192 You’re Trying to Disgust Me, Aren’t You (3)

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It was not much because he gradually saw the truth of the matter.

Learning scriptures was actually a game. The reason why this play was put on was to show the value of scriptures, to let all beings think that scriptures could not be taken for granted, that was why people paid attention to the scriptures they took.

This was a large-scale publicity event.

If it was really the scriptures themselves, any deity or Buddha could have delivered the scriptures in a day.

However, the four of them had been forced to leave for more than ten years.

This was also a reflection of Buddhism's self-esteem.

To put it bluntly, Tang Taizong had been kidnapped countless times. 

Some said that they didn't dare to make a move for fear of being killed by Sun Wukong.

However, there was no lack of those who should be killed. Those who shouldn't have been killed didn't die at all.

Of course, this was referring to their past deeds.


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