55 Chapter 55

Joon's approach to the nightclub's entrance was anything but subtle; his stride exuded an aura of menace that even the vigilant bouncers couldn't ignore. Before they could utter a word, Joon brushed past them, their attempts to intervene falling on deaf ears. Startled, one of the bouncers made a futile attempt to catch up, only to collide with the door Joon had just slammed shut behind him, sending him sprawling to the ground in a daze.

Meanwhile, inside the club, chaos ensued as the bouncer's colleagues swiftly relayed news of the trespasser to Dusik's enforcers. Ignoring the commotion around him, Joon pressed on with single-minded determination, his unwavering gaze fixed on his destination.

Amidst the revelry, a drunken partygoer stumbled into Joon's path, attempting to halt his advance, but Joon effortlessly brushed him aside, leaving the hapless individual sprawled on the floor in his wake. Joon continued towards the main area, the pulsating music growing louder with each step, amplifying the tension in the air.

Suddenly, the door to the main area swung open, revealing Dusik's men poised for confrontation. "You, stop right there, or I'll beat you u-" one of them began, but before he could finish, Joon seized him by the mouth and forcefully pushed him against the door, which swung open violently under the impact. As Joon entered, all eyes turned to him, but he paid them no mind, casually tossing the enforcer aside like a discarded object before striding further into the heart of the club, his presence commanding attention and respect, or perhaps fear, from all who beheld him.

The men behind Joon were taken aback by how effortlessly he handled one of their own, but they quickly regained their composure and gave chase. Joon strode purposefully into the center of the area, his eyes scanning the surroundings. He took note of the people staring at him, still caught up in the revelry, as well as Dusik's men emerging from their seats. He needed to find Cha Dusik but wasn't sure where to start.

Just as one of Dusik's men closed in on him, Joon glanced back and smoothly sidestepped, causing the man to stumble and fall. Within moments, Joon found himself surrounded by Dusik's enforcers. With the music blaring from the speakers, the crowd's attention was drawn to the unfolding spectacle, anticipation hanging in the air.

Without a word, the men charged at Joon, their intent clear: to take him down and teach him a lesson. With Joon's heightened abilities, evading the flurry of attacks aimed at him required only minimal movement. Punches and kicks were launched his way, but Joon effortlessly redirected them with precise movements of his hands and legs, often causing the attackers to inadvertently strike each other.

In one instance, as a punch came toward him, Joon casually sidestepped, simultaneously grabbing the assailant's wrist. Leaning back to dodge a kick aimed at his head, Joon then swiftly pulled the man's wrist and clothing, causing him to unwittingly absorb the force of the oncoming kick meant for Joon. The unintended collision between the two attackers resulted in a collision of heads, sending them both crashing to the floor in a daze.

While the audience cheered in amazement at Joon's prowess, he remained impassive, unmoved by their admiration. Though he could have capitalized on the opportunity to gain Pretense + by putting on a Pretense, Joon's focus remained solely on his objective, devoid of any desire for superficial acknowledgment.

As the audience erupted into cheers, their excitement echoing throughout the club, Dusik couldn't help but notice the sudden uproar from outside. Puzzled by the commotion, he turned to a nearby associate, questioning, "What's happening? Is there trouble brewing?" The man, equally perplexed, lacked answers, prompting Dusik to rise from his seat and investigate the source of the disturbance firsthand. Stepping outside, he was greeted by the sight of his own men strewn across the floor, with Joon standing at the center, a picture of calm amidst the chaos.

Joon's gaze shifted to a figure emerging from a nearby room, and recognition flashed in his eyes. Moving forward with unwavering determination, he caught the man off guard, prompting a defensive reaction as the man instinctively reached for a bottle, poised to strike. With the crowd holding its breath, anticipating a clash, Joon intercepted the swing with ease, seizing the man's wrist in a display of strength and control.

Locking eyes with his captive, Joon's voice cut through the tension, demanding answers with a steely resolve. "Do you know where your boss is?" he asked, his tone low and unwavering.

Before the man could muster a response, Dusik's voice resonated from inside the club, breaking the silence. "I'm here. Come in," he called out, drawing Joon's attention back to the source. Without hesitation, Joon proceeded indoors, the encounter between the two adversaries unfolding in a tense standoff.

As they faced each other in silence, the weight of their confrontation palpable, Joon wasted no time in getting to the point. "Do you know where Congressman Kim is living?" he inquired, his tone direct and unyielding. Yet, Dusik, nonchalantly sipping his drink, seemed unfazed by Joon's brusque approach, opting instead to address what he perceived as a breach of etiquette. "Question directly? Why don't we introduce ourselves first? That manners of yours is very rude, you know?"

"Why do you want to know his home? Do you have some conflicts with each other or what?" Dusik's inquiry cut through the tension, his curiosity piqued by Joon's sudden interest in Congressman Kim's whereabouts. He knew the significance of such information and was hesitant to divulge it without a satisfactory explanation from Joon.

"It's just to tie up some loose ends," Joon responded, his tone unnervingly calm, catching Dusik off guard. "What the... What did Congressman Kim do to you?" Although surprised by Joon's cryptic reply, Dusik composed himself and spoke again, his tone more measured. "Sorry, but I won't answer your question. I have some ties with him, and messing with him will do no good for you. I suggest you leave this matter be, for your own sake." Dusik's warning carried a note of genuine concern, but Joon remained steadfast in his resolve, repeating his demand with increased intensity.

"Where is Congressman Kim's house?" Dusik sighed in disbelief at Joon's persistence, exchanging a quick glance with the individual behind Joon, silently signaling for action. Without hesitation, the person swung a bottle at Joon's head, the impact shattering the glass, yet Joon stood firm, seemingly unaffected by the blow. His demeanor shifted, his voice taking on a deeper, more menacing tone. "You know, I was planning to ask nicely, yet this happened. If you won't give me an answer, I'll pry it from your mouth."

With that, Joon seized Dusik by his clothes and effortlessly hurled him outside, colliding with the individual who had attacked him moments before. The sudden expulsion of Dusik and his accomplice from their room left the crowd stunned, their surprise evident as they watched the two figures fly through the air and land outside.

Joon emerged from the room, surveying the scene with a steely gaze. The men brandishing bats and the injured individuals strewn across the floor painted a grim picture. Sensing the impending confrontation, the onlookers hastily retreated, unwilling to become embroiled in the escalating conflict.

"I'm mentally stressed right now. I don't want to use you as my punching bag, but you leave me no choice. Now, make me let off some steam" Joon declared, his voice tinged with frustration and anguish. The recent events involving Dayun had pushed him to the brink, the sight of her injured form and the refusal to disclose the truth weighing heavily on his mind. Despite his reluctance to admit it, Joon regarded Dayun as a younger sister, and seeing her in pain ignited a fierce rage within him.

Meanwhile, Dusik, still reeling from the sudden turn of events, listened intently to Joon's words, a hint of amusement dancing in his eyes. Addressing his men, he issued a command with a smirk, "Boys, we have a rude guest today. He's already driven away some customers. Let's ensure he doesn't set foot in this place again." With that, he signaled for his men to attack Joon, confident that they would swiftly overpower him. However, Dusik's assumption would soon prove to be a grave miscalculation, one that he would come to regret.

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