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First and foremost, let's start off by saying there's many novel things about this...novel. It is a pirate story—something I have never come across in my many days of scrolling through Webnovel. On top of that, it's clear that the author is experienced in storytelling, and that is not only visible from the impeccable grammar and prose, but also from the way the story itself is weaved. Rarely do I ever come across a writer with such abundant(and visible) knowledge in the craft, and hence, consequently met one too many inexperienced writers on the platform. This is a breath of fresh air I did not expect when clicking to read a novel with such a small reader base. I hope the author keeps up the regular chapter releases–as is always the case–and stay true to the compass as she navigates the seas to get to the booty! Highly recommended!

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Hello, this is the newest creation of my mind and my favorite one. I think it has a nice mixture of excitement, wish fulfillment and originality, but this is by no means a judgment towards those who hold different opinions. I just love pirates okay???


I must say I'm impressed author. No grammatical errors and I love how the character are built. Their attitudes and skills. Feels to me, I'm watching a pirate movie. I have always been into pirate moves but this is the first transmigration novel I have ever read and I must say, I like it. It's nice and I like the flow. I'm still reading tho. Everything is nice and in accordance but I'm not much into magic or occult stuff but I will make an exception to this lol. fighting author💪💪💪[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


For just two chapters, the Novel is pretty good so far. However, if I were to critique it: The backstory for revenge is very, very little. Sure, Roy was a bully to seb, but for what? We need Roy's backstory. Rn he is just a 1d character that's just there for the plot. Why does he hate seb to such an extent for Seb to want to kill him? this is the biggest plot hole so far. other than this, everything is fine apart from repetitive grammar here and there. Good job, and keep continuing on!


Disappointing, i thought it would be as good as the title was but sadly, its boring, plain and the plot seems so lacking that i cant look forward to what it will give, MC is totally braindead too. talking scene and usage of words is so out of place with lot of random info dumps.


The writing quality and the grammar are superb. At the very least, readers will not have to sacrifice their brain cells to read this remarkable novel. As of now, the author has been publishing regularly, which is a big plus. This is the first time I'm reading a pirate-based novel and I must say I was hooked from just reading the first 2 chapters. Keep up the good work, author. I'm excited to see how Bastian and his all-female crew mates conquer the seas!


Two chapters in. Still a bit early to give a proper review but I like the story so far. The writing quality is good. I feel pity for sebastian. I hope he gets his revenge for the abuse he went through. Will give another review in a few days as the story progresses. Can't wait for more chapters.


Two chapters but you could feel it's intensity and the Darkness surrounding it, so far I can say the word building is good.. Let's see how it progresses


Reveal spoiler


Its too early to decide where this is going. But 5/5 stars. My Pirate Wives already is quite dark and portrays bullying and violence. It is clear that the main character, Sebastian, has been through a lot of abuse in his life, especially at the hands of his brother. The characters seemed to be well prepped for the story, it is well written and engaging. I am assuming this is a revenge story and I hope that you show both worlds later on, add a nice twist of events. Good luck, I will be a future reader! Justice for Sebastian! 🍻


Still a bit early to predict where the direction of the plot is going, but I really like how you write :D. The details extremely helped in imagining what scenario took place, and that's not easy to write. Great job!


I've been reading passively, but really, I don't have anything bad to say. I enjoy pirating books, and my guy has a whole crew of women, so guess you can't go wrong there 🫡 God speed Bast!


pretty good, but lacks coherency and it feels all over the place, it's like a dream. everything just jumps around from one thing to another


Honselty it was a good read I haven’t much pirate stories so this was new for me. However sone things I would like the author to do going forward is to shed some light on his wives I mean add some chapters for each of them only where they bond with seb. In my opion you can do this by adding some POV switches which would flesh them out more in my opinion. Also I hope to see them exploring the world more. Anyway it was a great read and the novel had potential. Give it a try.


this is by far the best book by this author that i have read. the book has a good mix of humor and plot and the mc is sympathetic w human traits that make him seem like an actual person you could know irl


Wait it’s over at 84 chapters? That is crazy short!