18 The Fourth Day In The Wasteland

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[Doomsday Calendar Month 1 Day 4]

[You slept very soundly, and your morale and condition are at their peak (survival points +2)]

[You have discovered a ruin (survival points +2)]

[You have your first companion (Oreo) in the doomsday world. You are happy and your depression is gone (survival points +20)]

[You explored a ruin which gave you some insight into the unknown (survival points +5)]

[You have killed a powerful monster from the ruins and your combat abilities have increased (survival points +10)]

[You have looted a lot of things from the ruin (survival points +5)]

[Your meal was very soothing and increased your happiness greatly (survival points +2)]

[Scanning host survival environment. Survival points evaluation in progress. 36 survival points gained today.] 

Total calculation: Survival points +82

Remaining survival points: 202

Su Mo woke up from the warmth of the early morning sunlight. Since he got a kang bed-stove three-piece set, he did not feel cold during his sleep.

When Oreo, who was lying beside Su Mo, saw him wake up, it placed its head on the bed like a good dog, as if asking for some petting.

After stroking Oreo's head, Su Mo stretched and sat on the bed.

After two days of accumulation, he had finally gotten more than 200 points. It was finally enough to upgrade his shelter's material.

He opened up the chat channel. After living through the first few days in a daze, the remaining survivors were beginning to face the reality of survival in the wasteland.

First, he went to the World Channel chatroom.

"Tomorrow is gonna be the first round of the acid rain disaster. Are all of you guys ready?"

"Prepare a bucket. I can't wait for the acid rain. The weather has been hot as hell. I feel like smoke is going to come out of my throat."

"Bro, are you serious? I can't believe you'd actually drink acid rain. Props to you. You're a warrior."

"Boiled acid rain is drinkable, isn't it?"

"Tell me if I'm wrong. It's not that acid rain is undrinkable, but it depends on its concentration. For example, acid rain has a low concentration of sulfuric acid. After boiling, the impurities and harmful substances will remain as sediments. So if the concentration of those things is low, you can still drink it after processing it a little. But if the concentration is high, it's time to start praying."

"God help us survive~"


Compared to the crowded world channel in the earlier days, there was barely anyone chatting in the world channel and all the messages could be read without scrolling.

The content had also changed from the hopeless pessimism in the beginning to the occasional sharing of knowledge tidbits now.

"Tomorrow is the disaster. How time flies."

Three days had passed since everyone arrived in the wasteland world.

After shifting to Regional Channel, Su Mo first looked at the number of survivors on the far right.


"Hmm, not bad. The number is much better than I expected."

Since it was just the novice stage, there were not any crazy mutant creatures that sneaked around at night, so the surviving humans would at least still be able to catch some sleep and live through the night.

However, since it was the last day before the disaster, everyone had to think about how to get through it.

After he got up, Su Mo took the psychic energy water that accumulated overnight and carefully watered the vegetable culture medium.

After storing all the remaining psychic energy water in the bucket, Su Mo began to prepare an exquisite breakfast for the fourth day in the wasteland.

Su Mo took out last night's cleaned wok and set it on the stovetop. After that, he lit up his last unit of wood and put it under the stove to start the fire.

Sweet and rich psychic energy water was poured into the wok and began to heat up.

When Su Mo sniffed the hint of aroma, he broke his bread into pieces as if he was eating pita bread soaked in lamb stew.

The fingertip-sized chunks of bread were dropped into the wok, gradually softening and melting into one as the water warmed.

After breaking off almost half a catty of bread, the water in the wok began to boil.

Immediately, the Dalieba that was full of almonds and crushed hazelnuts started to mix with the psychic energy water and let out a unique delicate fragrance.

"It smells so good. This water is like a natural seasoning."

Su Mo inhaled the pleasant aroma deeply.

If last night's broth was that satisfying, today's bread soup must be equally enjoyable.

Although he had entered the wasteland world for less than a week, Su Mo felt as if he had not eaten something this fragrant for a month or two.

The saliva in his mouth also began to secrete like crazy.

"It would be better if there were some vegetables."

As Su Mo controlled the fire while he cooked, he opened up the trading channel.

He searched for the term vegetables…


There were dozens of pages of vegetable packets.

The prices were very inflated for all of them.

Some of those vegetable packs were obtained from treasure chests, while some were leftover vegetable packets from instant noodles.

Initially, Su Mo wanted to trade it with his psychic energy water, but he changed his mind.

"I should give the World Channel a try."

As he had the thought, he opened up the World Channel.

After coming to the wasteland, he had not once used the trumpet icon.

[Su Mo: A bowl of fragrant bread soup cooked with psychic energy water in exchange for vegetable packets. Highest bidder gets it. I hope you're the one.]

In the World Channel, a message appeared.

Su Mo's personal page had millions of followers, so when he sent his message, many people saw it.

"Holy sh*t. Is the Almighty Sui feeling bodacious today?"

"Psychic energy water soup? Sheesh..."

Although most people had already accepted Su Mo's bravado, there was still a small group of people who were extremely shocked since they did not always check the World Channel chatroom.

In just a few seconds, Su Mo received thousands of messages for the trade.

Some indeed had vegetable packs while some planned to trade with other supplies.

"The Almighty Su, I haven't eaten in two days. Can you do me a favor and give me a sip of that soup, please?"

"I have a kerosene lamp, can I exchange it for a sip?"

"My man, I have a vegetable packet from Kang Shi Fu pickled vegetable flavored instant noodles! Can I exchange you for this?"

"I have a portable vegetable packet. It's 100g. Can I exchange you for it, the Almighty Su?"


Many people flocked to him for the trade and the bustle of the scene was so great that even Su Mo could not have anticipated it.

The trading channel exploded even more when Su Mo put his bread soup that was around 200ml up for trade.

[200g Bread Soup (Good)]

Description: A bowl of bread soup made with special water. It is rich and fragrant. You'll be satisfied after having it.

Special ability: After having it, there will be an extra small increase in satiety and recovery of injuries to a certain degree.

Comment: Can you remember how many pieces of bread you've ever eaten? Sheesh!

After the addition of psychic energy water, the bread soup that Su Mo cooked up was rated with excellent quality, causing the people to go even more crazy as they fought over it.

Naturally, Su Mo was going to trade with whoever gave the most vegetable packets.

After choosing for a long time, Su Mo finally saw one person that was willing to pay the highest price so far.

Alan Brando, "Hey Mr. Su Mo, I have two small packets of dehydrated vegetables which are 250g. I also have 200g of gunpowder. I'd like to trade these two for your bread soup. What do you think?"

Not only did he have the vegetable packets that Su Mo wanted right now, but he also threw in a special gift.

Most bidders basically tried to barter with vegetable packets and some other resources, but this guy actually had a strategic supply.

Although it was impractical to build guns with the current level of technology, it was always a good idea to be prepared.

Immediately, Su Mo confirmed to trade with him and selected Alan's three items for exchange.

Everyone else could only look regretfully at a trade like that without being able to participate.

In a few seconds, Alan immediately uploaded the goods and the trade on both sides was completed.

Gunpowder was a fragile item. So far, Su Mo did not have a place to store it yet, so he could only keep it in his inventory.

After that, he took out the vegetable packet and poured 100g of four or five kinds of mixed vegetables into the remaining bread soup.

Gurgle gurgle…

The not-so-large shelter was quickly filled with the intermingling of delicate fragrance and vegetable aromas.

Oreo had been lying beside the wok obediently, staring at the pot of vegetable bread soup. The drool in its mouth was pulling downward in long strands, periodically plopping and dripping onto the floor.

"Sprinkle some seasoning and I'm done!"

As a person born and raised in Shaanxi, Su Mo was not used to eating bland food.

He took some chili powder that he looted from the ruin and poured a little inside with a small pang of regret.

At once, the numbing chili pepper mixed with the delicate fragrance of the bread soup, creating a spicy and delicious aroma.

Su Mo inhaled deeply and moved the wok to the stove next to him, ready to prepare the meal.

"Achoo, achoo! A-Awooo~"

Oreo wriggled its nose, laid on the floor, and was getting impatient.

"You greedy little mutt..."

Su Mo laughed and shook his head. He lifted the pot, poured a small portion into Oreo's pot and took the rest of it for himself.

The soup boiled in the wok had a smoky flavor that was hard to come by in the city.

The fluffy bread crumbs melted in his mouth as soon as they reached his tongue.

Su Mo chewed it extra finely, including every strip of vegetable. He closed his eyes and it felt as if he had gone back to the modern world.

"If I can have such a meal every day from now on, that will be great!"

The man and the dog enjoyed a filling meal.

After polishing their food and cleaning up the wok and stove, it was already late in the morning. The morning chill had dispersed and it was a good time to head out and start working.

"We must get the drainage done today to prevent flooding!"

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