1 Introduction

Iris's p.o.v.

Hi my name is Iris Grey and I am 16 years old. I am from London.

I have eight brother including my twin who is five minutes older than me anyways let me introduce them to you.

First it's Blake he is 26. He's the oldest as for his profession my parents used to run an enterprises company so when he became of age he took over it.

I might say Blake is the most protective of my brothers but that would be a lie because they all are very protective and honestly I never really compared it.

A fun fact all of my can and do box so let's say that many boys have been beaten up by them.

Next is Louis he is 24 and He is personal trainer. Blake has been asking him to work with him at the company but he doesn't simply want to.

Louis has to be the most emotional of my brothers especially when it comes to me losing our parents I think hit him as hard as it to any of us.

Ohh and he looks like a well a gangster or drug dealer.

Than it's Daniel he is 22 and Is a university student.

He plans to join the company so he is studying related subjects to it like business and finance.

He is I think one of the calmest brother he is always there to listen to you if you wanna rant about stuff and he loves basketball like love basketball.

Than it's Dylan he's 20. He's a senior in my high school.

He seems pretty cold as first and to be really honest he is to everyone else but me Dylan is such a softie when it comes to me even to the rest of my brothers he's a bit closed off.

He studies law like me. He is a defender in our football team at school. And as you can see he has the bad boy vibes.

Than it's Damian he's 19. And he's a junior at the same high school as we all are.

He takes art as his specialised subject and he does theatre. He has a soft personality and is very sweet. His also has the best hugs.

He loves painting and does it often with me joining sometimes.

Than it's Isaac he's 18 and a sophomore.

He also plays in the football team but as striker. He has calm all the time like literally he remains calm in all situation.

He wants to be a doctor so he takes medical science.

Than is Sebastian he's 17 and is also a sophomore like Isaac.

He like most of my brothers plays football he plays as a midfielder. He's good with maths so he took calculus as a specialised subject and here I can't stand maths.

Sebastian is the trickster of the house always is playing pranks and fooling around but he can be also serious if he wants to he's also protective just like all my brothers but he's a lot chilled back than them.

Than it's my twin Elijah he 16 like me and is freshmen.

We haven't started our freshmen year yet but he is planning to join the football team as a defender so let's hope that goes well.

As he's my twin he's a best friend to me and we have been inseparable since birth.

He wants to join the enterprise so he is specialising in business.

And than it's me Iris I'm sixteen and like my twin and in freshmen year.

So I have three specialised subjects which are business and law. As I have more specialised subject I have a main specialised subject which is law and business is based on a smaller scale.

I want to a lawyer so does Dylan but I also want to have knowledge about business so I can help my brothers with the enterprise.

And that's all for my family's introduction my parents had died when me and Elijah were of young age so after that Blake had taken care of us like a an parent would so he's our families parent figure which we all are grateful off.


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