My Power is Upgrading Everything (Rewrite)

This story is about a man named Putra Indra Santoso who reincarnated as Huo Yuhao. Witness his journey in Douluo Dalu's universe where he discovered and fulfilled his ultimate goals. My Grammar is not the best, but hope you guys like it. (An: I don't own anything besides my OC) Also, support my Patreon: patreon.com/NineClouds69 to read advanced chapters and motivate me to write more chapters

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Tower of Babylon

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--- Chapter 271 ---

The next day.

Huo Yuhao sat in the breakfast restaurant with a mild hangover. Aside from dancing with the ladies, he also drank wine, which put him in this miserable situation.

Of course, we are not talking about ordinary wines.

We are talking about the Divine Wines that Olympus and Asgard made.

Huo Yuhao yawned and sipped his cup of warm water, "I did lower my tolerance, but this hit me harder than I thought."

"What about you guys?" He glanced at the ladies, who looked fine and chatted with themselves.

Huo Yun'er smiled, "Hehe, we didn't lower ours."

"That would be disastrous, Hao'er. You don't want to see God-level Experts like us get drunk, especially at parties like that."

"Just imagine the mess."

"That's true..." Huo Yuhao nodded slowly and shivered at the thought of drunk goddesses.

The Elegant Mermaid Hall. No, the entire Java Island might not exist anymore after that night, and Huo Yuhao wasn't even joking.

Qianye Ying'er rubbed her thighs and commented, "Although we didn't get drunk, our feet do kill us, though. Yuhao, I didn't know your dance skills were that good."

Scathach snorted, "It's all about tempo and careful steps, which is basic in my training regime."

"It seems you're lacking in that field, Ying'er. Should I increase your usual training?"

"No, thanks." Qianye Ying'er flatly refused.

"Too bad then." Scathach finished her morning coffee.

"I see..." Huo Yuhao was amused by them. He shook his head gently and saw Liu Mei entering the breakfast restaurant in a hurry.

"Sorry, I'm late!" Liu Mei bowed several times to them. She's currently wearing a purple office lady outfit and looks very dashing. The only messy part is her hair, which puffed up slightly.

"Well, well, well... Look what we have here. Isn't this the Queen of Dance herself?" Qianye Ying'er teased while placing her elbows on the table and leaning on her hands.

"How was it? I bet you had a good dream last night."

Liu Mei blushed, but she didn't deny the teasing. In fact, not only did she have the best sleep last night, but she also had the best dream!

"Sit down and order breakfast." Huo Yuhao pointed at the empty spot beside him. "You probably haven't eaten anything this morning."

"But the next event..." Liu Mei hesitated because the next event after the Opening Party was 'literally' preliminary trials. She couldn't stay here for too long.

"Sit down."


Liu Mei was helpless when Huo Yuhao gazed at her with those charming blue eyes. She could only sit down and order a breakfast to fill her stomach.

After drinking a glass of herbal water, Huo Yuhao finally let her go.

"Wait, what is this next event you were talking about?" Huo Yuhao asked out of curiosity.

Liu Mei glanced at Huo Yun'er with confusion. Shouldn't the mistress tell you about this?

She sighed and explained, "The next event is the preliminary trials for the Continental Spirit Academy Tournament. Too many factions applied to this tournament, so we had to reduce them to 260 by letting them climb the Tower of Babylon."

"Tower of Babylon... Isn't that tower on the branch where the exchange students stayed all these months?" Huo Yuhao returned unsurely.

"Yes, they went there and received some tutoring from the Dragon Nest Academy's tutors." Liu Mei nodded calmly.

"Still, the main attraction was the Tower of Babylon, where Spirit Masters could fight with wild Spirit Beasts sent from the Advalon and hone their cultivation base. It is always odd because they built their own ranking around the tower by climbing it."

"We use that ranking in this preliminary."

"I believe there are 210 floors in the Tower of Babylon. How far had they reached?" Although Huo Yuhao was the one who created this fine training ground, he never checked it for years.

Liu Mei looked embarrassed and answered, "69th floor. None of them could even reach the 100th floor after several months."

"And the ones who reached the 69th floor were Hongchen Siblings from the Sun and Moon Imperial Academy, Yu Tianlong from the Heavenly Dragon Sect, Dai Yuehang from the Shrek Academy, Long Aotian and Wei Na from the Snowdemon Sect, and Xue Yulin from Xuanwu Sect, Ling Wuya from the Star Luo Empire, and Ye Guyi from Common Alliance."

"Only nine of them?" Huo Yuhao couldn't help but question.

"Yes. These exchange students are improving rapidly and somewhat equal to Dragon Nest Academy's third years."

"But their upbringings couldn't be changed in mere months, so it's a matter of adaptability."

"Did you say Dai Yuehang earlier?" Huo Yun'er, who had been enjoying her breakfast, stopped.

"Is he perhaps the oldest son of White Tiger Duke?"

Liu Mei broke a cold sweat, "Y-Yes."

"I see..." Huo Yun'er smiled a little.

"Hao'er, why don't you join this little preliminary and set the record straight?"

Huo Yuhao looked at Huo Yun'er and sighed, "You do know that if I joined this preliminary, it would be no different than an adult joining a toddler's game."

"What are you saying? You're the Zero Disciple, so people are definitely curious about how powerful the disciple of Dragon Nest's Leader is. Go there and show them some fancy moves." Huo Yun'er retorted wisely.

Huo Yuhao could only accept the small task handed to him. Even though Huo Yun'er has gone past her vengeance against the White Tiger Duke and White Tiger Clan, she would indirectly do something to make their lives miserable.

"I will bring the Shrek Academy along." Huo Yuhao stood up and pecked Mother Fox on the forehead.

"I want to go there as well." Scathach finished her breakfast and wiped her mouth in a hurry.

"Me too, me too~!" Qianye Ying'er raised her hand.

Liu Mei fixed her messy hair and coughed, "Ehem, let me escort you there."

Huo Yun'er watched their backs with a smile and silently stirred milk into her coffee. "The White Tiger Clan's luck qi has depleted over the past years, and I shouldn't be this petty anymore..."

"But I can't help it."

"My former self is nothing but a single mother who got unfairly treated."

"If Hao'er didn't change my destiny, I'm afraid I would be far gone from this world."

"This is also their karma. I'm just doing my part." Huo Yun'er commented while looking at the morning sky.


After meeting the Shrek Academy's people, Huo Yuhao brought them to the preliminary trial and was 'literally' greeted by a crowd of humans.

No, a sea of humans is a better word to use in this situation.

A tall tower made of unknown dark steel entered their vision. It was over a thousand feet above the white stone floor and emitted some spiritual aura that made one's soul tremble.

"That is... The Tower of Babylon." Some teachers from the Shrek Academy looked at the tower. "Shouldn't it be thousands of miles away at the Dragon Nest's branch? What is it doing here?"

"We used Space-Folding Runes to teleport the tower to Java Island." Liu Mei answered casually.

"Although it was costly, the preliminary trial is much more important."

She floated into the air and said loud and clear, "I see that everyone has arrived at the Tower of Babylon."

"With this, I announced that the Continental Spirit Academy Tournament's preliminary has begun!"

"In ten minutes, all of you will be teleported inside the Tower of Babylon and forced to climb up. The higher you climb, the better your position in the preliminary ranking."

"Only 260 teams could enter the next round."

Liu Mei smiled and dropped a fun bomb at them, "So, prepare yourself because the top 4 teams would get seeded to the semi-quarter final."

"What?!" The contestants were shocked by Liu Mei's last words. They have expected early elimination, but this is rather outrageous.

Some teams learned about the Tower of Babylon earlier, so they weren't as surprised as others. But still, the pressure is on immediately.

Three minutes before the preliminary, contestants (including the exchanged students) gathered in their respective teams and waited nervously.

A golden-haired young man in a white battle suit approached the Shrek Academy and greeted, "Hello, everyone. It's been a while."

Ma Xiaotao's eyes widened, "Yueheng?"

"The only and only." Dai Yaoheng smiled. "And it's not only me. I also brought the other Shrek Seven Devils with me."

"Captain Ma, our team also could participate in the tournament."

"We can?" Ma Xiaotao and other Shrek Academy members were stunned.

Dai Yuehang nodded and explained, "The Continental Spirit Academy Tournament's rules haven't changed much, but we exchange students hold extra information."

"We have climbed the Tower of Babylon ever since we arrived at the Dragon Nest's Branch and got permission to contest against others."

"Of course, we still need a team of seven to join."

"Including me, there are six exchange students from Shrek Academy."

"With you, we can form another team and represent Shrek Academy."

It's not just Dai Yueheng. The other exchange students also shared this information.

"This... Isn't the Dragon Nest a bit careless with such a regulation?" They couldn't help but look at Liu Mei.

However, Liu Mei didn't show the slightest change of expression.

'Well.' Huo Yuhao glanced at Liu Mei and saw her nod at him.

'Where is my team then?'

He only has Scathach and Qianye Ying'er on his side.

A portal suddenly appeared, and five feminine and lovely figures walked out, revealing familiar faces to Huo Yuhao.

"Haha, Yun'er has planned this from the very beginning." Huo Yuhao laughed wryly.

With that, the preparation time ended, and teleportation runes enveloped everyone.

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