10 The Wounded Hob-Goblin Pt.I

Day 6

It was really annoying being in a position where when injured I couldn't shout otherwise I would just be inviting more monsters that would simply come and rip my head off.

I looked at my blood as it trailed down from my wing onto the black crooked surface of the horned rabbit before me. This one was different from the one from before. It had both horns on opposite sides of its forehead like some kind of deer.

I wanted to find a way to get out my current situation, when my other friend, another horned rabbit decided to stab my remaining wing. I closed my beak shut and grunted in immense pain.

How the hell had these bunnies entered the nest without getting poisoned?

I looked at their status again and they actually were poisoned. They were just ignoring the pain. After I saw another status effect. [Mind Control].

<<Mind Control: The user is being controlled by another being>>

「So it's not their fault? Tch, it doesn't matter! They need to die! 」

I forced myself to go through the horns, cutting my own wings and leading to a lot of blood loss and health points. I used [Poison Generation] to create poison in my beak. It barely stung my tongue like it did the day before. I spat out the poison into the horned bunny's eye.

The one to my left was blinded for a moment and started to scream in pain, jumping about.


In it's rampage, it ended up pulling so hard that it tore of my wing.


I ended up screaming. My first mistake for the day. I knew I shouldn't have done that, but the pain was just too much for me to keep quiet about it.

[You have lost 5 health points]

[You have been inflicted with [Sever bleeding]]

[You will lose 7 health per second]

[You have lost 7 health]

Several annoying screens appeared before me.

I looked down and saw my blood just leaving my body. Tears rolled down my eyes, but I wasn't ready to just die because of this pain. I looked at the other horned rabbit then used peck on its horn.


My beak just bounced off.

[You have lost 7 health]

I covered my beak with [White Viper Scales] then used [Peck] again.


「A chip formed! One more time! 」

I attacked again.


[You have lost 7 health]

I fell down, rolling around in pain. My feathers were becoming a bloody mess.

[You have lost 7 health]

「Shut up! You stupid system!」

I forced myself off the ground then looked at the rabbit. I kicked at the ground and ran at it. I used [Sprint], [White Viper Scales] and [Peck] to stab it head on for my Tori original [Spearhead].


I shattered its skull instantly, but didn't stop my assault. I wasn't done with its partner so I turned around and flew at it, but by the time I got there, it was already dead.

[You killed 1 horned rabbit]

[You killed 1 horned rabbit]

[You have received 30 exp]

[You have received 30 exp]

Those weren't enough for a level up. What would I do? I only had exactly 7 health points left. Then I got an idea.

I created [White Wiper Scales] to seal off the injured place, keeping the blood in. I didn't know if it would work and I didn't have enough time to ask the agent.

Now that I think about it, how I got here was quite dumb. I woke up this morning to see two horned rabbits sleeping in the cave with me. I thought they were harmless so I tried making friends with them, giving the horned rabbits a pat on the head.

Horned rabbits don't like head pats.

Also, that skill I got. [Pain Resistance] was so damned useless. I felt every single bit of pain. That was super annoying and I didn't like it.


[Name: Hinotori

[Species: Golden Chick Level 9/15

[Status: [Hungry], [Tired]

[Age: 5 days

[Rank: F

[Race Rank: Tier 0

[Titles: [New-born in a New World], [Rare Species], [Survivor]

[Blessings: |Blessings of the Ancient Goddess *****|

[Level: 9 Exp: 200/450

[Health: 10/50 Stamina: 30/60 Strength: 15 Speed: 60 Defence: 20 Dexterity: 30 Intelligence: 10 Luck: 40

[Skills: [Evolver], [Analyst], [God's voice], [Adorable Wink], [Imprint], [Baby Chick Cry], [Fear Resistance], [Aquatic Form], [Heat Resistance], [Poison Resistance], [Peck], [Black Wayne Caw], [Auto Mapping], [Poison Generation], [White Viper Scales], [Sprint], [Pain Resistance], [Spearhead]

「Huh… I need to find a way to deal with my health and get it back to full. 」

<<Answer. You might want to eat some Rensoue herbs>>

「Renosue herbs? 」

<<Renosue herbs: A rare herb that can immediately restore the health of any person by half and cure a lot of inflictions>>

「Huh… nice! Let's go searching for some! You know where they grow?」

<<Affirmative. They are mostly found in the West of Larm>>

「Nice! Let's go! 」

I set out on my journey to find some renosue herbs.


It didn't take long for me to see some monsters running quickly, almost a blur in my sight. They had green skin and were probably some few inches taller than me. They had short pointy ears and blank yellow eyes. They had some animal fur wrapped around their waists and sharp yellow fangs.

'Ou! An encounter with the completely generic fantasy monster! Goblins!'

There were four of them.


[Name: -

[Species: Goblin 7/20

[Status: [Hungry], [Fear]

[Age: 40 days

[Gender: Male

[Rank: E-

[Race Rank: Tier 1

[Titles: |Of World|

[Blessings: -

[Level: 7

[Health: 30/70 Stamina: 20/200 Strength: 50 Speed: 200 Defense: 45 Intelligence: 10 Magic: 00 Luck: 50

[Skills: [Night Vision], [Libido], [Claw Attack]

'Ah… goblins are pitifully weak.'

I saw a deer, with white hide, and no horns. Its eyes were a crimson red, and its hooves, onyx black. I used [Analyst] on it.


[Name: []

[Species: Flame Deer 30/50

[Status: [Full]

[Age: 1 year

[Rank: D

[Race Rank: Tier 1

[Titles: |Survivor|, |Of World|

[Blessings: -

[Level: 40

[Health: 1800/1900 Stamina: 1200/1400 Strength: 400 Speed: 700 Defense: 270 Intelligence: 10 Luck: 240

[Skills: [Prey Instinct], [Acrobatics], [Fire Shot] [Explosive Sprint], [Mirage], [Throttle], [Fire Force], [Aura Sense], [Stomp], [Herd], [Heat Vision], [Mid - Fire Affinity], [Heat Resistance], [Cold Resistance]

'Eh… this could give even Shiro a run for her money.'

One of the goblins jumped the deer, but it kicked it away. Another jumped at its leg and firmly attached itself to it by wrapping its arms around it. It then bit the deer's leg. Angry, the deer stomped its hind legs into the ground in an attempt to throw it off. The goblin didn't fly off. The other goblins jumped at it, claws ready to kill it.

Flame deer was not ready to lose. Its hooves started to turn red and it let out a breath of smoke. It stomped the ground once and suddenly a pillar of bright orange flames emerged, blasting all the goblins away.

When the flames calmed down it revealed a majestic creature with flames alit on its horns and a veil of beautiful flames just over its back. The goblin that bit its leg fell to the ground, dead and burnt to a crisp.

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