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"What? People die for money and Treasure that I get randomly every time?" This is a novel of how Ethan who was cheated upon by his girlfriend became overpowered by a system that randomly gives him Treasure. .... Please give your massive support and drop your reviews.

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Chapter 1 - Losing Consciousness

"This is the last delivery, and I will be done working for today. I will be able to take Blessing out."


Muttering to himself, looking physically tired, Ethan parked his bike at the bike parking lot of a four-star hotel and got down before patting his pants pocket to check if the item he was here to deliver to the customer was still present.


Feeling the texture, Ethan couldn't help but blush when he recalled the look he had been given when buying this item.


Ethan, a college student in one of the best and most prominent universities in Cloud City, due to his poor family background and the need to fend for himself, opted to be a delivery boy.

While it didn't provide him with much, it allowed him to eat and buy basic things for himself and his girlfriend.


Thinking about his girlfriend, Ethan couldn't help but suddenly smile as he recalled the surprise he had for her later, and then he quickened his pace with a bright mood.


Normally, he should have already closed for work at this time of the day if he wasn't on the night shift, but he had been working a longer shift for over two weeks now after pleading with his boss, working hard and late for the surprise he was preparing for his girlfriend.


Without minding the fact that he was already beyond tired, Ethan quickly reached the front of the room where he was going. Then without thinking much, and with his mind already preoccupied with the event that would be happening later, Ethan knocked on the door and waited, still wearing a wide grin.


Before long, the door was opened.


Not waiting to see who had opened it, Ethan took out the item in his pants pocket and was about to offer it to the person when suddenly, his face went blank before quickly changing dramatically.




At the same time, Ethan noticed the person, the person also noticed him. Like Ethan, she also went blank for a moment before her face likewise changed considerably.


"You..." she said in unison with Ethan.


"What are you doing here?"


They both asked again in unison, but with the look in their eyes, it was obvious that they both already knew what the other party was doing there.


Gazing at his treasured girlfriend in a revealing bathrobe with her entire body beet-red, looking like someone in heat, Ethan paled considerably and then he began to shiver like someone placed in a thousand-years frost prison.


"Don't... don't... don't tell me that it's... It's what I'm think..."


"Babe, have you not collected the item yet?"


A male's deep voice suddenly interrupted Ethan's stutter, and then, to his greatest disbelief and shock, a man's frame suddenly hugged Blessing from behind.




"Oh… Ethan, what are you doing here?"


The man abruptly questioned Ethan with a shocked expression when he noticed Ethan, but Ethan couldn't react.


With his mouth wide open, he pointed at Blessing, refusing to accept the current reality before him.


"Are… are… are you cheating on me! With… with him?"


Ethan's voice shook so much.


Upon seeing him like this, an embarrassed look first surfaced on Blessing's face before gradually changing to a gaze filled with disdain.


"And so what?"


Her voice suddenly turned cold, catching Ethan by surprise.


Then, to another shock, he saw his treasured girlfriend suddenly turn around and take the initiative to hug the man.

With the mouth she had been refusing to let Ethan kiss for a year now, she abruptly kissed the wide mouth of the man.


Ethan's head rang.


'This must be a dream!'


He shut his eyes tightly for a moment then he pinched himself really hard on the arm, but what he got was a deep pain.


"I'm not dreaming?" He muttered and then forced his eyes open. However, what he saw was a couple gazing mockingly at him as if he were a clown.


"Where is the condom I requested?"


The man with Blessing in his embrace suddenly questioned Ethan with a playful smirk.


Of course, Ethan also knows this guy; he was one of Ethan's greatest bullies in school, and Ethan hated him with passion. He had always given Ethan a difficult time and had never for once given up the opportunity to trash him, which Blessing knew well of.


"This… did he force you?"


Ethan suddenly gazed seriously at Blessing, his eyes turning crimson red, but in response, Blessing only rolled her eyes at him with deep disgust.


"Does he even need to force me? I mean, he has been giving me everything I need for a year now. All sorts of designer dresses, bags, shoes. See, he has even surprised me with the latest iPhone 15 Pro Max, do

Do I need to still be forced to be with a wealthy and handsome man like my boo?


Blessing asked Ethan while flashing him a brand new phone, but Ethan couldn't react. It was just a shocking revelation to him that his innocent girlfriend was someone like this.


Like most of other relationships, Ethan had met Blessing in their sophomore year, and her innocence and cheerfulness back then had moved his little and lonely heart.


Although her beauty was just normal and not that much, Ethan had done everything he could before he eventually got a yes from her, and at the start, she was always so precious that he usually felt himself as the luckiest man on earth.


Although her attitude toward him had changed massively a year ago, Ethan's love and affection for her didn't reduce.


He still takes good care of her and buys her everything he can afford from his little pay, even going on hunger strike most days because of her, but now…


"You… but I… I also always buy you designer products, right?"




It was as though Ethan had just said something extremely funny. Both Blessing and the man holding her playfully gazed at him blankly for a moment, and then suddenly, they both bust out laughing crazily.


"You? Designer products? Hahaha"


"You call those trash I've been throwing away designer products?"


"Hahaha.. those cheap and fake things that even you know I've always found disgusting?"




Seeing them mocking him like this, Ethan's blood suddenly surged ferociously, and then he clenched his fists with full force, fighting the urge with all his strength not to attack the duo.


With his eyes finally completely red, Ethan stared intently at Blessing, his eyes suddenly getting filled with hatred. "I promise you that you will regret this."


Saying this, he suddenly turned around intending to go when an angry voice echoed behind him. "Where the fuck do you think you are going? Where is my condom?"


It was the man with Sarah in his embrace that asked this, a fatty with a shot physique.


Ethan trembled slightly when he heard this, his body going extremely cold, but he forced himself to turn around. He threw the condom in his hand to the ground and then stormed away.


"This bastard! How dare he throw something to the floor for me?"


The fatty's eyes suddenly became cold.


"We must not let him go scot-free, baby. That bastard must pay for what he had just done," spat the lady with a sudden dark face, her eyes filled with an evil glow.


"That's right. That bastard!"


Roaring this, the man suddenly stormed into the room and picked up his cell phone.


"I want that bastard beaten to a coma!"


Spitting this, the fatty took away the cell phone and then he suddenly embraced Blessing, who had entered also.


He was on the verge of taking off her bathrobe when Blessing stopped him, looking coquettish.


"Shouldn't we go enjoy the movie first?"


"Ah... that's right, I've almost forgotten," the fatty smacked himself slightly on the face, and then he separated himself from Blessing, looking really interested as though his curiosity had been piqued.


With that, the shameless couple rushed to get dressed and then got out of the hotel room.


At the same time, Ethan, who had resembled a walking dead, was getting out of the hotel building when suddenly, he was surrounded from all sides and forced to return to his senses.


"Bastard! How dare you offend the young master."


Ethan, "_"


He gazed blankly at the leader for a moment, then he ignored him and proceeded to leave.


He wasn't in the mood for something like this right now. He just felt like jumping down from a skyscraper and taking his life.


"Bastard! How dare you ignore this father?!"


Before Ethan could react, a sudden fist had hit him in the face and he was thrown back.


Before he could understand what was going on, he was subjected to all sorts of beating and stomping, and he couldn't even fight back at all or run.


He was soon lying on the ground with a wound-filled body.


Although this wasn't the first time something like this was happening, Ethan couldn't wrap his brain around whom he had offended.


Apart from that, he soon felt an overwhelming and excruciating pain that surpassed any threshold for endurance.


He didn't even notice that the place was already filled with a massive crowd of people spectating and commenting on the scene excitedly, wondering whom he had offended.


Williams was about to lose consciousness when from the corner of his blood-filled eyes, he saw an excited Blessing and Jabriel mocking him happily with no trace of pity in their eyes.


His eyes stayed on Blessing for a moment longer before finally, the pain became too massive for him to endure, and then slowly, his consciousness went into blankness.


However, just a second before losing it completely, a mechanical voice he could swear wasn't there sounded in his mind.


[Ding! The host has been discovered.]