27 Control Domain II


Chapter 27: Control Domain II


It's time for me to set a few limitations.

-I will never be able to use 'En' again.

This is the first thing and something I've been planning for a while. Risk is one of the factors which has a remarkable effect on Nen.

Self-imposed stipulations that are harmful or potentially so to the creator, such as willingly limiting the use of their senses, can increase the power of their Nen, and of their Nen abilities in particular.

This is because Nen is an expression of willpower, and willingly taking extra risks confirms the Nen user's resolve.

So I'll restrict myself from ever using En limiting my senses while using my domain to take its place, this is basically a trade.

I'm trading the ability to use En that has a range of 200 meters radius for an increase in my domain's power and a decrease in consumption though this is an immediate effect risk which means once I make the vow then I basically lose the ability to use En.

-The further away from the center of my domain the less control I have and the less I can sense, the closer to the center the more control I have and the more I can sense.

This is kind of a limitation though it could be considered as an equivalent exchange as I'm sacrificing something to be better at something.

I already have a general picture of what I want my ability to be like and how I will progress it from here but once I made the previous risk and limitation I still didn't feel like I completed that picture.

It's like an intuition that every Nen user can feel once they made an ability that needs limitations as the domain is too weak and the consumption is also too high.

I felt like I needed something more since what I want is a domain that gets stronger and larger soo.

-The control extends to anything except mind control while making it impossible to control the user in the domain.

Mind control was never something I'm interested in, it always seemed foreign as if you need to rely on manipulating someone else.

I just prefer to keep my power close to me, and I just don't trust such abilities, but most importantly, I want to eliminate the chance of getting controlled or manipulated.

And lastly, the limitation that came naturally without me needing to make it and It make sense since otherwise my domain will be absolute and there is no absolute thing in this world...yet.

-I can only control what I can sense.

My domain started changing As I finished setting all the vows and limitations making it useable.

My domain started expanding more as my perception inside my domain started to get higher and higher though I noticed the further from me the less I can sense, and the closer to me the better my perception is.

My domain stabilized at exactly 35 meters as the addicting feeling of absolute control came back to me and I enjoyed such feeling as I perceived everything in my domain.


- Hatsu -Control Domain-

------Control Domain is a domain where the user has a control level depending on the user's aura input and if the user is able to pay for the aura consumption.

The user's Input is how much aura the user can Input to the brain In a particular time span allowing the brain to perform the required task within the domain. It's also how much aura can the brain handle and consume in a specific time span.

Everything has resistance so the consumption will depend on the target's resistance and the resistance rise exponentially the stronger the target is especially Nen-users.

If the user controlled an inanimate object then the consumption will depend on how the user is controlling it, if the user controlled it to move faster then that action will keep producing more resistance the faster the speed is, so the user needs to have an aura Input able to satisfy the intended speed.

The user's body offers an absolute minimal resistance at all times which means that while controlling it consumes aura, the consumption will be much lower than anything else.

The user's domain is unsensible and unseeable even with using Gyo or En.

1-The further away from the center of my domain the less control I have and the less I can sense, the closer to the center the more control I have and the more I can sense.

---since the user has set a condition that lower his control the further from him and increase his control the closer to him, then the aura the user needs to pay for the same action could vary depends on how far from the Domain center the action is performed. Also, the user can sense things closer to the domain center much clearer than things further.

2-the user will never be able to use 'En' again.

---the user gave up the ability to use En making the ability much stronger.

3-the user's domain's range is 5 times harder to extended than 'En'.

---It's much harder to extend the user domain's range considering its capabilities.

4-The control extends to anything except mind control.

---the user gave the ability to ever control someone or something's mind using this ability allowing him to be uncontrollable in his domain.

5-I can only control what I can sense.

---the user can only control what he can sense exactly meaning that controlling molecules is impossible if he can't sense them precisely.


I kept my domain fully released as I analyzed everything especially my body since it will be the main focus of my control.

And as I expected no matter how perfect I thought my Zetsu is, I still noticed a few flaws in it though flaws small enough that even I didn't notice but still flaws nonetheless, flaws I need to fix.

I studied quite a lot of biology books from this world across the years and noticed something interesting.

The physiology of humans of this world is exactly the same as the ones from my past world though the limits to what normal humans can do were shown to be much bigger than my last world which begs the question, how can they achieve these feats?

The only logical conclusion I've come up with is Nen considering everyone has it and its effects.

From the research done by scientists from this world, the composition of atoms is the same as those from my last world unless Nen is having an effect on a cellular level, so perhaps I will find the answer once I can sense things at the cellular level.

I concentrated leaving my wondering thoughts aside from now, I analyzed every vein my blood goes through which is something I already studied but It couldn't hurt to make sure.

It wasn't for a while before I started my experiment as my heartbeat started getting slower and slower until...

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