3 Plans For The Future

"Now all I need to do is get a desktop," Kamara said as he sat back down on his couch after fixing his bed.

He had a laptop that he could use, but like with everything that his sleep self did it was the bare minimum and was probably five or six years past its prime use. And for what he wanted to do he would need something a bit more heavy-duty.

"Ight, so ima need a desktop, a few monitors and if I really want to get into the nitty-gritty, I'm probably gonna need a few servers too. If I'm getting those then I might as well get.." Kamara spoke out loud all that he needed as he pulled out his phone and typed into his notes app the list of items that he wanted to buy. When he finally looked at the finished list of things listed, he started to feel overwhelmed by everything.

He had taken the transition to this life well, but he had so many plans and ideas that he couldn't focus on which one he should go with. With the information in his mind, he could go any number of routes and theoretically end up at the same destination. With so many options it was kind of crippling for him to decide what to do.

'I need to calm down' he thought to himself. He then started taking deep breaths in and out to calm himself down. After about a minute of this, he finally had a clear enough head to think straight.

"Alright, let's think about this realistically. It's going to take me a while to build and design the server,( at least to the degree that I want it to be) then I have to make the accompanying pieces, design an AI that can run the NPCs and manage the servers, also need to find a place to house the servers(actually that one might not be as much of a problem), then there's my career as a creator that I have to get off the ground(that might be the hardest part honestly), and to do all of this I will have to make most the parts I need" as Kamara thought he looked around his small apartment

"Also, I need to move back home, this place is too small for me. That should be easy enough though." he smiled thinking about the house that he had waiting for him. His other part had moved out of it because it was inefficient to live in. But he was willing to move back as it was much larger and allowed him far more freedom in his activities.

"Ok, so all this is gonna cost me a lot of money. While 32 million credits is a lot, I don't think it will be enough to do what I need. So the best way to get quick money for me is to sell some technology. But to who is the real question I need to ask?" Kamara begin pacing around again as he thought about his options.

He had four options that he could pick from "A nation, a corporation, a powerful family, or The World Government" Each one had its own downsides with the corporation probably being the easiest and objectively less worrisome. But Kamara didn't like the idea of selling to a company so it was the first to be ruled out. He then ruled out a Nation, because if he was going to sell to a nation he might as well sell to the WG. The final option to be ruled out is a family.

Even though there are plenty of powerful families that would gladly buy anything he offered, it would come with a risk or a price. They would most definitely 'ask' him to join as a member of their family and while he wasn't opposed to being a part of such a family, he assumed there were a lot of benefits that came with it. He knew that he wouldn't have much clout going into the family and would probably only be relegated to an outer member and be forced to spend most of his time doing r&d for them. And that is not what he wants to do right now.

So with that in mind, he chose to just sell to the WG, it would come with its problems. Like providing his real identity and probably having to spend a good deal explaining the technology to different people and how someone who never showed any sort of aptitude with technology or programming made such a thing. It would be troublesome, but he would use the age-old lie from his past life that seemed to save every reincarnated individual 'I saw it in a dream". If that didn't work then he would pretend he never heard the question.

He would have to negotiate security for his identity but Kamara was sure that the WG wouldn't do anything to harm a golden goose such as himself. They had developed and maintained a reputation of being pretty monogamous in their negotiations with the worthy, so he was hoping he was worthy. Or at least the thing he would bring to the table would make him worthy. But, he wasn't naive enough to believe their reputation fully and would make sure everything is expressly stated in writing. And he would even make some extra protection for himself if he felt unsafe.

As far as pay is concerned Kamara was hoping to get a bank account that he could just pull money from whenever and maybe some connections to help him with his future projects. He knew he would have to give up some skin for it-maybe even a bone- but in his mind, it was worth it.

"Gotta decent plan, let's get to work now" Kamara then went to his Sahara app and started to look for the materials that were on his list and a few others that he had added now knowing exactly what prototype he was going to build. Fortunately, he lived in a larger city in the Central Country, so Sahara had a distribution center nearby, meaning he would get his items within a day or less.

"Actually, maybe I should move first. It wouldn't take long, I don't really have anything here I need, and buying furniture for the house should be simple enough. Probably should send a cleaning service to the place and probably an inspector too." he nodded at the thought but then paused and thought on it more

"Actually, I want to get this done as fast as possible, it'll be best to just get the house cleaned this week while I spend most of my time working on my server and the prototype. Yea… that's probably the best, cause I don't even know if the house is still livable right now. Haaah, guess I'll find a service now. I really hope it's not that bad. Maybe tomorrow I will have some time to explore the area a bit more." Kamara sighed and sat back down on his couch as he began to look for cleaning services and inspectors.

Kamara then spent about four hours calling different services to get his house cleaned and inspected. Finding an available Inspector took up most of the time, as many had waiting times of weeks, but he was apple to grossly overpay one company to push himself up the timeline. He was able to get them to come at noon Saturday to inspect the house, and he managed to get the cleaning service to come a few hours after the inspector. It was currently Thursday so he had to wait a full day for anything to get done.

So with a full day to kill tomorrow, Kamara decided that after his computer parts arrived and he got everything together he would spend some time out in the city. He didn't know much about the area he lived in, he only knew of three spots. The local corner store, where he got his necessities; a fast food place, where the robo soul got food when the corner store was closed; and a local furniture store that he had only been to once.

So like most things he didn't know much about anything in his part of the city, let alone the rest of the city. He planned on staying within the city for a while so he figured he should learn about it. Even his home is within the city, prime real estate in fact.

After Kamara finished making his plans, he realized he didn't have anything else he had to do for now. He didn't have any video games or a tv to watch. There wasn't much within his apartment that could stimulate his senses, and he felt it was dangerous to wander around a city he didn't know at night. Plus he was still sore from his awakening. So, all he had was a phone. Although it was slightly outdated it still functioned fine.

So, like what he liked to do in his last life to kill some time before he went to sleep or did some dumb shit, he went to one of the most popular live streaming services and watched a stream.

Before he had people that he would constantly watch, but now he didn't have that. So he just clicked the person that looked the most interesting. This ended up benign a goofy-looking black man going by the name of GoldSea with about 15 thousand viewers. He was playing some action-adventure game called Far Lands.

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