29 Annihilate! I Just Want To Live

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A flash of light flashed across the game panel. Su Mo went to the game chat panel and clicked on the disaster resistance live feed.

At this point, a feed unlike any other broadcast rooms' feeds appeared in the first place.

A few flickering sparks could be seen in the image.

Meanwhile, the foreign live broadcast room, which had been ranked tenth, was squeezed out.

A live broadcast room labeled "Hua" topped the page.

The live broadcast room scored more than three times better in disaster resistance than Zeus Shelter, ranked second.

Instead of paying attention to these details, Su Mo quickly clicked on the live feeds, randomly changing the title to Carrying Out God's Will, and began using the right as an anchor to watch the video below.

The five sparks were extremely obvious in the night.

Su Moment instantly knew where the five people were.

"Okay, okay, okay. You're all waiting to die at the ventilation duct, aren't you?"

Su Mo laughed with anger and went to the hole beside the bed as he observed from the live broadcast room.

He focused, and the properties of the hole were displayed.


Description: Incomplete passageway

Upgrade option: Escapeway

Sections: Expansion (5), access (60), material (40), strength (200), door (40)

Introduction: A cunning rabbit has three burrows!

"I choose expansion and access."

With that said, the survival points dropped by 65 points, and a green light emerged from Su Mo's body.

What had been a rough opening began to change dramatically.

Under the system's force, the originally waist-high hole gradually melted to a height high enough for an adult to stoop through.

The surface of the hole began to smoothen, and the cut surface of the stone wall became a complete circle.

The soil along the entrance to the inside seemed to melt, disappearing quickly.

Seconds later, the green light returned, signifying the completion of the transformation.

With his head down, Su Mo tentatively walked in.

There were no steps, but the soil inside the escapeway was hard after compression, and the ramp was flat. Soon Su Mo came to an end.

There was a simple wooden plank at the end, which Su Mo managed to push open with little effort.

Looking around, Su Mo found the location of the wooden plank on the live feed.

It was right in front of the acid rain lake.

If you had no idea of the hole and without careful observation, you would never have found it.

He pushed the wooden door open and stepped out of the shelter.

Crackling acid rain dripped down the raincoat and crossbow, giving the crossbow arrow's arrowhead a "murderous" tinge.

He crouched on the ground and walked forward carefully.

Looking at the bright spots on the screen while looking at the road ahead.

Su Mo walked cautiously.

Wearing a raincoat with a black back, he looked like Death holding a death sickle in a dark and rainy night, making people shudder.

One step.

Two steps.

Gradually, not only did he see the sparks in the live broadcast, but Su Mo also saw a sparkle in the fire spark in front of his eyes.

"They wore glasses?"

In the dark, Su Mo saw the face in the firelight.

Without saying a word, Su Mo started to move to the left.

The first blow was the most lethal. He wanted to make sure he could hit the man who seemed to have the strongest combat abilities of the five.

He looked around, and a second fire spark appeared.

"Scarred face, thick neck, seems arrogant..."

The best way to judge a man's combat abilities was to look at his neck and arms.

People with thick necks were either trained martial artists or strong. These people were much more difficult to deal with than the average person.

"You're the one..."

Su Mo's eyes glowed even colder when he heard the scarred man scolding.

He got down on the ground and placed the crossbow carefully on the ground. He aimed at Scarface and pulled the crossbow trigger gently.



Su Mo had no time to savor the wonderful sound as a cold sound exploded in the rain.

He saw the scarred face man in the distance covered his chest and stumbled down on the ground.

Su Mo saw the crossbow arrow in the middle of the scarred face man's chest by the light of the fallen, dying torch.

It was a crossbow arrow with acid rain!

Even a hit in the chest was enough to kill!


Screaming rang from a distance. Because of the environment, it sounded unusually beautiful on a rainy night.

On the live feed, four flames flurried up immediately.

However, the movements of all four were very uniform.

No one chose to save the scarred face man but went into hiding. One even wisely extinguished his torch instantly and hid in the dark. 

"You're smart. I think I'm going to get rid of you next."

It was the man with glasses who put out the torch.

Instantly, the man with glasses rolled over and threw his torch near his teammates to divert attention.

Unfortunately, the red cloth on his back was so eye-catching on the live broadcast!

Without saying a word, Su Mo started winding the crossbow on the ground with both hands.

With the strong raincoat on him, he need not worry about raindrops dropping on his body. The four people opposite him kept holding their umbrellas and crouching in place, making themselves the perfect target.

Fifteen seconds later, Su Mo finished loading the second crossbow arrow and slowly moved on the ground.

The man with glasses' hiding spot, which he thought was a good one, slowly came into view as Su Mo moved.

'Put the crossbow in position.'



Another black crossbow arrow shot the man in glasses under his neck.

The tremendous impact instantly shot the man with glasses to the ground.

A flash of lightning flashed across, and he caught a fleeting glance.

When the man with glasses saw where Su Moment was lying on his stomach, he looked like he had seen a ghost and wanted to get up and speak loudly.

Unfortunately, the steady trickle of black blood from his neck kept his words stuck in his throat.

In three to five seconds, the man with glasses was declared dead.

All five torches had gone out now, and it was difficult to tell where they were.

Lying on the ground, Su Mo was winding his crossbow while taking advantage of the host's right to move the viewpoint and zoom in on the others.


Beneath the mask, the corners of Su Mo's lips twitched into a smile.

'Maybe I understand why some people play shooting games with full perspective now.'

Su Mo's tension about killing two bandits in a row was relieved by a slightly comical thought.

30 seconds later, he was done winding.

He shifted his position, looked for a target, aimed, and fired.

There was another flash of cold light and Pockmarked-face was shot with an arrow in his posterior kidney. The tremendous kinetic energy penetrated his stomach and stabbed right straight into his belly.

The pain was so great that Pockmarked-face got up and shouted.

"Don't kill me! Don't kill me! I don't want to die! Kill Huang Biao! He killed seven people! I didn't kill anyone. He made me do it. I think..."

On a rainy night, Pockmarked-face ran and fell limp on the hill.

The acid rain that accompanied the arrowhead and arrow shaft ate through the human body's fragile innards almost instantly, killing right away.

The other two heard Sun Mazi shouting and figured out they were only waiting for their death if they stayed where they were, so they got up and ran.

In the night, two figured headed in opposite north and south directions.

As luck would have it, while Su Mo was winding the crossbow, a sneaky-looking man ran in his direction.

The man ran in a panic, unaware of Su Mo, who was not far away.

It was only after Su Mo had raised the crossbow that the man realized and wanted to shout.


The words stuck in his throat, and he fell limply.


Seeing the fast-moving figure on the live feed, Su Mo got up without looking at the man and ran after him while winding the crossbow with both hands.

"This should be the Huang Biao they said. He really is vicious. He has such a way with escaping."

Huang Biao was not familiar with the nearby terrain. While he was running, one foot was deep, and the other foot was shallow, but he was fast!

Thanks to the familiarity with the terrain and the reference of the live feed, Su Mo was quick too.

One chased while the other fled. Su Mo, who was at the back, immediately caught up with him and pursued him to about 50 meters.

He aimed with his crossbow as he trotted.

The figure of a black arrow flashed. The crossbow arrow failed to hit Huang Biao, who was moving at high speed. Instead, he hit the pole of the umbrella by mistake, breaking it in two.

Su Mo quickly got down on all fours at that. He took all five crossbow arrows out of the inventory and began to press them into the crossbow, preparing to wind it.

Huang Biao's umbrella broke when he was still running. He had no choice but to return and pick up the umbrella. He shouted repeatedly.

"Kind man. Kind man. Don't believe Sun Mazi. I'm a good man. I didn't kill anyone. He did it and planted the blame on me."

"Let me go. Please. Since we're all earthlings, spare my darn life."

A flash of lightning flashed across, and Huang Biao saw Su Mo lying on the ground winding the crossbow, and a cold sweat broke out in his heart.

Only now did he see the weapon that had repeatedly taken the lives of four people.

With this weapon, he saw no need to escape.

"I'll leave all my supplies behind. I know... I know a place—a ruin full of supplies, and I know where there are people. I'll tell you all about it. Let me go. Let me go. I'll tell you all about it."

Huang Biao raised his hands high and shouted repeatedly with his mouth, seemingly wanting to surrender.

However, Su Mo, lying on the ground, was aware of the little steps he took from the live feed.

He was constantly moving forward and getting closer!

"Did you say ruins? What ruins? Where is it?"

When he heard Su Mo speak, Huang Biao, who was still moving, did not change his pace. A trace of happiness appeared on his face.

"It's not far away. Only a few kilometers. I found it underground. There are a lot of good things in it, but we couldn't open it, so we have no choice but to wander."

"But I know you can. Your base is so big and so good! You're so handsome and so powerful. I'm sure it's nothing to you."

While speaking, Huang Biao calmly moved about 20 meters and came to the place 30 meters away from Su Mo.

It was a distance a normal adult would take about three to five seconds to run.

Huang Biao was no exception.

After moving forward five or six meters, Huang Biao's voice rose.

"The ruins have a lot of good stuff... and... your head!"

After finishing the word "head", a mace appeared in Huang Biao's hand. On a rainy night, he directly threw away his umbrella and ran as fast as he could, regardless of the damage of the rain.

Twenty meters.

Ten meters.

A flash of blinding lightning flashed across. He could see Su Mo's face under the mask at this distance.

However, Huang Biao, who had seen Su Mo's face, turned grim instead!

The next moment, a crossbow arrow stabbed in the middle of his stomach.

"Are you... Su Mo?"

Holding his stomach, Huang Biao knelt on the ground feebly, trembling as he spoke.

"Do you know me?"

Su Mo asked coldly as he pulled away and wound the crossbow.

Unfortunately, Huang Biao failed to finish speaking. Another lightning flashed across, and Su Mo saw Huang Biao's expression.

It was a look of...

Incredulity mixed with regret.

Under the night sky, five villainous bandits had fallen forever near the shelter.

Blood is the only evidence they left behind to prove their existence.

"I just want to live. If you don't want me to let me live, I can only ask you to die!"

Putting away his crossbow, he looked at Huang Biao, who was still struggling on the ground. Su Mo turned around ruthlessly and went back to check the last hit. He was not after the secret of the so-called "ruins" Huang Biao mentioned.

The rain was still falling, slowly taking away the traces of the encounter...

The encounter only took three to five minutes, and the billions of players who watched the entire live broadcast in the live broadcast room were...

Blown away!

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