Prologue: The perfect protagonist

These were the most powerful and influential people in the world, yet as he approached them, he only had one thought. 'In my eyes, you're all nothing...'

It was an extravagant hall, with men and women in lavish formal wear socializing, when the butler at the entrance glanced at the dark-haired man stepping inside, and made an announcement to the guests. "Sir. Roman Antonov!"

At the mere mention of this name, the chatter in the party died down, as everyone turned towards the entrant, revealing gazes of curiosity, desire, and fear... 

In a black tuxedo, his imposing tall handsome presence loomed over the room, as everyone whispered amongst each other.

"It's him! The famous billionaire in the flesh! I only just saw him on the cover of Forbes. What's he doing here? Wasn't his company listed on the Dow Jones yesterday?"

"Yes, quite remarkable. I read he came from poverty only a few years ago. Just how did he accomplish it?"

"Is that the famous playboy? I heard he bought a 400-foot yacht he fills with supermodels every weekend. They say his estate is a real-life harem!"

"What I can't comprehend is how he finds time for so many things. I was there when he won the US Open this year. He's the best pro tennis player I've ever seen!"

Even a couple of posh, sweet-looking elderly women in the corner couldn't help discussing the legends of this notorious figure. "Hmm…there are rumors he's involved with some unsavory elements as well…high stakes gambling, mafia, weapons dealing… I've heard whispers of another matter too, but remember—you didn't hear any of this from me."

"What?" the listener replied.

"I've heard he's got a big d*ck."

"Gasp… Harriet, stop it!"

Roman had already grown accustomed to people gazing at him in amazement long ago. In fact, he was renowned for his cool head and even colder heart. Despite that, there was a sheen of sweat on his forehead as he scanned around the room for someone.

A moment later, when he spotted a conspicuous brown-haired beauty holding a glass of champagne under the chandelier, surrounded by aristocrats fawning over her, he narrowed his eyes, because he'd found her... 

This woman was most uncommon: gorgeous, elegant, and with one outstanding difference from all others in the hall—she wore a tiara.

Gulping, Roman approached her, as he put on his confident smile; the one that had proved irresistible to hundreds of the most beautiful women in the world...

A few seconds later, as she was chatting with a French diplomat, a familiar voice came from her side: "Princess…it's been so long."

Hearing this deep charming tone, she recognized who it was in an instant, and did her best to stifle the quiver spreading throughout her body... A trace of dangerous desire flashed in her eyes though, before she restrained it with her strength of mind developed through decades of being in the public eye. Having regained composure, she turned to him. "Mr. Antonov, what a delight it is to see you again."

With a self-assured expression, Roman stared into her eyes. "The pleasure is all mine..." Then, he took her white-gloved hand in his, and bowed as he brought it to his lips, holding it a moment longer than customary as he locked gazes with her.

At his touch, her heart quaked...but the princess maintained her composure, despite her breathing becoming a touch heavier...

From then on, Roman launched into conversation, his charisma overpowering everyone nearby, helping him gain a monopoly on the beauty's attention. One by one, everyone but him and her stepped away. Their instincts gave them a clear signal--they were no longer welcome here.

Soon, chatting turned into subtle flirting, and not long after that, scandalous whispers… 

The princess' eyes glanced around with anxiety, as her mannerisms and occasional touches began to skirt on the line of what was appropriate...

Roman smirked, because this was what he wanted to see. He'd been attempting to seduce this beautiful princess for a while now, but there were two big roadblocks standing in his way: the unwritten laws of high society, and the fact that she was married… 

Plus, for one reason or another, unlucky circumstances kept befalling him when he tried to advance with her, delaying his pursuit.

Today though, as the sweat continued to accumulate on his face, he swore to himself he would conquer her. 'This is it. I only need to get her alone.' Roman already pre-arranged everything: paying off the staff of the event, accomplices in the background, and even every line that left his mouth. There was only one step remaining: to take her to the back of this hall to the chosen private room, and make love to her at last...

Giggling and blushing, the princess' expression couldn't hide her lust...letting him know the moment arrived. 'She's ready!' 

However, as he was about to say the final line, a commotion ensued!

*Tap* *Tap* *Tap* *Tap* 

Out of nowhere, a butler sprinted through the crowd, panting as he came over to the princess and whispered something into her ear, and as the words reached her, she turned pale! 

Her breathing became a mess as she lost all traces of her royal composure! With shaky lips, she only managed to say a few words to Roman. "I-I'm sorry...I have to go! The Queen! M-my mother had an accident!" Then, she rushed out of the ballroom!

Frozen in disbelief, he watched as she ran out of the party. A few seconds later though, when Roman recovered from the shock, sweat poured down his face! He charged out after her with a frenzied expression!

When he reached outside though, scanning the surroundings under the moonlight, he saw what he feared most--her pretty face through the window of a helicopter! As the rotor blades spun and it began to lift off!

His eyes gleamed and without hesitation, he sprinted towards the chopper! Moving at an insane pace! Almost inhuman!

Observing this, the security outside the helicopter became startled! They moved to bar his way in front! Yet they couldn't stop him at all! He pushed each one to the side with ease! Sending them flying several feet!

Looking back at his target, Roman prepared to do anything it took!

However, the helicopter…was already in the air, climbing high up above him...

"NOOOOO!!!" As it flew into the distance, Roman's face lost all color, his arms going limp as he dropped to his knees... 

"It can't end like this... It can't end like this..." he mumbled and over.

Everyone nearby stared, confused by his strange behavior.

"What's the matter with him?"

"Has he gone insane from wealth?"

"No, I understand his pain. I've made the same mistake—that caviar was rubbish."


A short while later...Roman stood up in a daze, staggering off alone into the nearby trees, as onlookers gazed on in doubt. 


Half an hour later, Roman had wandered to the edge of a majestic lake. 

Gazing down at his own reflection, he barely recognized himself; so different from only a few years ago…

"It can't end like this. I've worked so hard...Changed so much..." His breaths became ragged as he gnashed his teeth with such force, he could taste blood...

"I did everything you asked! I've come so far! You can't do this to me now!"

Staring into the water, his eyes filled with unwillingness, and hatred, as they turned bloodshot, and then--crimson red...

Shaking, he looked up at the moon, and howled!

All of a sudden, his muscles began to bulge! His pristine tailored Savile Row tuxedo started to tear! Hair grew on his face and body, soon covering it! His skeletal structure morphed as his head extended outwards! His height and bulk grew! He ripped out of his suit! Leaving not a man, but a monster! A humanoid beast! A savage creature! A werewolf!


Yet no matter how much he changed, one thing didn't—his fury! Glancing down at his raging reflection, Roman roared! Roaring at his failure! Roaring at the world! Roaring at his fate! In desperation, he punched down into the lake!


It wasn't a splash but an explosion! Water shot up dozens of feet into the sky! Nearby animals ran in terror!

You could even see the bottom of the lake! He'd split the water in two!

However, regardless of how much he bellowed, and growled, and raged, the screen in front of him, the one only he could see, never stopped counting down.

[Death Challenge: Royal Spreading - Seduce a married woman who is a nation's royal of at least princess-tier]

[Time remaining: 00:00:03]

[Time remaining: 00:00:02]

[Time remaining: 00:00:01]

With his clawed finger pointing to the sky, the infamous billionaire roared upwards, until...all his noise suddenly stopped, as he froze like a statue, viewing the last message he'd ever receive in his life.

[Time remaining: 00:00:00]

As his mind faded, there was only one last thought, a final glimmer of hope before potential oblivion. 'Maybe…I can reincarna—'

[Death Challenge failed]

[Punishment: Annihilation]

[Commencing punishment]

The next moment, from top to bottom, Roman's body...disintegrated into ashes...scattering into the wind over the once again tranquil lake...

[Punishment completed: Host's body…and soul destroyed]


No reincarnation for him. Just ashes…

Maybe a passing turtle or some crabs...

Regardless...there was only one thing remaining of him in this place--the screen, the one that no one could see anymore...and even that, would merely last a few moments.

[Detecting lack of a host]

[Previous host data stored for review. Searching for next host. Sigh...]

A few minutes later, a man and woman wearing black cloaks walked out of the shadows of the forest area, stopping at the place where Roman died. If one could describe their facial features, they'd only give one word--perfect.

They were the peak of beauty.

Gazing at the lake, the man spoke. "It's over."

The woman nodded. "Another system user wiped...Well done." She bent down and pushed her index finger into the sand, picking up a tiny inconspicuous piece of ash, which was now, just another piece of sand...

She stared at it for a while...before standing up, and rubbing her hands together to clean them off. "Call our people holding the family of that chef from the Queen's staff. Tell them to follow procedure."

However, out of her expectation, the man's face became grim. "I'm afraid I can't obey that command, my lady." 

Hearing that, she froze for a moment, as she prepared herself...for combat. "Oh…why not?" Turning to face him, her expression grew icy. 'Is he going to rebel?'

The man stared at her, as tension filled the air like the clashing of blades. He hadn't planned for it to come to this, but now, there was no other choice but to make his declaration. His eyes narrowed. "I'm out..."

'Does he really think he can quit?' At these words, the woman's bloodlust became almost tangible. It was time...for one of them to die.

"Of minutes on my phone..." 


 With his serious expression, he clarified. "I need a order murders."


Her Samsung bounced off his forehead.


*Author's Note: This prologue happens right before chapter 1. I will add a couple of lines to that chapter to make it clear there but I'm mentioning it here now for anyone who's read ahead already. There are few comments on this prologue because I added it later on. So let me know what you think and help fill it up!

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