26 Greyish Color

Cathy POV

If only this man had nothing to do with V Collection, I would have followed my uncle instead of being here with a stranger.

I could learn new things from my uncle's conversation with his colleagues.

For some reason, lately, I felt I liked doing my job. Even though I was titled a secretary or personal assistant, I felt like a student studying under my uncle's auspices.

After all, Benjamin Paxton already has his own private secretary who has worked for the man for eight years. When it was the first day I came to work, I could not understand why my uncle hired me?

I had no experience and knew nothing about the hotel business. But Charlie, uncle's real secretary, taught me with great patience.

Not only that, neither Charlie nor Ben scolded me if I made a mistake. Instead, they encouraged me and motivated me to keep moving forward.

I would make sure I wouldn't repeat the same mistakes. You don't know how much I feel satisfied to see the two adult men looking at me proudly.

'I want you to spare your time on Saturday. I would like to bring you to come with me to a gathering.' That's what my uncle said to me a few days ago.

If possible, I would like to avoid upper-class gathering and spend my weekends with Anna and others. But I couldn't object to the request that sounded like an order from the employer to his employee.

Besides, this event was not held every Saturday, so I agreed as it would be an excellent experience.

During the whole journey to the gathering's venue, I tried to learn about the guests.

They will be some essential figures in the business field. The Bernz family, founders of the most prominent car company; the Regnz family, who owned dozens of workshops selling electronics and luxury home appliances. There are also several shareholders and investors of Star Risen hotel.

Not only that, but there is also the Paxton family, which is one of the wealthiest families in the country. Not only does it have hundreds of lands, but Paxton also has a number of estates throughout the country.

Paxton corp is engaged in property and furniture. While being my uncle's PA, I learned that most of the hotels we are managing were sponsored by Paxton and Regnz foundation.

Paxton?? Isn't my uncle's surname is Paxton, while my father's surname is West. I'm sure that uncle Ben is my father's younger brother, but why do they have different surnames?

I couldn't help but be curious about my uncle. I felt like this uncle of mine was hiding something.

Is it true that they are related by blood? If so, why are their surnames different?

Or is it possible that Benjamin is my mother's younger brother?

Well, sooner or later, I will know the truth. For now, I will see what I could do at the moment.

Cathy POV end.


Cathy was still thinking about her uncle's secrecy, even after entering the main hall. She had no interest in women who idolized her uncle or the whispers of men about her.

But when she saw a young man there, her mood changed drastically. Cathy was happy to see one of the V collection workers who came to the event. She hoped she would complete her first assignment soon.

Cathy couldn't wait to talk to the young man after being left by her uncle. But her words were stifled when she realized the sad gaze radiating into the man's two eyes.

Cathy realized she would sound aggressive if she immediately asked about V without idle talk. So she waited... waited at the right time and atmosphere.

Realizing that the young man was not interested in talking to her, Cathy had no idea what to do to start a conversation.

She did not know the man's character or preferences, so she had to be careful in speaking.

"Do you mind if we go there?"

Cathy looked towards the path the man was pointing at. Then she glanced at her uncle, who was discussing with several middle-aged men.

Because she was eager to get V collection to accept her project without Ben's help involved, Cathy agreed.

As long as she stepped her feet, her mind kept turning to find a topic of conversation that could attract the man's attention.

Unfortunately, to no avail, since she didn't have any information regarding the young man, Cathy couldn't find a suitable topic.

As soon as the door opened, Cathy felt her face was splashed with cold water, making her shocked. At the same time, her nose caught a very good fragrant.

As if she forgot whatever assignment she needed to complete, Cathy closed her eyes while enjoying the scent.

She firmly believed that this fragrant scent was produced from tens... no, hundreds of flowers in the garden. Without even looking, she was sure the scene in front of her must be breathtaking.

Cathy could not see colors anymore, but sometimes she could see colors that she had seen before in her dreams. Even though she mostly had a dream she didn't want, at least she could still remember what red was like, what purple or blue and other colors were like.

These basic colors' knowledge was enough to reduce her sadness about her eye disorder.

Cathy kept her eyes closed while trying to imagine the beauty of the scene in her mind.

"Did you see it? Isn't it lovely?"

Reflexively, Cathy opened her eyes at this question. It was then that her thoughts of the beautiful scenery shattered to pieces.

She could no longer see the color she had drawn in his mind. She is currently facing various forms of flowers along with a row of lamps of two colors.

Maybe because of the dark conditions and minimal lighting, what she saw tilted more towards black and gray.

Cathy felt disheartened the moment she saw this gloomy color. She even felt nauseous in her stomach, which hadn't even been satiated since the afternoon.

Cathy didn't want to speak or make the slightest movement. She even forgot the presence of someone beside him. As a result, only silence existed between the two of them.

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