101 Prepare For Court

 The first evening in their city home, Delaney and Vincent decided they would just relax after their days of travel. And with that relaxing, Delaney decided they should take a nice hot bath.

 Their tub was kept in a room off of their bedroom. Vincent told his wife it had been designed specifically for unwinding. There was a wood stove in one corner where water could be heated and a big window they could open to let in the breeze. Sweet-smelling candles were lit and soft towels laid out.

 Once the huge tub was filled, the servants went back to their work, leaving Delaney and Vincent alone. Delaney smiled, taking her husband's hands and pulling him into the little room with her. He closed the door and together they undressed before stepping into the tub.

 Vincent groaned as he relaxed down into the steaming water. He leaned back against one side and Delaney sat across from him, leaning against the other. She smiled seeing the pleasure on his face.


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