: "Sorry, that's impossible for us."

  Ryuji was taken aback for a moment, then burst into laughter, and said, "Haha, you are Yukinoshita after all. You are one of those rare girls who rejects me after confessing."

  Because when facing the Heroic Spirit, he barely confessed, it must be said that it would be ordinary, or passive.

  Therefore, Yukinoshita was probably the first to voluntarily reject him.

  "Is this incomprehensible self-confidence stemming from your lousy personality?" Yukinoshita said with a poison tongue.

  "Tsk, your poison tongue is quite annoying." Ryuji wasn't M, so of course he didn't like Yukinoshita's poisonous tongue. He owed it now, and he would definitely let her pay it back with her tongue in the future!

  "And what you said just now wasn't a confession, it was a statement at most." Ryuji tried his best to cover up, it was too embarrassing to be denied a confession!

  "Really, ever since I was young, lots of boys have confessed to me, so I can tell if your words are confessions," Yukinoshita said with a smile.

  "Tsk, I really still hate you." Ryuji pouted, stood up and left.

After he left, Yukinoshita breathed heavily.

  "Confession or something, is that guy an idiot!" Yukinoshita's voice trembled, and her earlobes were red.

  "That stupid man!"

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