33 One Hit, 800 Damage, An Unbelievable Attack Power!

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Under everyone's gaze, Mike launched an attack.

It looked ordinary, showed no might, and even made people feel as if it was weak and powerless.

This was a normal attack!

However, the number above Sky Splitting Sword's head made everyone's eyes widen.

[-800] !!! 

Sky Splitting Sword was cut into two halves on the spot, and he turned into a ray of white light and disappeared.

Instant kill!!!

At this moment, the entire Arena was dead silent.

Everyone's faces were filled with shock.

'What's going on? What happened?'

'Did God Slayer use some powerful skill?'

'How did he deal 800 damage with a single strike?'

'That was 800 damage!!!'

Everyone was looking at Mike.

Mike, on the other hand, was smiling as he looked down the stage.

A white light flashed, and Sky Splitting Sword was teleported to the side of the stage.

If he died in the Arena, he would immediately revive by the stage without any losses.

However, Sky Splitting Sword had an extremely foul expression at this moment.

Because he did not die without any losses. He had made a 10,000 federation coins bet with God Slayer!

This was the scholarship that he had just received today. He had not spent a single cent, yet he had already lost all of it in an instant!

He simply could not understand how God Slayer could deal 800 damage.

It was simply impossible!

Looking at the complicated expression on Sky Splitting Sword's face, Mike maintained his smile.

Others might not know, but he knew it very well.

800 damage was not strange at all. His skills proved it all.

[Longsword mastery (god-level passive enhancement). Skillfully use longsword-type weapons and increase the damage of longswords by 100%.]

[Second-hand mastery (god-level passive enhancement). The extra hand could wear a weapon and have a 200% damage.]

No one noticed that Mike was holding a sword with his left hand.

This was not obvious because some people in the world were left-handed.

Since their dominant hand was their left hand, so it was normal for them to hold a weapon with their left hand.

However, Mike's dominant hand was his right hand, and his extra hand was his left hand.

Under the buff of the Second-hand mastery, the damage dealt by Mike's left hand was doubled!

In addition to that, with the buff from Longsword mastery, the damage was doubled again!


In other words, the damage dealt by Mike was originally 200, but after it quadrupled, it became 800!

Of course, even if it was not quadrupled, a 200 damage was already very high. After all, the weapon in Mike's hand was an outstanding quality purple weapon!

Could this level of damage be dealt by a level 15 player?

No one could do it...

Except for Mike!


Looking at the stunned Sky Splitting Sword, Mike jumped off the stage and asked,

"The 10,000 federation coins you lost to me. When are you going to pay me?"

Hearing this, Sky Splitting Sword panicked.

He was not from a rich family.

These 10,000 federation coins were a huge sum of money for him and his family!

What should he do? Should he really give it to Mike?

Sky Splitting Sword's heart was conflicted. In the end, he made a decision...

He immediately went offline!

When Sky Splitting Sword suddenly disappeared in front of everyone, the entire Arena was in an uproar.

Sky Splitting Sword actually publicly went back on his word!!!

One had to know if word were to spread out, Sky Splitting Sword would be blacklisted by everyone.

Neither would anyone willingly team up nor trade with Sky Splitting Sword again.

This was equivalent to ruining his future Second World career.

He would be looked down by everyone!

However, he just had to do it.

It was normal for an 18-year-old kid to not think so much.

Mike whistled and left the arena.

This was just a small matter to him. He had expected this outcome.

If Sky Splitting Sword really paid, Mike would think highly of him.

However, if Sky Splitting Sword reneged on his bet, Mike would not say anything.

10,000 federation coins were not worth mentioning to the current Mike. It was just a small number.

The audience was surprised to see that God Slayer had left so calmly.

'10,000 federation coins had been reneged on, but God Slayer isn't angry at all?

'He didn't even scold him???

'He whistled and left just like that?'

A normal person would have scolded him a few times and then post on the forum to expose Sky Splitting Sword for not keeping his word and cause his reputation to be tarnished, right?

However, Mike did not seem to care.

This was completely incomprehensible.

One had to know that 10,000 federation coins were enough to cover the living expenses of a family of three for one year!

Instantly, many people started to make guesses.

This God Slayer had to be a rich tycoon from a rich family!

He was strong and his innate skill was at least an A-grade. Moreover, he was a rich person.

The range had been narrowed down and many people made guesses regarding God Slayer's true identity.

Some people even went on the forum to post.

However, they would have never thought that.

God Slayer was just a poor student who had a D-grade talent in school!

At this time, the person in question, Mike, had already left the Arena.

He wanted to try his luck at the dyeing workshop.

Perhaps he could enter this time?

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