212 Draconic Deus's End (10)

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--- Chapter 209 ---

Murong Qianxue brandished her martial soul and unleashed a powerful Divine Might she had cultivated. The naginata in her slender hand gained a freezing quality as the surrounding arena, even half of the Colosseum, underwent a harsh winter.

Surtr's red flame raged in the snowstorm, burning furiously.

The legendary divine sword Lævateinn released an intense jet-black fire and created a small domain around him.

Even then, these flames barely resisted Murong Qianxue's Divine Winter Domain.

As the Fire Giant, who received the influence of the outer dimension's power of the Cursed God, Surtr still couldn't rival Murong Qianxue.

However, He's seemingly equal to the Great Red, or full-powered Ophis, before her training with Scatahch, meaning his power is at the very top of Draconic Deus.

Even Shiva and Indra couldn't help but frown when sensing Surtr's sheer pressure, thinking just how powerful the Cursed God was. Not even a few minutes pass, and they are "already." drawn to take the Cursed God's offer.

As long as they could defeat the Dragon Nest(Huo Yuhao) and reclaim their world's peace, paying some price isn't a problem.

They haven't realized how ironic their train of thought is.

Surtr roared angrily and gazed at Murong Qianxue like a predator eyeing its prey.

Murong Qianxue didn't care much, summoning a black-colored disk from the depth of her soul. The disk released an intense green lightning, dancing around her body harmoniously.

With a flick of her fingers, the disk separated into a thousand pieces and surrounded her like an invisible barrier interconnected by a green lightning cage.

"Third Round, 4th Match." Huo Yuhao's bored voice announced.


Surtr is "seemingly." possessed by savage instinct and stomped his massive leg to the arena continuously.




Under the rapid strikes, the Colosseum trembled slightly.

It was such a terrifying sight, witnessing the might of a mutated fire giant destroying something.

Loki grinned from ear to ear, not expecting this massive increase of power when the Cursed God's energy got used. He's also a God, but he couldn't do this instantly.

Marvelling Surtr's power, everyone forgets about the Dragon Nest's bizarre achievements for a second.

Then, Murong Qianxue brought them back to reality.

A shriek suddenly echoed in the arena and was soon followed by a loud bang.



The ice demoness appeared before everyone's eyes. Murong Qianxue now wore a blue-colored yaksha mask, which had two sharp horns and two sharp fangs. Her eyes were framed by the mask's holes, glowing with ice-cold light.

When Scathach saw this transformation, she narrowed her eyes and commented, "Oh, Qianxue reached this stage?"

"To complete an Inner Demon Mask with such detail, her Spirit Circuits probably evolved after reaching God-level. No, her Universal Breathing is also soundless, synergizing well with her body."

Scathach rubbed her chin and smiled, "I thought Liu Mei was the only one who could reach this stage, but Ice Demoness's loyalty rivaled her pride, huh?"

It's not a secret that Murong Qianxue's loyalty toward Huo Yuhao is nearly boundless. No, it was fanatical, like Qianye Ying'er and most other female members of the Dragon Nest.

However, unlike them, Murong Qianxue's martial soul could bring an infinite source of energy due to this undying loyalty.

She's an Oni Warrior who followed her master with a firm Warrior's code.

Huo Yuhao's words are like the Divine Mandate for her, and fulfilling his wish is as good as achieving nirvana.

Everyone awakened from shock as Surtr crashed onto the arena, destroying it into smithereens.

Murong Qianxue stepped into the air, watching the fiery blue giant indifferently. After all, Huo Yuhao ordered her to beat Surtr up and sever Loki's connection.

After becoming a God-level Cultivator, Murong Qianxue could sense something deeper than when she was a Title Douluo and Wild God.

Surtr's soul is currently struggling.

Well, suffering is a better word as the Cursed God's influence drilled through his soul.

Murong Qianxue waved her hand and summoned a naginata, throwing it at Surtr.

"Ice Fall..." Her emotionless voice dropped.


An icy tornado formed in the sky, descending toward Surtr.

"WAKE UP!" Loki ordered through their connections.

Surtr woke up from the deep crater and tried to dodge Murong Qianxue's attack, but how could it be so simple?

As 1st Class God, Murong Qianxue's attack is "literally." enhanced by 4th Dimensional Energy and Authority, she could rip through space and time fabric, freezing everything in endless winter.


The icy tornado tore Surtr's back, revealing his bulging blue muscle.

"Freeze." She commanded, causing flowers of ice to spread on Surtr's back.

A warm vapor suddenly appeared, surprising Murong Qianxue slightly.

"M..." A crooked voice comes from Surtr's mouth.

"Muspelheim's Core..."

A ball of molten lava abruptly lava, washing the arena in "extremely." hot temperature.

Murong Qianxue frowned and scoffed, "You want to play with fire against me?"

"Hmph! You're not worthy!"

A freezing divine presence exploded and clashed with Surtr's Muspelheim's Core.


Fiery volcanoes were swept over by fierce winter, causing explosions one after another.





Surtr and Murong Qianxue clashed with their weapons, creating sparks in the area. The massive divine sword was chipped by frost-coated naginata, having several cracks with ice on them.

Everyone was "quickly." drawn into this fight.

Every time the two monsters fought, a ripple in the fabric space was evident, and shockwaves washed through the arena.

Surtr tried to catch up with Murong Qianxue's speed but failed because of the stature difference.

Murong Qianxue suddenly disappeared and grabbed Surtr's feet, slamming left and right like a ragdoll.


Infusing her winter divinity into Surtr's body, Murong Qianxue prevented the fire giant from healing. It was effective because their attribute is arch nemesis.

Loki's jaw dropped in excitement, thinking his creation enhanced by Cursed God's power could rival the Dragon Nest's Ice Demoness.

And oh boy, how wrong Loki was.

All this time, Murong Qianxue hasn't even used her Spirit Skills. So, let's not mention her full power.

Murong Qianxue fought Surtr for five minutes, beating him from blue to purple.

"Found it." She suddenly said, grasping the lightning disk

"1st Spirit Skill: Thunder Call."

"2nd Spirit Skill: Holy Aura."


Murong Qianxue clenched her fist and summoned thunderclouds.

"Strike him down."


Surtr roared at the sky, watching a bolt of bright green lightning strike him like heaven's judgment. He swung his sword but didn't expect the lightning to pass through and hit his chest.


"More, more..." Murong Qianxue kept clenching her fist.


The sound of bone breaking entered Murong Qianxue's ears, but it didn't stop her.

Murong Qianxue mercilessly threw her divine judgment, punishing Surtr with ten thousand lightning strikes.

Everyone shuddered at the thought of experiencing this.

And soon, the Surtr turned into a charred fire giant.


Its massive body fell onto the arena, motionless.

Murong Qianxue flashed quickly and stabbed her naginata fast, piercing Surtr's head like it was nothing.



Loki coughed a mouthful of blood, watching Murong Qianxue with disbelief.

He has cast Divine Magic: Destiny Bond on Surtr, but this woman broke it.

Loki could still accept the Dragon Nest for their bizarreness, but Divine Magic was "actually." different. It was a field Loki was most familiar with, and if not, he wouldn't experience otherworldly power using his magic.

'Be patient, Loki. We just tested my influence on that little fire giant.' A voice whispered into Loki's head.

'You still have more chances, kekeke~!'

Loki nodded and returned to his usual calmness, "Now that I know Fire Giant could accept your power without much problem."

"I wonder if we could do more on Dragons and Gods."

'Don't worry. Your opportunity would appear sooner than you will ever expect.'

Murong Qianxue pulled her naginata, extracting a hand-sized red crystal with Surtr's soul. She looked down at the corrupted corpse and froze it, turning it into ice clouds of dust that were "quickly." devoured by a void.

'Mission complete.' Murong Qianxue glanced at Huo Yuhao's direction.

Huo Yuhao smiled and responded, 'Good job.'

"Third Round, 4th Match."

"Dragon Nest's victory."

"Well, don't you guys feel this is more boring than earlier?"

"Why don't we spice it up a little?" Huo Yuhao chuckled wickedly.

"You may bring three fighters next and count it as three matches."

"And Dragon Nest will send two-!"

"YOU'RE LOOKING DOWN US TOO MUCH, HUO YUHAO!" Indra shouted at the top of his lungs.

Huo Yuhao rolled his eyes and added, "You don't let me finish."

"You can bring three figures. And it counts as three matches."

"And fine, I'll only send one fighter instead of two."

"This is my way of looking down on your pitiful performance."

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