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Read ‘MY PHYSIC LOVER WANTS ME BACK!’ Online for Free, written by the author Kim_Chae_RI, This book is a Teen Novel, covering ROMANCE Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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"Why bother throwing the man in the sea when you can just burn him and bury him deep into the forest?" Nic asked as he stood behind a man who was in front of a lot of computer screens. "What are you talking about?" The man didn't even look away from his computers when he asked indifferently. Nic draped his arms on the backrest of the sofa. He crossed his leg over the other and said, "I wouldn't be surprised if Meg would one day come here skipping happily to arrest you," He was looking at the screens in front of him until his eyes landed on the screen that shows the very woman he just mentioned. "She would definitely be happy to arrest me but she won't," Before Nic could ask why he was so confident, Timothy turned around to face him without standing up and asked, "What do you want?" Nic didn't even hesitate and straightforwardly said, "We want in," Timothy's eyes darken. "We?" He asked. "Me and Mason," Nic replied. "No," Timothy instantly answered and then turned his back on Nic to continue doing whatever it is that he was doing. "Why do you want to do this?" "I know that you are doing this because of what happened to your mother in the past and I believe in your purpose. We want to seek justice in our own way," Nic said. "This is unlawful," Timothy just said. "Since when did we abide by the law? Have you forgotten that we have our own rules, our own laws? Heck, we even have our own punishment and prison cells. You of all people should know that because you have been taking advantage of it since you were ten," Nic said. ********************************************** Nic, Mason, Daxon, and Matthew grew up together. Since their parents were friends, it was understandable that they grew up as friends as well. In fact, they always joked that they were friends before they were born. They care for each other. They look out for each other. They would kill for each other. Their bond was so deep that they always have each other's back. To the point that they would support and keep each others crimes. They were rich, smart, and powerful. Not to mention they were all good-looking young men. Everyone knows that. But not everyone knows the crimes that they were hiding. No know would know...no one should know. Except for their women. But the problem is...how are they going to tell their women that they are vigilantes who torture and kill criminals without making them run for the hills? Because if there is only one thing they fear...that is losing their women.

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