1 Putra

(Author Note: Yes, This is a rewrite of my Past Fanfic, Hope you like it)

--- Chapter 1 ---

In a metropolitan city hotel, a man with short black hair and brown eyes stood before a tall mirror. His name is Putra Indra Santoso, a 29 years old man with no extravagant desire except to live his life to the fullest.

Unfortunately, Putra's background makes it hard to fulfill his lowly desire.

A beautiful woman stood beside Putra and hugged him tightly with a smile on her face.

"Hey, do you think we can do it now?" She asked coyly, but Putra was so quiet.

Putra glanced at her and replied indifferently, "No, you can go home now. It's not hard to discover that you're my father's agent, so you can wear your clothes back and get the fuck out of my hotel room."

The woman was stunned and changed her expression into a poker face immediately. She clicked her tongue in annoyance and walked to the hotel door. The woman tried to grasp something from her pile of clothes and found nothing for some reason.

Putra glanced at her and added, "Don't even try, lady. I took away your gun already. Do you think I'm stupid enough to let a cougar with a weapon inside my room? That guy seemed to have become senile these years, huh."

"Does this look familiar?" He aimed a handgun at her head.


"Leave, or I'll blow your wide ass forehead."

The female agent gritted her teeth and walked out of the room silently. She never broke eye contact with Putra until she closed the door.

The man sighed and sat on the bed, staring at the ceiling with a tired look. "It's been 29 years since I was born in this world, and that guy still hates me to his old bones." He commented while picking up a wine bottle.


--- 29 years ago --

Mawar Hospital.

''Uwah... Uwah!!'' The sound of a crying baby echoed through the hallway. It's awfully silent, considering a hospital shouldn't be this empty.

A man in a bloody tuxedo ran into the corridor and approached the Delivery Room hurriedly. He slowly looked at the room's sign door with a trembling hand because the surgery was over, hoping his wife would be okay.

He's a handsome man with rich black hair and black eyes, which are standard features in this country.

He breathed in and walked into the room, feeling the somewhat suffocating warmth of the room heater. He stared at the doctor with a pale face.

"Doctor, how is she?"

"I'm sorry, we can't do anything to save your wife. We tried our best, but her heart disease didn't make it easier for us." The doctor turned around and shook his head. "At the very least, your wife wanted to give birth to your son safely."

Women's heart function changed drastically during pregnancy, causing them to possess a high risk of dying. Cardiomyopathy is one of the heart diseases that can cause the death of pregnant women, and this disease makes the heart bigger, thicker, or stiffer.

Cardiomyopathy could make one's heart weak, so it can't pump blood properly around the body. In the end, cardiomyopathy can cause problems, such as heart failure. And Linda sadly had this curse for her entire life.

The man pulled away the curtain and found a beautiful woman hugging a crying baby. She is no more than 24 years old with brown hair and a pale complexion, having no sense of warmth at all. She has passed away.

"L-Linda..." He falls to the floor.

He watched his lifeless wife and trembled because his loved one had passed away. The only woman he could only fall in love with has become a mere corpse. And that's because of her stubborn choice and that child. Yes, that newborn child.

A cold and dark sensation swept over the man's heart when staring at the newborn child. It doesn't matter if this baby was his flesh and blood. Hatred was burning in his eyes.

"It's because of you..." He muttered, leaving the doctor to frown on the side.

"If only you didn't..." He gripped the bed and stared at the newborn's brown eyes. Those eyes reminded him of Linda, which lessened the hate in his heart.

"W-What's his name?"

The doctor cleared his throat and answered, "Putra Indra Santoso. That's the name your wife chose on her last breath."

"I-I see..." The man grieved and reached over to his deceased wife, crying silently in pain.

The time flies so fast, and Putra grew into a healthy five years old boy. He was raised by his cold father, getting no ounce of love from him.

Though his father only hired some babysitters to raise and take care of him well, those women only cared about his father's money. It caused him to view the world differently than others.

When Putra was eight years old, his father suddenly abandoned him and kicked him out. However, in just a few days, a woman took him from the street and welcomed him into an orphanage called White Room.

That woman raised Putra tirelessly and gave him everything he needed to survive in this world. She provided Putra with Knowledge, Strength, and Integrity until he became an adult.

~ Flashback End ~


Putra suddenly woke up from his stupor and stared at the glass of wine. He chuckled wryly and remembered his mother's reason for adopting him.

"Haha, this makes me remember so many things in my shitty life."

He was merely a child who just got abandoned by his deadbeat father, walking in the street aimlessly. Yet, a woman offered to take him in because he reminded her of her deceased son. It's an odd coincidence that shouldn't happen naturally.

"Mother, why did you adopt me?" A youthful voice echoed in Putra's mind, causing an amused giggle to follow after.

"Hmm, there are two reasons. It's because you reminded me of my deceased son. Also, I want to do it. That's all." Those sweet words kept repeating inside Putra's head.

"Just because I want to do it, huh" Putra couldn't help but smile because the first reason didn't matter to him. When his mother adopted him purely because of her motherly feeling, that warmth saved him.


Putra noticed his phone trembled and saw a phone call was coming. It's an unknown number, which makes him frown because someone is hacking his network. He had nothing to do, so he received the call.

"Putra." A familiar voice of his senile father comes out from the speaker.

"Do you need something? It's about time to give up on your honey trap, father. It's getting old like you." He replied while sipping his wine. It caused his father to become quiet.

"Did I hit the nail?"


"You have five minutes... Some agents will come and try to kill you. Ran away immediately." The call disconnected, and Putra placed his wine glass on the table. He walked to the nearest window and flicked the curtain slightly, making it like wind sways.

"Well, there are some people outside." Putra's brown eyes shone under the hotel room's light. He caught a few people hidden in bushes and trash cans. There is also an annoying bug in the building rooftop near his hotel.

He smirked and began to prepare himself by wearing a face mask and turning off the hotel room's lights. He counted the times and waited for the people to enter his room.

Like what Putra's father had warned, a group of people broke into the room with full-armed equipment and searched the entire place. He watched them silently in the cabinet close to the front door.

Since he couldn't see anyone outside his room, Putra walked out casually and commented, "There are 3 seconds left on the timer."

His voice echoed in the silent hotel room, but a mechanical alarm too.



The room blazed with a loud explosion as Putra hummed while walking in the corridor. He walked into the janitor and picked up some tools.

"Let's cut the electricity off." He wore a glove and used power tools to cut the hotel's power grid. The whole place became pitch black, but a pair of brown eyes glowed fine.


"The target has left the room! I repeat! He has left the room-!"


A young woman in a camouflage suit grimaced when hearing her comrades' transceiver died. She placed up the sniper rifle and viewed the hotel through the scope solemnly, feeling a breeze on her neck for some reason.



She heard a playful voice in her ears and dropped dead on the roof. Her slender neck was bleeding as sharp lines wrapped around it.

"Hello, There." Putra picked the sniper's transceiver and whistled. "It's me, your target."

"What a lovely night, isn't it?"


"Specter, hand yourself to us, and the leader will give you a painless death. After all, We won't hesitate to make a messy move to deal with you!!"

Putra raised his gaze and watched a helicopter looming over the hotel. He gave them a middle finger and jumped off the roof, grabbing the railing and entering the building.

He launched a few gunshots to give away his current location and tricked them by jumping to the lower floor. In just a few seconds, he arrived on the basement floor while the soldier searched on the middle floor.

"That was easier than I expected. But one thing is sure these people weren't under my father's command." Putra tossed his clothes and grabbed the janitor's outfit.

He carefully moved out of the scene and drove Honda Civic away with candy in his mouth. He glanced at the mall getting swatted by a group of police and shrugged his shoulders slightly.

"Police are also involved." He thought about something for a moment. In the busy night street, so many people walked around and enjoyed their time.

Putra stopped because he was a good and law-abiding citizen, watching a heavy truck coming from the left side of the four-way street.

As the setting was too perfect, Putra shook his head and whispered, "There is no way a child walked in the busy street alone like a cliche-."

"Oh, fuck!"

A child is running toward the heavy truck. Like literally.

Putra pulled the gear and kicked the gas pedal hurriedly because that child's life was on the line, ramming the honda in front of the heavy truck.


Panic ensued in the busy street as people watched the poor honda getting smashed by a heavy truck and demolished into a mess. The child trembled and watched a man walk out of the destroyed honda, bleeding because of a sharp-looking pipe inside his chest.

Putra fell on the asphalt and smiled because he was an idiot. He stared at the child and said, "Kid, don't buy a hond-! *Cough* next time..."

He didn't regret his choice to save this child's life but hoped for a more peaceful death than getting his chest impaled by a sharp pipe.

'Old man, I'm sorry.' Putra smiled while thinking about the only family member he had.


"Uugh..." Putra groaned because his stomach felt like shit.

"Where am I?'

He opened his eyes and scanned the place in confusion, finding himself inside a shabby-looking storage room. A beautiful blonde-haired woman comes into his vision.

"Hao'er!" She hugged him tightly.

The woman cried and whispered, "It's my fault... I shouldn't have let you enter the Duke Mansion."

'The fuck?!' Putra put on a confused look. A piece of memory suddenly smashed into his mind and gave him a clue about his current situation.

"Huo Yuhao..." A familiar name from fiction Putra read in the past. Putra wished this wasn't real because that fictional world was doomed, but he clearly was reincarnated as a child named Huo Yuhao.

He instinctively hugged the blonde-haired woman who was supposedly Huo Yuhao's mother and said, "I'm fine, mom."

And that's how Putra reincarnated as Huo Yuhao and started his second life.

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