2 Prologue (3rd person)

It was 2:36 p.m. on Saturday, and although the mansion that was atop Kukuroo Mountain was usually quiet in general, this time, there was noise; if one listened closely, they could make out several pairs of footsteps, a few female voices yelling, and excited male and female voices talking amongst themselves.

One room in the main mansion atop Kukuroo Mountain was dedicated as a nursery room. It was empty save for a. crib, armchair, and white marble table.

In the room next to that was where most of the noise was coming from.

The room was rather large, about the size of two average living rooms put together.

In one area were two couches with several people sitting on them, perched elegantly and comfortably at the same time.

There was one old man with his wife, another older man with another older woman who looked to be his wife, and a young woman.

Their ages were impossible to tell, for although most of them looked young, their eyes said differently.

Their eyes showed experience and knowledge of far more than people their age should know.

However, they were currently chatting amongst themselves amiably, awaiting something but not wanting to disturb the process.

"Do you think she'll be the only child?" The youngest asked, looking expectantly at her mother.

"I'm not sure. Hopefully not. We need more than one child to continue the Zoldyck family. Hopefully she will agree to being the successor if she shows enough potential. We wouldn't want the same case as you, dear, now would we?" The woman asks, narrowing her eyes at the youngest woman dangerously.

The oldest male in the gathering chuckled, eyes sparkling as he watched the friendly - but unfriendly at the same time - exchange.

"Mother, I thought we were over that." The youngest said exasperatedly, although one would not be able to tell just by looking at her poker face.

"Hanakotoba, did your sister tell you if she decided on a name yet?" The oldest female asked, interrupting the immature exchange.

"No, Ahma said she would decide when she actually saw the girl. Honestly, we can only ever refer to the Zoldyck as 'her' and 'girl' because of her stubborn decision." The woman named Hanakotoba replied, glancing to the bustling area where her sister, Ahma, lay.

"Although I'm sure she won't give her such a stupid name like you guys did to us. Like, seriously? Hatred and revenge for me, the oldest, and black rain for the youngest? Is that even considerate at all?" Hanakotoba added, sighing as she reflected on the meanings of her and her sister's names.

"It suits children of the Zoldycks. Although we won't interfere with Ahma, we won't allow her to give her a useless name like Sakura or Lilac." The man sitting next to Hanakotoba's mother said, his voice deep and unbending.

"Yes, Ahma can at least decide on the name herself. She's smart enough to know what would suit her." Said the oldest woman, her eyes reflecting her wisdom.

The mood stayed pleasant as the mysterious people continued talking about the unborn child.

Meanwhile, in another part of the room, there was a bed with white bedsheets in which lay a woman with glistening white hair, her eyes glinting with various emotions.

The woman, Ahma, felt joy, pain, sadness, and excitement.

She felt joy, for her beloved child was coming into the world, pain because the process wasn't exactly pleasant, sadness because she didn't want to have to put her child through what she and her sister went through, and excitement, for she was going to see her beloved child for the first time.

The woman, although she did not yell or moan, twitched frequently, suppressing her urge to moan or yell out.

The man next to her, sitting in a large armchair, oozed authority and his aura showed his power.

Currently, however, he was watching his wife with slight worry. Although he knew his wife was strong enough not to die during childbirth, and that his baby was strong enough not to die, he couldn't help but think of the worst case scenario.

He closed his eyes, waiting patiently as his ears told him what was going on around him.

The woman sighed in relief as the nurses and maids surrounding her exclaimed excitedly, "she's out!"

All the Zoldycks' attention snapped to Ahma, and not a second later, they were by her side.

A maid covered Ahma in a light, white blanket, and showed the baby to her.

The Zoldycks gathered around, curious about how the baby would act.

A quiet fell over this area of the room as they watched the baby in anticipation.

The baby opened her eyes, blue irises blinking up at the ceiling.

She did not cry, which was extremely unusual for babies, and instead took in her surroundings.

Noise fell over the room again as the people in the background cleared out the room, getting ready to check for the baby's health.

The baby had gleaming, vibrant, healthy pure white hair, rosy lips, and ocean blue eyes. Her face was clearer than a baby's face should be, and as her eyes slowly shut once again, her face remained stoic.

After watching this exchange, the Zoldycks started talking excitedly. "She didn't even cry, sister!" Hanakotoba exclaimed excitedly, staring at the sleeping baby.

"Indeed. That was unusual... perhaps there's something wrong with her?" Asked the man next to Ahma as he passed the baby on to a maid for the health check.

"I doubt it, she looked very healthy." Responded Ahma and Hanakotoba's mother with a frown.

Ahma remained silent, pondering over the baby. She looks like even a thousand years of death wouldn't bother her... I'd rather give her a more cheerful name, but one that would also suit her as a Zoldyck.

She looked rather elegant, not crying out once... almost like the calm moon...! "Mizuki!" Ahma said, satisfied.

"Her name is Mizuki Zoldyck… beautiful moon." Ahma said, her eyes softening as she looked forward to the years to come. "That's beautiful, Ahma!"

Hanakotoba praised, also satisfied with the decision.

Everyone nodded their agreement, and gave Ahma some space as her husband came forward. "Ahma, you should get some sleep now. Giving birth should have drained a lot of your energy. You can wake up later and oversee some of Mizuki's training."

The man said softly, his voice comforting.

Ahma frowned, realizing the training would indeed start very soon.

"Oh, well... fine. Goodnight, Ankoku." Ahma replied, her long lashes settling on her pale cheeks as she drifted off to regain her energy.

A soft smile settled on her lips before her breathing turned steady and rhythmic.

Author's note:

I just wanted to say, since I don't know much about the Zoldyck family before Killua was born, most of this fanfiction will all be a figment of my imagination. I am making up the training, names, etc. as I go. And the names meaning:

Hanakotoba = hatred/revenge

Ahma = black rain

Ankoku = gloom, shadow, opaque or darkness

Mizuki = beautiful moon/water moon

Thank you for reading. I most likely won't post as fast anymore, since today I'm on break and I also have a short attention span. Please don't abandon this, though! It's my first fanfiction but I have a lot of future ideas, and I make less grammar mistakes than most. Also, the backstory which I might implement in other parts of this fanfic series might get confusing, so please bare with it. And since in the anime, the language is Japanese (I think), I'm making the HxH international language Japanese, and other languages ones from Earth. Also, some poisons and medicines will be similar or the same as on Earth, but there will also be a lot of changes. Please comment any ideas for nen abilities! I'm making her a specialist, with lots of nen potential and abilities, but I only have one clear idea for one ability so far. And sorry if you don't like overpowered characters in HxH fanfics, but I just don't think it's possible to survive and be cool in HxH without having lots of power and being above average. Killua and Gon are both very special, so my OC also has to be special to keep up and stand out. All the HxH favorites have amazing nen and are overpowered, so my OC also has to be OP to make this interesting. I'll try my best to make the Oc's childhood fun and interesting but not spend too much time on it. If anyone reads this and bothers to read the AN, please tell me if you want it to follow the storyline closely and any suggestions you might have. Thank you for understanding and for taking the time to read this!

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