47 Chapter 47 Aftermath

" Why did you do this?" A very pissed-off All Might asked, actually it was more accurate to say that he was more worried than angry, but he was mostly showing anger, most likely to teach me a lesson or some bullshit along those lines.

" I saved my classroom, helped two heroes in a very hard situation, and dispatched a group of villains," I told him with a calm tone, most of the people behind me were surprised by the calmness in my voice, I was talking to the number One Hero after all.

" I understand that, but why kill them? You could have simply immobilized them, I know you are easily able to do that."

Here is something I discovered in this world, this isn't a fucking anime, if a villain is defeated he won't just stop fighting and get arrested, he will fight to his or her death most of the time, and an animal is most dangerous when they are near death.

" Because I didn't want to take any possibility of one of them slipping past me and hurting someone I couldn't protect, they put themself in this situation, I killed them because they were trying to kill me, I don't have cool powers to freeze people, to burn their arms and legs and not make them move, to make them float away, I only have these hands, and be sure I will use them well, also-" I didn't finish and moved towards one of the bodies in the centre of the USJ.

All Might wanted to stop me but Aizawa blocked him and hinting him to let me do what I wanted.

Lying on the ground is a man, unlike all the others near him, none of the blood covering or near him was his, the only injuries of his body being broken arms and legs.

I activated an Intimidating presence and awoke the man from his slumber.

The man bolted up, or at least tried to before realizing the state he was in, causing a scream to come out of his mouth.

Suddenly a hand grabbed his neck and pulled him from the ground.

" Now, I can make this VERY painful, or very relaxing, it's your choice," I said with a friendly tone and a smile.

But to the man, those words didn't come out of a 17-year-old boy, but from death itself knocking on his door.

"W-What D-Do YoU want?" He asked in a crooked tone, trying to ignore the pain and make this as short as possible.

" Who were those guys commanding you?"

" I can-"

Before he could finish I grabbed his already broken arm and put a small pressure on it.

" Think your next words VERY carefully, there won't be a second chance," I said with an even bigger smile on my face.

Oh shit, he pissed himself.


Maybe I exaggerated? Nah.

I headbutted him and made him fall unconscious, turning again towards All Might.

" See? I didn't kill everyone."

" That doesn't make me feel better in any way."

" Listen, I am very tired and I would just like to go to get some sleep, can we talk about this another time? I don't look like it, but several of my bones are still broken." I said while pointing at my purple arms.

All Might was about to show his worry, only now noticing the actual damage my body had sustained but was stopped by Aizawa.

" You may take some rest Midoriya, we will take care of the rest."

" Thank you very much," I said while walking again towards Mina, who was waiting for me to shout at me some more.





" That hit the spot," I said while coming out of the shower butt-naked.

I was about to wear some clothes when my phone began ringing.

Picking it up I noticed an unsaved number, my mind went into paranoia mode thinking of a possible villain getting my number, but I toned it down for the moment and simply answered the call.

" Yes?"

" Midoriya?" A familiar feminine voice asked.

" Momo?"

" Yes, it's me."

" How have you got my number, wait, Mina?"

" Mina."

" Remember to tell her to ask me before giving people my number."

" Too late I fear, most of class 1-A already has it."

" *Sigh, Why have you called?"

" Do you still remember my request?"

I had honestly completely forgotten about it but let's not let her know about it.

" Yeah, why?"

" I am outside your house if you want we can train right now."

" You got my house address from Mina right?"

" Yes, she is here with me, there also is Uraraka and Tsuyu."

Before I could say anything else, someone knocked on the door of the bathroom.

" Come on Izuku, come out, or do I have to help change?"

" Fuck you, Mina," I said to her.

" I am coming out," I said to Momo.

' *Sigh, Ferb, I know what I will be doing today.'

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