12 Learning the Passive Skill, Rebound!

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After leaving the village, Mike continued following the instructions of the treasure map to look for the heirloom.

[Walk 100 yards to the left.]

[Walk 75 yards to the right.]

[Walk 60 yards to the left.]

[It's nearby!]

Every time he reached a location, the treasure map would give Mike an order. It was rather convenient to search for the heirloom.

However, after the last order was issued, no other information was provided.

Mike looked around for a while and immediately locked onto a big tree.

It was not that there was anything strange about this big tree, but the soil under the tree was very unnatural.

No vegetation could be seen, there was only smooth soil.

That should be it.

However, Mike did not go to it directly.

The hint given to him by the village chief was still clear in his mind.

There was a wandering black bear nearby. He had to kill the black bear before he could successfully find the heirloom.

This was a fixed plot of the game, so Mike naturally knew about it.

After waiting for dozens of seconds, a huge figure appeared nearby. A wandering black bear!

It was not an exaggeration to say that it was huge.

On its four, this black bear was almost as tall as Mike.

It was about 1.8 meters tall.

If this black bear stood up... it could be described as a colossus.

However, although the wandering black bear gave people a strong sense of oppression, Mike just smiled and raised his sword!

This was only a level 2 to 3 quest.

Even if it was a blue quest, a level 5 Mike with an iron sword would definitely be able to handle it easily.

Mike quickly rushed to the front of the sluggish black bear, raised his iron sword, and slashed down!

[You have attacked the wandering black bear, causing 30 damage!]

[The wandering black bear has triggered the passive skill Rebound, you have received 3 damage!]

Seeing these two messages, Mike was slightly stunned.

It was not surprising that it only caused 20 damage. After all, the defense of the wandering black bear was definitely higher than the players.

Slashing a level 2 player could cause 50 damage. Slashing a black bear only caused 30 damage. It was very reasonable.

However, the last message was something that Mike did not expect.

He did not expect this wandering black bear to have a Rebound skill.

Mike had frequent encounters with this skill in his previous life, and it was not a common skill.

Very few low-level monsters had this skill.

Although he was a little surprised, it was not a big deal. It would not affect Mike's success in completing the quest.

[Wandering black bear has launched a claw attack on you, causing 10 damage!]

[You have attacked the wandering black bear, causing 30 damage! ]

[Wandering black bear has triggered the passive skill, Rebound, dealing 3 damage to you!]

Mike and the black bear fought back and forth, though he clearly had the advantage.

Soon, the black bear's HP was depleted.

[You have successfully killed the wandering black bear, obtaining 30 EXP.]

After receiving the final fatal blow, the wandering black bear powerlessly fell to the ground. At the same time, several items dropped from its body.

Originally, Mike still had about one-third of his HP left. After receiving this notification, Mike's body immediately emitted a golden light.

He had leveled up!

'Too easy.'

Mike whistled. He became more and more fond of the iron sword in his hand.

Although this was just an ordinary weapon, to the current Mike, it was just like a godly weapon.

Too powerful!

After putting away the iron sword, Mike glanced at the few items on the ground and a happy expression was revealed.

He saw a book among the piles of copper coins on the ground!

The meaning of a book in a game was self-evident.

It was either a tool to trigger a special mission or a skill book!

Plus, the shape of this book was obviously a skill book!

Mike decisively picked up the skill book.

Before he even collected the copper coins, he eagerly opened his backpack.

He wanted to know what kind of skill book this was.

[Rebound (passive skill): rebounds 10% damage when attacked.]

Seeing this skill, Mike whistled again.

In other's perspective, this skill could only be considered average.

However, in Mike's hands, it was a very useful godly skill!

Because Mike had an SSS-grade talent skill, God-level Passive Enhancement!

Without any hesitation, Mike immediately learned this skill book.

The skill book in his backpack turned into light particles and drilled into Mike's body.

Then, an additional skill appeared in Mike's skill attributes panel.

[Rebound (god-level passive enhancement): rebounds 200% damage when attacked.]

When he saw this skill, a satisfied smile appeared on Mike's face.

Rebounds 200% damage. This skill's effect was like a bug.

If anyone attacked him and caused 10 damage, the opponent would receive 20 damage!

Mike did not even need to attack. All he needed to do was stand.

Unless the opponent's HP was more than twice that of Mike's.

Mike would not be the first to die.

He was Invincible!

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