40 Chapter 40 Telling the truth (Edited)

The school day had just finished after saying goodbye to everyone I intended to again head to the new dungeon I had found, with the intention of completing it, but before I could go out of the school grounds someone stopped me by grabbing me from the shoulder.

" Aizawa, can I help you?" I asked him.

" The principal wants to have a talk with you."

My blood run cold, if there was a being that I was scared of apart from the big guys, it was that fucking dog-bear-mouse genius of a principal, he is literally a beast, no other way to describe him, and his hate for human, in general, is clearly visible even in the anime.

'Until now everything, apart from some minor details, had gone like anime or manga, but this sudden event changed everything, the possibility of the attack at the USJ going wrong, villains attacking during the sports festival, summer camp going way worse than how it already has, and what can I do to prevent them? To stop them? Doesn't matter how strong I currently am, doesn't matter how much I can tank, doesn't matter how hard I can hit, against the big guys or villains with broken quirks I am nothing more than a nuisance, but what can I do? Hoping for something broken to come out of the Gacha is like asking for the All For One to die because he choked on a piece of chicken, for now, let's just see what he wants.'

And what felt like a few seconds to me, actually was just a second for Aizawa, so I was able to quickly answer him without any delay.

" As much as I would ask the reason behind such a sudden request, I will follow you, sure that something important must be happening for something like this to be requested."

He simply nodded and started walking back towards the school, I followed right behind him, thinking of possible scenarios of how this could go and ways I could escape in case of emergencies, my brain going overdrive.

'I seriously attracted too much attention, I wanted to show off but by doing so I am putting too many questions in everyone's minds, I was seriously too stupid.'

By the time I had finally reached the room where Nezu should be, I had calmed down and resigned that I couldn't predict how this would go.

"Get inside," A child-like voice said from inside the room.

Aizawa opened the door and let me inside first, following behind and then closing the door behind him, blocking the only 'normal' way out, I am more than ready to jump out the window if needed, and we are on the 12th floor.

In front of me, was the buffed form of All Might and the beast, Nezu holding a cup of tea, looking at me.

All Might stare was one of concern, Nezu's one was one of curiosity, staring at me like a guinea pig.

" Student Izuku Midoriya, what an honour to finally meet the first Quirkless student of our school, I have heard great things about you." Nezu's voice was neutral, and his control over his emotions is genuinely monstrous, I wish I had a way to see his intelligence and willpower, surely above or around the 500.

" The honour is mutual, I had made some research about the current principal of UA, came from nothing, literally, and was able to rise to one of the most powerful positions in the world," I said, showing him that I already knew about his existence and that playing the friendly animal wouldn't work.

" I hope all great things, but now let's move on." He said, clearly catching on my words.

" The reason why you are here is very simple, after a serious discussion with Mirko, we came to the realization that even though you are Quirkless, you have several quirks like abilities, going from your hard bones, boosted muscle growth, peak human strength, speed, intelligence, agility, superhuman endurance, numbness to pain, something similar to an ability to give yourself an adrenalin shot, and by what I have read, the harder you get hit, the harder you hit... is there anything you want to say about all of this?"

I flinched for a second, I felt it, the true meaning behind those words, the implications that he was assuming, how All Might be ready to apprehend me in less than a second, how Aizawa had stopped blinking for already few seconds.

' Lying would only lead me to a worse situation, I know the character of all these three, apart from Nezu I am sure I could bullshit both of them, but that guy is too much of a monster to be easily tricked... but you know what they say, the perfect lie is a lie made with some of the truth.'

" What if I told you I have a quirk?"

"... IF you told me that information I would love to hear how you got it and what type of quirk it is."

" Your quirk can be considered as your brain evolving so that it could be more intelligent, reaching a point that no human has ever reached before, but if I told you that my quirk can surpass you? What if I told you my quirk can make me reach a level of strength comparable to All Might?"

"... Go on." His eyes stared at me with even more interest.

" Around a month ago, I started noticing something, everything was becoming easier, running, studying, training, moving, thinking, you name it I could do it better than before it a few seconds, my body grew at monstrous rates, my brain also keeping up with that monstrous increase in its own way, so if I had to define my quirk under a specific name, I would simply call it Adapting."

" That would explain how you got your strength, but is there any way to show you are saying the truth?"

" The easiest way is to pick a random subject, give a book about it, and in maybe 30 minutes I could already be considered average in it."

After staring for another minute, he pressed a button under his desk and one of the metal walls suddenly shifted to an enormous library with around 1000 books.

" Aizawa pick a random book."

Aizawa headed for the library, the silence in the room weighing more than everything I have ever lifted, and after 5 minutes he came back with a book in hand.

*How a Gentleman should act: Guide for the perfect man*

After taking a big breath I started reading and hoped for the best.

Not knowing that this would have been a great opportunity that lead me to my power ascension.





Quick question, should I give Izuku One For All? As you see, even though he is growing stronger than others, he still stands no chances against people like Overhaul, and even if he gains a broken ability like Riatsu or things like that, it needs time to grow and he doesn't have time, and simply giving him an overpowered ability like vector manipulation would ruin the fun of the journey, so give suggestions, should I give him One for All or not?

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