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My Own Lucifer In The Multiverse


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Hello readers, this is my first novel so I hope you like it. I'll try to see all the feedback I can from comments but I do have a daily 8 hour job so not always. I've read a ton of FanFics, and let me tell you this first, there will be NO memory wipes, main character killing, or random hardmode extra entities or anything trying to mess with the MC. Every world he goes to will be following cannon for the most part, weather he messes with anything is up to me (some gods already there might try to mess with him but that's later lol) I know people love systems but that will probably be my next FanFic because I have a few ideas for a new one but while I have this one in my head I want to write it down, but keep in mind this is really for my own entertainment. My main language is English so don't worry about grammar mistakes, I will proof read myself to make sure of that and edit as I see mistakes. If I forget something in one or more worlds please let me know and I'll try to fix it asap. Enjoy :) At least 1 chapter a day, maybe 2 if I'm feeling ambitious and probably 2-3 on weekends. I'll try to hit 2k words at the minimum as well for decently long chaps. Disclaimer: I own nothing except my own MC.


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