51 38 Seconds to Clear Five Floors of the Tower of Challenges? God Slayer Shocked All the Regions!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After he heard the system notification that rang beside his ear, Strongest Left Fist widened his eyes.

He had just arrived at the fourth floor, yet God Slayer had already passed the tenth floor?

This was impossible!!!

Due to his shock, the monsters on the fourth floor consecutively attacked Strongest Left Fist several times.

In the Tower of challenges, the outcome of receiving damage was usually to be surrounded and beaten to death by the monsters. Strongest Left Fist unsurprisingly turned into white light.

After he teleported out of the Tower of Challenges, Strongest Left Fist was still immersed in the shock from before.

"No, impossible, he must be using a desperate fighting style!"

In front of the Tower of Challenges, Strongest Left Fist stood still and muttered to himself.


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