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My Robinhood System


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Pete is a wealthy, spoiled, and obese kid reincarnated into the lore of his favorite legendary hero. His only hope for survival in a medieval world brimming with magic and monsters is a system designed by primordial gods. [ Welcome to The Robinhood System ] [ Loading Quest ] Through gameplay, Pete gains skills and abilities that not only transform his body, but also his mind. He learns archery, magic, and the way of a warrior. The hero goes up against monsters, rogues and knights. The more quests Pete completes, the stronger, the wealthier and the more overpowered he becomes. He leads a secret dual life. With his party of merrymen, Robin Hood loots from the rich and gives to the poor. On the other hand, Rob Huntington, his alias, is a monster hunter who climbs the royal ladder to gain the King's trust. Join Pete in making his way through a complex magical world with an RPG setting... ------------------------------------------------------- This is my 2nd story on WN and a WSA 2022 entry. My first story GOD FORMULA, was a WPC winner. -------------------------------------------------------- Read this: If you are a fan of high fantasy, folklore, isekai and reincarnation. There will be a pull of LitRPG and a push of GameLit. You can expect crossover of fantasy elements from other tropes. This story will be a path-breaking retelling of the Robin Hood myth and legend with a heavy dose of isekai and fantasy. If this description appeals to you, Bon-Appetit! --------------------------------------------------------