22 No One Could Sleep Tonight

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The crossbows on earth were a standard-controlled weapon, largely out of the reach of civilians.

It was also a modern crossbow he came across in his previous life when his client happened to take him to the shooting range to have some fun.

The crossbow created from the blueprint was yellow, silver, and black, with something cold and mysterious about it.

Two small discs polished from brass hung on either side of the crossbow to strain the nylon strings.

The simple opener in the middle was responsible for lowering the crossbow arrow!

Su Mo tried it out. He could fit five at a time.

Although he could not fire the crossbow in succession and needed to reload after each shot, the ammunition storage was pretty cool!

After adjusting the crossbow, Su Mo started to wind it with the reloading winder.

The first crossbow arrow glided into the waiting bay.

Holding in his excitement, Su Mo took out a unit of wood from the inventory, made it into a plank, and placed it in the corner of the shelter.

He aimed at the board and pulled the trigger.


It was no less than the initial velocity of a small police pistol, hitting the wood instantly.

"Holy shit. It sure is made directly from the mold. It's insanely powerful..."

Looking at the slightly trembling crossbow arrow, Su Mo quickly approached the wooden board on the ground.

He turned over the wooden plank that was six centimeters in diameter. The strong crossbow arrow had penetrated through it, leaving half of it on the front and half on the back.

It was not as powerful as the high-precision crossbow made the major ordnance companies of the civilized age, but it was certainly not bad.

The chameleon earlier would probably have died on the spot from that hit.

"Let's give it another try..."

Su Mo could not bear the excitement of suddenly getting such a powerful killing machine.

However, he also knew that though the crossbow was powerful, it was built on the premise of a steady target.

Su Mo was aiming right in the middle of the one-meter by one-meter wooden plank, but when he launched, his hand shook, and the crossbow arrow was stuck in the upper right corner, almost missing the target.

A distance of only a dozen meters had produced such a deviation.

Not to mention the accuracy of 50 meters and 100 meters.

From accuracy to power, ballistics, the feel of the shot, and how to wind it, Su Mo slowly fired and tried.

Crossbow arrows were not consumables. One crossbow arrow could be reused five times or more.

The crossbow arrow only deformed slightly after shooting it multiple times.

Moreover, five crossbow arrows only needed two units of wood and one unit of iron, which was completely affordable.





He shot again and again, studying the angle of his hand and aiming accuracy.

Su Mo's proficiency skyrocketed.

Shooting ranges on earth was so luxurious that you need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to train for one day, but you could squander during doomsday.

With each shot, Su Mo tried not to be fast or hard but precise.

After thinking about it twenty or thirty times, Su Mo turned his attention to the strenuous task of winding again.

Crossbow winding had always been a big problem.

Not to mention the composite fast winding crossbow in his hand.

Since the earliest crossbows with stirrup-type winders, all crossbow enthusiasts had been on the journey to figure out an easier winding method.

Later, there were hand-operated gear-type and pulley-type special winders.

Winding was getting more and more efficient!

After winding thirty or forty times in a row, Su Mo felt a tingling in his arm and found out his current speed limit.

He could finish winding and aiming in less than a minute for the first three arrows.

After that, each arrow took a respective half a minute to a minute of preparation.

After ten arrows, each arrow took at least a minute and a half to complete the series of movements.

"If only I could modify it to an electrical winder, then it'll be easy..."

Su Mo was excited at the thought of the powerful upgrade in the Doomsday Survival System.

He focused and summoned the system as he looked at the crossbow.

[Hunting Composite Crossbow (Regular)]

Description: A long-range combat tool, slow to reload, high initial velocity, has considerable lethality, a necessary tool for survival in the wilderness.

Firing rate: 140 m/s

Firing range: 80m (Maximum damage) 165m (Effective damage) 330m (Furthest damage)

First upgrade option: Upgrade crossbow materials, increase crossbow weight, and reduce the winding pressure. Survival points required (180).

Second upgrade option: Upgrade crossbow materials, add an electric winding device, change the design mode, add an automatic shooting combo mode, and increase ammunition capacity. Survival points required (400).

Introduction: Liberal arts students use Cupid's arrow to shoot for the girl's heart. Only science students will confess with the powerful crossbow! Praise the machinery!

"Holy shit..."

With the lack of culture, you could use holy shit for anything.

Su Mo was a little shocked and excited as he looked at the second property in front of him.

Before this, the option to add an electric device had also come up when he was upgrading the wooden spear.

However, the wooden spear's electric device was nothing like the crossbow's.

With the addition of the electric device, the crossbow revolutionized the way it fired. Not only could it fire continuously but also wind electrically.

Su Mo had the ability to shoot like a Gatling gun with the crossbow as long as he had enough crossbow arrows.

This upgrade only cost 400 points!

At the rate he was going, he would be able to come up with that figure if he could survive for about ten more days.

When that happened, his combat abilities would skyrocket.

"Unfortunately, I'll still need electricity. As long as we can't develop electricity or find a device to convert electricity, this thing is just useless."

He let out a long sigh.

Once again, Su Moment felt the importance of restoring electricity.

The greatest reason for the sudden and rapid progress of science and technology in the civilized age was the invention of electricity.

Electricity made every ordinary people experience the charm of technology thoroughly.

However, with no electricity in the meantime...

Seeing Su Mo deep in thought, Oreo came running over and shook its head as if saying it could handle any problem!

"Oreo, I order you to generate electricity for me right now. It's a task from your master!"

Su Mo laughed, beckoned Oreo over, and rubbed the dog's head as he held it in his arms.

Poor Oreo had no idea know what electricity was. However, its eyes sparkled with wisdom when he heard it was a task from its master.

From an angle that Su Mo could not see, Oreo seemed to be thinking about something.

When Su Mo turned his head around to look over, Oreo's slightly clear eyes were cloudy again.


[No mutant beast presence detected within a thousand-meter radius of the player.]

[Today's count 0/3]

After using up his last chance of the day and detecting no mutant beasts in the vicinity, Su Mo walked out with a torch.

Tomorrow was the day of the acid rain disaster.

He needed to make a final check to see if the drainage system was blocked by sand from the plain.

"It has to be 100% safe!"

Asking Oreo to stay alert, Su Mo rubbed out three torches and stuck them in the ground.

The moonlight, which had been silvery-white, had become eerily red as disaster loomed.

The red light scattered on the ground and mingled with the firelight. There was something strangely beautiful about it.

In just half a day, it was almost thinly covered with sand from the plain.

Taking out his shovel, Su Mo began to clean the waterway.

Once he finished with everything and made sure it was dredged, he returned to the shelter.

Through the firelight, he looked at the solid stone main door and the polished stone wall and floor as he lay in bed.

On the last night before the disaster, Su Mo covered himself with his blanket, and his breathing slowed down gradually.

Su Mo had sufficient confidence to face the impending disaster.

However, in the middle of the night, where it had begun to cool down.

Countless people were running around with torches, desperately taking measures to resist the disaster at the last minute.

Only a few people sat in the shelter with complicated expressions, waiting for the disaster to come.

There was a strong sense of crisis. Other than Su Mo.

No one could sleep tonight...

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