37 The precious

Nop, I'm not saying sorry.


After I heard her offer my mind went into a spiral of questions, though, it was clear enough that this was the best-case scenario for me. I won't only be able to get close to my target, but I also can bind myself to her world, and maybe come up with something in the future.

Soon, my eyebrows dropped, and I started undressing from my wet shorts.

Akari saw what I'm doing and dilated her eyes in shock, exclaiming, "What are you trying to do?"

"You said a job right? What can a handsome teenager like me do with a girl like you?"

"Excuse me?"

"Here, my body is all yours" I selflessly added, acting as if I'm committing a great sacrifice.

Akari broke character, hiding her face using both hands, as her face went slightly red. "Pervert! That's not what I meant!"

Smirking, I retracted my hands and moved closer to her, asking in a faded tone, "Then may I ask what's the job might be?"

As expected, of a cold girl of her status, she already wiped all earlier signs of embarrassment and regained her regal air.

Clearing her throat, she said, "How about you be my bodyguard inside the school?"

Briefly, I noticed her sizing me up, and nodding to herself.

"Bodyguard?" I thought. Everybody and their mothers know that missing with this type of people is no good, why would she even want a bodyguard. But then, my money senses tingled and I dared to ask, "How much is my weekly payment would be?"

She scanned me up and down, cleverly evaluating my worth as she answered, "5 thousand dollars including a membership to all private school facilities, and of course the great honor of being at my presence."

"Heh," I snorted, though tried my luck, "let it be 10, and we have a deal. Your family can bring the dead from their graves with loads of cash hiding up their butts,"

"You know you have quite the style in phrasing things," she said, as she crossed her arms and began to drum her right fingers on her shoulder, annoyed by my pitiful haggling.

I just shrugged, expecting a rejection, but to my surprise, she haggled back.

"6 thousand dollars upfront" Akari asserted, pursing her lips.

"9" I bit back.

"7" she grunted.


"8" she finally said.

"Deal," I clapped delightfully after I reached my desired price, the price not only was easier to count but now I might be able to support myself, It was no mystery to me that she could afford way more, but then, I recalled her being a prodigy in the ways of making money and as one might guess, "saving it"

So, I did not press for more, however, neither did I know that she was the personification of female Jeff Bezos and would probably work me like a dog.

She got up and headed toward the shower, leaving some words lingering behind her, "Very well, the job would start from this moment, you can wait for me here while my assistant bring you some fresh clothes, so we can depart right after."

Her words took me by surprise, "it's already 8 I would be late to..."

She cut me off.

"You have evening lessons today," she said, rolling her eyes at me.

"Holy shit, she also memorized my school schedule," I thought. Having second feelings about the deal, I mean how in the love of god I would explain this to Miku without her giving me those newfound death stares.

"And my payment?" I said.

"It's on the table beside the chaise lounge along with the contract."

"We agreed on 8 thousand, how would you know—" I clammed up immediately after my eyes landed on the heap of money. 8 gorgeous succulent luscious curvaceous rows each piled up with fresh 100 dollar bills. I panned my eyes around and shamelessly raised a bundle and took a snuffle at it, truth be told there is no fragrance more aromatic than ben franklin's green face, no homo.

I only regained my composure after seeing the glint of the pen set on the white paper, I picked it up and found my name propelled beside the Haruka surname, my eyes focused on the text and I muttered unconsciously, "It says here 'Only for one week'?"

I heard steps halting, as Akari turned on her heels right before exiting the room, "Well, that's plenty of time for me to get bored of a toy. Right?"

She grinned menacingly and strolled off.


<New Infatuation route detected>

<'The precious'>

<Description: become a human artifact so vehemently 'precious' Akari would rather massacre the whole planet to keep you in her possession>

<Danger level: S>

<Route rank: S>

<Description: extremely perilous for collectively all other species on earth at high infatuation levels>

<'Close contacts' in particular>


<Please select an option>

The notifications surged in my head, and I fell silent for a while trying to digest the information, "Hm, this route popped up after my deal with Akari. Narcos, what does Route rank means?"

<Each of the system routes has a limit to what infatuation level can be reached>

<S which is the highest rank means that this route can lead us to the final infatuation level>

"Which is?"

<A circle of madness>

<In one word>


My mouth emitted a soundless 'O....h' as realization dawned on me.

This was great news, beyond the fact that this route calls me a human artifact, this was absolutely tremendous for my cause to finish this stupid game, all I can do now is lay back and roll those infatuation points in.

"Accept," I thought.


<Route accepted>

Before long, the maid brought me a new set of clothes, for some reason I chose to ignore the fact that they suited me perfectly. Then, I met up again with Akari, which was attending to visit the library, and so we set off to its location.

Around the gate of the attic building, I acted like a presidential bodyguard and stopped here for a 'quick' checkup inside, it was done just to spite her, but she appeared to be oddly amused.

We stepped inside the facility and like every time I go in public with these otherworldly beauties—eyes get pulled out of their trajectory and so the eyes that were glued on books could not help but shift to watch the radiant girl walking beside me.

Whisperers were kindled like a flame between the students, "Red hair? Is that the heir of the Ito family?"

"Oh yes, I heard her family have been merchants probably hundreds of years ago and they are still going strong"

"God! I would sell a year of my life with each hour with her,"

"I would sell it for minutes," his friend laughed contemptuously.

Akari's eyes were filled with disgust, "Pff! These filthy monkeys are gawking their eyes at me again," she whispered, though her face remained as solid as ever.


<Akari does not like to be noticed or gawked at>

<Mission: Act like a proper bodyguard and shield Akari of the annoying stares>

<Reward: +5 infatuation points>

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