208 The Pig with High EQ

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Lu Ping thought about it and decided to take the Fire Spirit ring off the shelf temporarily and take it to the shopping center for recycling.

This way, he should be able to monetize it faster!

He did as he thought and took his Fire Spirit ring off the shelf from Universe Treasure. 

Lu Ping left the house.

At this moment, beside Sun Wukong, there was a fat man.

It was Zhu Bajie, aka Pig.

"Sun Wukong, you came here just to monitor Kong Xuan?" 

Zhu Bajie didn't believe what Sun Wukong said.

With Sun Wukong's personality, it was very likely that he would reject this kind of work.

"That's right! We are here to monitor him!" Sun Wukong didn't want to bother with Zhu Bajie.

This guy always took advantage of others and ran away whenever he had something to do. Who knew when he would be able to trick you again.

Zhu Bajie's eyes flashed as he said with a smile, "Then what did Kong Xuan do?" 


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