6 Chapter 6: Low Tier Martial Art, Steel Body

It was around 10:15 PM when Lake left the Sunset City Law Enforcement Office.

After Luke had fainted, Lake was taken in to make an official report on the incident by the two officers.

Walking out of the giant office building behind him, Lake gazed at the night sky as he replayed today's events in his mind.

"It seems like I have a lot more to look forward to in the future…" Lake spoke softly as he smiled with his eyes looking at the bright night stars.

"Hmm, did you say something?" From behind, Lake could hear the voice of a certain red-haired female officer.

"No, It's nothing." Lake replied as he turned around.

"Alright, if it's nothing, let's get this over with. Since we kept you here so late, I'll send you home as both an apology and a thank you for helping us apprehend such a vile criminal." Chloe spoke with her voice turning colder towards the end.

Laughing lightly Lake spoke, "No problem. I couldn't have taken him in without the help of the beautiful officer before me, so I can't take all the credit."

"Hmm, I see you also have a glib tongue as well, but I will let it slide this time." Chloe spoke as she smiled lightly, walking towards her car.

Still smiling, Lake followed after her as he pulled out the system notification. He had long completed the system quest when he had managed to save Evelyn from falling into Luke's trap. Technically speaking, he had no reason to go out of his way to punish Luke as he had already saved Evelyn. The reason he went so far was simply because he didn't like Luke and felt that if he were to be left alone, he would go on to destroy the Fate of a lot more people.

[Congratulations to the host for successfully completing the quest!]

[10 RP Points have been awarded!]

[Generating a random low tier martial art…]

[Low tier Martial art Steel Body has been successfully acquired!]

[Steel Body - Create a body as strong as steel that gives you immunity to firearms at the maximum level. This skill can be upgraded through training or RP points.]

"Immunity to firearms?" Lake was stunned as he read the system description.

Turning his gaze to the handgun that was holstered on Chloe's waist, he imagined the scene of him being shot and the bullet just bounces off. How awesome would that be?

Getting into the car, Lake opened up his status screen as Chloe started the car engine.


Host = Lake Egoven

Age = 18

Primary Role = Master of Fate


Strength = 1.15

Agility = 1.23

Stamina = 0.91

Mana Strength = 0

Mana Capacity = 0


Observer of Fate lv.1 - As the Master of Fate, you can clearly see through the fate of others as if you were reading a book. At the current level you can only observe the past of the target.

Writer of Fate lv.1 - As the Master of Fate, destiny is within your hands and is yours to control and change as you see fit. At the current level you can change the fate of others slightly at the cost of your mana.

Steel Body Lv.0 - Temper the body to become as strong as steel. At the highest level, it grants immunity to firearms. This skill can be upgraded through training or RP points.

[RP Points = 0.243->15.272]

Looking at the points that had increased by an extraordinary amount, Lake's face was beaming brightly. However his points were only supposed to increase by 10, instead they increased by 15. Wondered where the extra five points came from, Lake looked through the system.

Thankfully the system didn't make him look for long before a notification came up.

[Because of your outstanding roleplay as you defeated the Fate Destroyer, Luke Chaser, you have been awarded with a small amount of extra points.]

"So that's what happened." Lake turned off the system screen.

Thinking about how to spend his points, he looked out the window of the car.

While he was looking, Chloe slightly turned her head as she took a quick glance at Lake.

"Hey," She called out, "Could you tell me how you knew the passwords for the phone?"

Turning his gaze towards Chloe, Lake stared at her beautiful side profile as he openly admired her unique beauty.

Feeling Lake's gaze staring her down, Chloe felt slightly annoyed as she said in a stern voice, "Could you please stop staring."

Lake laughed lightly as he suddenly had a brilliant idea. Turning his gaze slightly upwards, he spoke, "Miss Chloe, do you believe in fate?"

"Fate? What does that have to do with our pre-" Chloe was speaking when she suddenly shuddered as she realized something. As a law enforcement officer, Chloe was trained to have sharp senses and great analysis abilities. That's why she was able to notice the small detail quickly in Lake's words.

"How do you know my name?" Chloe asked as she suddenly felt extremely uneasy.

"Miss Chloe, you asked me how I knew the password before, so I'll tell you." Lake spoke lightly as he made a small smile.

Chloe gulped under the sudden pressure as she felt as if she was about to discover a big secret.

"The reason why I knew the password is simple. I'm…" Lake paused for a bit which increased the pressure Chloe was feeling even more.

"I'm… simply an expert investigator. I investigated his past deed and through some investigation I managed to find out his passwords." Lake said.

Hearing Lake's explanation, Chloe was obviously disappointed but found it to be a reasonable answer as she quickly managed to calm herself down. However she was now slightly angry as she realized that this High School boy who had barely turned 18 was messing with her.

"If you're truly an expert investigator, what inspired you to investigate Luke all of a sudden when he had been doing his crimes for a while now?" Chloe asked with a slightly annoyed look on her face.

"Nothing much, he simply chose the wrong target this time." Lake replied as he admired Chloe's adorable expression.

Slightly surprised, Chloe raised her eyebrows as she asked, "Are you by chance referring to Miss Evelyn? I thought you said you didn't know her that well in the report?"

"While I indeed do not know Miss Evelyn well, she is still my classmate. More importantly however, she is also a beauty I often use as an eye candy for the few times I'm awake in class." Lake said with an extremely solemn expression on his face.

Looking at Lake who had a straight face as he spoke, Chloe showed an expression of slight disgust as she rolled her eyes, "Typical men."

"Oh, don't be like that Miss Chloe. If it also makes you feel better, I'm currently using you as another piece of eye candy." Lake spoke as he smiled mischievously.

"You do know I'm not required to drive you home and can just leave you out in the street, right?" Chloe said as her eyes turned cold.

"I'm joking, joking. I would never dare to look at you like that. Please don't mind me and continue to drive, my glorious Female Officer Chloe."

"Humph, at least now you know your place." Chloe said as she slightly smiled.

Laughing lightly, Lake looked over in the corner of his vision where he had his status screen up.

[RP Points = 15.272->15.301]

"I think I'm getting the hang of this roleplay thing." Lake thought to himself.

Soon the car arrived outside a simple 2 story apartment complex. The area was dark with only a few of the street lights working with a lot of run down buildings.

After getting out of the car, Lake turned around as he smiled politely, "Thank you once more for the enjoyable ride, Miss Chloe."

"It's no problem." Chloe spoke as she observed the surrounding area with a frown, "Do you really live in such a run down area?"

Lake laughed, "It's really not as bad as it looks. I live by myself but I manage to get by."

Nodding her head slightly, Chloe released a sigh as she said, "Then I wish you goodnight."

Soon after she drives off as Lake turns around as he walks towards the place he calls home.

Standing in front of room 203, Lake took out his keys from his bag as he opened the door to the silent room. The apartment was small, only around 15 square meters. The main room consisted of a bed and desk which took up around half the space of the room. The other half was taken up by the small kitchen. Between the two is the door to a small bathroom.

Feeling exhausted, Lake placed his bag on top of the desk as he stood in the small area of space that separated the kitchen from the bedroom. Taking in a deep breath, he pulled out the status screen once more as he focused on a certain skill.

[Steel Body Lv.0 - Temper the body to become as strong as steel. At the highest level, it grants immunity to firearms.]

[RP points required to level up - 30 RP]

Looking at the points requirement, Lake was at a loss on what to do. It took him a lot of effort in order to barely scrape up 15 points today and most of it came from his luck in meeting Luke at the perfect timing.

Reading over the skill description one more time, Lake's attention was attracted by the only thing that gave him hope.

[This skill can be upgraded through training or RP points.]

Lake was glad to see there was another option instead of upgrading through RP points, otherwise who knew how long it would take him to max out his skills.

[Detected that the Host wishes to train the Steel Body skill. Does the host wish to inherit the skill? RP cost - 15]

Immediately Lake felt like crying again, yet he still gritted his teeth and went through with it while he chanted to himself, "It's all an investment for the future, it's all an investment for the future…"

[Purchase confirmed. Beginning Inheritance…]

While Lake was wondering what this so-called inheritance was, he suddenly felt a familiar sensation as his vision went black. Immediately, Lake felt a stream of information flowing into his head. This time however, the process wasn't nearly as painful as the time when he inherited the Master of Fate role. After a few seconds, Lake regained control of his body as he slowly absorbed the information.

A couple of minutes quickly passed. Breathed in heavily, Lake suddenly opened his eyes as he swiftly moved his body into a strange position as the sound of muscles being squeezed sounded out in the room. The position was extremely weird. If one were to look at it, they would think that Lake had folded the flesh on his body to get into it.

After holding the position for 5 minutes, Lake was covered in sweat as his entire face had turned red, looking as if he was about to collapse. However, Lake wasn't done just yet.

After barely holding on for 5 minutes, Lake switched over to another position just as swiftly as he did the first one. Immediately Lake felt his body scream out in pain as he felt an unbelievable amount of pain coming from his body. The sounds of bones creaking sounded out in the small apartment as Lake grunted and bit down on his lips to prevent himself from screaming aloud.

This was the exercise method for the Steel Body Martial Art. By holding these strange stances for a period of time and moving onto the next one immediately after, you can temper your body to become as strong as steel. However, the only problem with this Martial arts training method is its extremely high difficulty. There are a total of 32 different stances all together and all of them require you to complete the stance prior before moving on to the next one. If one isn't precise with how they hold their stances they can end up breaking their bones easily, not to mention even the difficulty of just holding the stance. If it wasn't for the fact that Lake had inherited the correct training method and had mastered them to an extent, his bones would have snapped under the pressure of just switching to the second stances.

After another 5 minutes, Lake tried to move on to the next stance but found his body too weak to move after he barely completed the second stance. Soon he found his vision fading as his head turned light. With wavering steps he barely managed to angle himself to fall onto his small bed as he quickly passed out.

While Lake was unconscious however, the system was silently working in the background.

[Detected that the Host has successfully completed 2/32 stances of the Steel Body Martial Art. +20 to Steel Body experience.]

[Strength has increased by 0.003]

[Agility has increased by 0.001]

[Stamina has increased by 0.005]

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