My New Life With A Lust System

Author: Legends124
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What is My New Life With A Lust System

Read My New Life With A Lust System novel written by the author Legends124 on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, romance, reincarnation, r18, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Mc Reincarnate in an isekai world filled with magic. He will become strong with the help of the lust system. He will conquer beauties and make a big harem. (Trap, Futa, Shemale also included ) some time with Straight men... Mc is Straight, not gay. No Cuckold For MC. But Mc will Cuckold others. Disclaimer: Don't take this story seriously. This story is made of fiction. This story is for fulfilling your hidden desires. Read this story at your own risk. Tag: Big breasts, mature women, milf, loli, demi-human, dragon, demon, angel, orgy, lesbian, threesome, foursome, moral degenerate, incest, hentai, netori, yaoi, trap, big dick, milking, rape, swinging, lactating, pregnant, daughter, father, brother, sexy grandma, old lady's, girlfriend, muscular women, harem, huge harem, nun, village, overpowered MC, etc.

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Natalia had always been an outsider; Not the cute, awkward, she might say the wrong thing type. She was severe panic attacks and OCD, crying in her adopted mother's arms every day after school, and being pushed around and walked all over, type. She knew nothing about her biological parents and felt as if a piece of herself was missing. She concluded it was essential to know where she came from to determine where she is. Natalia's adoptive mother had been holding on to a secret for eighteen years. A secret she realized on the day she left her at the dorm to fend for herself, was bound to be revealed. She never expected her daughter's roommate to be a Vampire. Natalia didn't even believe in Vampires even though her biological father was one. Her mother was a werewolf. This wasn't even the biggest secret. Her parents carried a gene that ultimately get them killed, and her adopted. Morgan, her Vampire roommate realized Natalia believed herself human, and she decided to let her keep believing it. The two of them for off to a rocky start, but the attraction was there right away. Natalia was in love before she ever attended her first class. There was a problem though - a gorgeous, but pompous football player named Dane. He just happened to be her fated mate. She had no idea what this meant, and when her wolf showed up shortly after, she thought herself insane. This all started a chain of events that would change her life. Forever. She had a decision to make. Should she follow in her parent's path, or should she forge her own?

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A good start but it’s dissapointing to see it was discontinued.


Author please do not drop this novel like all your other novels. I’m begging you😭🙏


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