My Plot Armor System

#Level Up #Death Rewind #Game-Like #World Hopping #Temporary Possession #Infinity Novel - This is not a story about a person with a lot of Plot Armor but about a workaround for how it works - In a world where strange monster-spitting Gates had already appeared, only those who awakened Special Abilities are lucky enough to achieve their dreams. As for the powerless Damian, he could only glimpse at that fantasy by playing an old adventure game. However, when he unknowingly completes the final level, things suddenly take a strange turn… [ All-Level CLEAR had been perfectly achieved. Plot Armor System has been initiated! ] ‘Is it finally my turn to have an OP fantasy life?’ [ From this point on, you shall become the Plot Armor of the hopeless within the infinite worlds. ] ‘Eh?’ Without any questions answered, Damian finds himself thrown into an otherworldly Labyrinth, in another body! Fortunately, his task was loud and clear, he had to survive! 'Bring it on!' Thus began Damian’s journey around the multiverse and back, repeating thousands of lives and deaths as he possessed countless Chosen Ones, propelling them into the path of success by playing what seemed to be the game’s reality patch. All for the sake of one thing... Obtaining their powers and achieving his very own perfect fantasy! ~~~-~~~ Disclaimer: This is purely a work of fiction and its events are completely made up. ~~~-~~~ - Check my other novels: = Only I Am A Reader = Omni-Mastery - Discord: https://discord.gg/E7kYDhB (Title was supposed to be just Plot Armor System, but it's already taken so yeah. Alternative title= Title: Plot Armor ;)

LightningAsura · Fantasy
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177 Chs

Splitting Up, First Encounter

"Alright. Since no one wants to back down, let's split up."

After walking forward for about 10 minutes, the group was met with an actual crossroad aside from the crossroad of choices, the straight path split up in two directions.

'That's one difference.'

Although the Labyrinth did start branching during the final push, the entirety of the first floor consisted of a single straight path.

Ironically enough, by giving them the chance to choose a path, this place was even more deserving of the Labyrinth's name.

"You three will take the first four and go right, I will take the rest."

Of course, while the crossroad was a mystery for Damian and the others, this Incomplete Gate was something that had been already explored by the Hunter Association.