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Taibai And A Qin

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to put it bluntly. it's absolute trash. don't be deceived by name and synopsis. it's just another Chinese novel with lots of young masters and face slaps. author says mc is 30, but mc acts like a 16 year old teenager. As far as the character development. what characters? apart from typical mc everyone is just the default typical young masters. almost all characters and sometimes even the names are the same. author deliberately tries to weaken mc every time. you can find this in almost every Chinese novels and most of them do a great job if they are all same. idk why this has so many 5 star reviews but many novels are doing better job even with same young masters face slaps. long novel short - mc has treasuure trove of knowledge left by his father. - mc didn't have strong allies but ridiculously strong enemies. - expect a young master face slaping almost every chapter and for no reason - mc has plot armour and power of will. - the end

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I really like this plot but, I myself knew that it would at the very least take hundreds or at most a thousand of chapters before he will get to be called by those title of hid like "Apex Cultivator".


I didn't like the female protagonist seriously if you don't like her at first you can know that she is like that as far as i read (i was in chapter 33) and after reading until chapter 33 i got tired of her bad attitude but you know that this is just my opinion, so read and draw your own conclusions *the guy confesses to the woman so she goes and gives a test, seriously she gave a test to see if he could stay with her these and other attitudes made it seem that the focus of the story the "romance" became for me a total loss of time


looking much to read this book. The synopsis has gotten invested in the story that I will reading right away. Great novel and I hope I will glue to till the end.


This novel is a waste of time…they have make the story long just to fill the chapters…whenever main character saves female lead he always end up not saving her …I had waste my time reading this poor novel my suggestion is to not read this novel


he just gets bullied and takes it, plus he looks up to some useless father................................................................................


I like the plot I am interested to read the novel [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Mc is your average japanese pushover beta cuck (literally gets cucked 1st chapter) character, stutters nonstop and even the sound of a woman speaking on the radio would make him blush, just the worst kind of mc you can ever get.


God this novel is bad first the constant changing pronouns he/him to she/her make it hard to tell who they are talking about this alone i could handle but the way the MC never kills anyone before they can return and cause more trouble is infuriating. It really is just your typical Chinese face slapping novel.


Don’t like the mc and main girl as they are very fake and face slapping bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad badDon’t like the mc and main girl as they are very fake and face slapping bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad


This gotta be one of the worst Mc ever in the history of novels. The dude got 0 points in intelligence. He gets upset at every little thing and will jump into any trap and then be like oh why are you doing this? The whole story is about him simping over this chick he just met. The cultivation ranks were super confusing at one point. Still don't get why he didn't kill some of the people. Like his GF uncle who is an evil person but he kept letting him go after saying you're dead over and over.


simply time waste ,its been more than 1900 chapters and still the main character is struggling.In my opinion it will take more than thousands of chapters when the Character will become so called mighty cultivator.I am very disappointed by the authors, there are a lot of stupid events just to earn enough money,very slow pace novel.Not recommended


I really like the Summary for once. I hope this is well executed. In the end just a good husband?? Not sure what to expect!! [img=coins][img=update][img=recommend]


I can sum this entire novel up in a single sentence: “Thank you, Mario, but our princess is in another castle!” I would not recommend this to anyone who dislikes cockroach villains or single love interests with long separations from the MC. Around the third time the MC goes to fetch his one true love only to find out that she’s been kidnapped and brought somewhere the MC won’t be able to reach without getting much, much stronger, the appeal of the whole novel died for me.


How the heck an immense trash novel have more than 1000 chapters and a good one only a few 100? After reading only 2 chapters my pulse got to 100,how stupid is that mc? 100 bip,120 bip,130 bip blablabla blablabla blablabla


I had high hopes for this novel, but as I kept reading (until chapter 230) I got more and more frustrated with the constant face slapping, young masters who are more arrogant and entitled than the Son of Heaven, and rampant two-faced corrupt characters at every turn. The MC is supposedly 30 years old, but behaves like a teenager, and there's a ton of unnecessary drama, which have no meaning to the plot. In time I just got fed up with the constant corruption at every level, and then having the MC pull a deus ex machina to get out of trouble by involving his girlfriend. This story is like fast food - feels okay to read a couple of chapters, but after that you quickly get tired of the rehashed and repetitive corrupt, entitled, arrogant, and ego-centric characters who are more shallow than a piece of paper. And don't get me started on how everything is solved with violence at every turn in a modern developed society. One thing I learned when reading this joke, is that corruption is rampant in China and everything is solved by oppressing the weak. In short, trash story with no character development, 2d cardboard copy characters, repetitive non-sensical plot. 2.4/5


Reveal spoiler


i love this novel. super nice and the character 😊😍😍


Spending so much money reading this book. like it has no ending.


the plot, the character, the flow is so thrilling and captivating. the best book I've ever read. I love it. the only book that makes me excited the whole day, waiting for the next day to unlock more chapters