5 Miku

<Initializing magical lenses>

<Analizing the target heartbeat, personality, and mood>

<Analizing succeed>

<The only way to get out of this situation is by taking an aggressive approach>

'Aggressive Approach?'

<Yes, because of the girl tendencies and spoiled personality, the host is advised to scare the girl into submission>

'Fuck! You want me to bully a 17 years old?'


'What!' I was speechless for a second.

'Then fuck it! This girl didn't even acknowledge my existence, so why should I care? But What should I do now? I can't never even imagine talking to a girl, nevertheless bullying.'

<Host is not allowed to inflict any excessive physical harm>

'Your not even listening to me! Ugh, ok, I understand.'

I looked at the girl; I felt like she's trying hard to say something, but my hand was still sealing her mouth; I rolled her in the direction of the wall and lightly slammed her head on it; I got close to her ears and whispered "Look, don't you even fucking think of screaming! Or I will slam your head on the wall till it goes stupid, you hear me?" She looked at me with the side of her left eye while the other was slammed in the wall, my hand was still on her mouth, and my other hand went and grabbed her hair, nailing her face to the wall. Her face was so white from terror; it looked like a ghost, 'Narcos, what I should do now? I'm afraid this is going out of hand.'

<Initializing conversation options>

1- knock her down

infatuation: -50%

Warning: because of the cameras in the house, it can seriously lead to law complications.

2- say "It's me; I'm that disgusting pig you have been calling all day long."

Infatuation: +2%

Warning: can cause a hate and love relationship. Note that the host can't go back anymore after taking this route.

'Oh! Well, that's manageable,' I thought; I, of course, won't be choosing the first route.

I tightened my grip on her hair; while she was still in shock, I took the chance, removed my hand, and grabbed her chin.

"Hello, my beautiful sister, Look closely; I'm that disgusting pig you been calling all day long" I was so into the asshole role, I even forgot it was an act; I really did hate her hypocritical arrogant attitude, just because of my body, you acted like I'm carrying a deadly decease.

She seems like she realized it was me; her pupils opened wide from shock, "H-how? Piggy? You? ...."

'Hehehe! You can't believe it, right? I can't either; I fucking trained like Saitama on crack for two months, I barely even had a social life.'

I let go of her chin, but my hand still grabbed her long gorgeous hair; I wasn't fazed one bit by her otherworldly charm because of my grandma's teachings; I had a strong heart in this kind of situations.

So, I malevolently looked at her and uttered even harsher words.

"You finally realized who I'm? Why is that dull brain of yours so slow? Well, it doesn't matter; I'm going to wear my clothes, tell uncle I'm going down in seconds" I let go of her hair and pushed her out of the way, breaking her from her speechless state.

With blunt jaws and flat Lips, she stayed beside the wall before going down while mumbling something to herself; I was too busy at this moment cursing my system, 'Narcos, you bastard, I better not find the police at the door after I go downstairs.'


<infatuatiom: +5>

'That actually worked?! But why +5 and not +2?'

<Because of the host inner hate for the target, the act was flawless>

I checked my closet; grandma bought me lots of clothes, but after closely looking back to them, the majority of the clothes looks like a sack of potatoes on me, I lost 55 kilograms at this period, so it's expected, "Pft! I need to scam that baldy today thoughtfully."

I went down wearing a T-shirt, jeans and white vans, believe it or not, even in my previous life; I never wore something that can reveal my physic, but now, my body can be considered on the athletic norm, I had that average swimmer body, "Hehe! Narcos be truthful with me; I can win a bodybuilding competition?"

<A bodybuilding competition of bones? Because I can't see any bulging muscles>

'You bastard, I won't let you throw me off; I finally can end my training.'

<Training would never end as long as you lived; the new goal is to build as many muscles and esthetic look, to improve host trash charm>

'Can I use steroids?' I explored.

<Not under my watch>

'Tsk! I can't take this anymore!' while I was having my internal turmoil, Two mugs were wide open in disbelief.

"H-husband, Who is that?" uttered my instant mother.

"I don't know, maybe a thief, we should call the police!" Baldy fox chimed.

'Is there a thief this mentally disabled? I'm right in front of you, baldy!'

I saw him hurriedly reach out to his phone. So I yelled, "I'm Yami, uncle!"

he looked at me and said, "What?"

"Did you forget how your nephew looks like?" I responded; this transformation was really astonishing.

He finally had a long look at me; knits were growing bigger and bigger on his forehead, "Is it really you!? H-how could you change this much?"

"I was training uncle! All this time, I can't stay like a froggy my whole life!" I proudly declared.

"Oh Lord, have mercy! You didn't train! You were reborn! Come here, let uncle see you closely!"

I come closer to him, and he creepily started to inspect my body. "Hmm, nice pecs! Not as big as mine though; you need to work more on the upper chest,"

"Ah, fantastic biceps! It actually kind of looks like mine."

this shameless half dying fox comparing himself to me, he went down and touched my calves, I was speechless of his shameless behavior. 'What is this perverted fox doing?'

"I see! You worked great on your legs; your calves genetics are just top-notch; kind of reminds me of my years in the basketball team; those quads are also bigger than the average male, but let me go deeper and see if your man enough." he had a blush on his face and his hands slide up on my quads. He was about to touch my little brother, But the wife stopped him.

"Husband enough! You're embarrassing the kid!" the wife said while pinching her skin.

'It's not a dream!'

The show finally ended, we got in the car, and went shopping; Miku was like last time sitting beside me; I looked at her from time to time, but she will just turn her head to face the car window, she wasn't embarrassed or anything, but I felt like she's scared, 'Oi, Narcos! This girl is fearful of me now!'

<Narcos will never make mistakes; host should have more trust in the operation system>

Hearing him, I nodded and decided to tease her more; I leaned on her and rested my head on her shoulder. 'Now that's how it should be. You, been treated like a goddess your whole life, but now I will treat you like a servant!'

"Huh!? What are you doing, you sick pig?."

"Shh, don't scream. My eardrums are fragile, you know; I'm just resting my head as a punishment for mistaking me with a robber."

"Did you lose your mind? Are you really the disgusting shut-in pig, I saw that day?"

'Disgusting pig? Huh!? So that's your past evaluation of me; well, keep that same rude energy; it makes this a 100% better.'

"No, he's already dead; I replaced him.

However, it doesn't matter anymore, so can you shut your mouth a little bit? I want to rest," I closed my eyes and thought about how the next weeks going to be really interesting. Surprisingly she didn't speak anymore and just turned her head while her heartbeat was wildly pounding; I found it normal; after all, a Princess like this probably was never this close to a boy before.

We reached the shopping mall; Narcos made it clear that there's no going back, so my primary mission is to bully this girl and make her understand that she's not better than me, And I indeed kind of enjoyed this plan; I will do anything to see this girl humiliated.

My uncle and I got out of the car, I sarcastically held my hand to escort the "princess." She didn't seem to like my idea as much; her eyes were going red from wrath. I didn't care about how she feels, and forcefully grabbed her hands, I pulled her out of the car without being seen by my new parents, she wanted to yell, but my fierce look frightened her.

'Ugh! Even though she's a rude bitch, but I still feel bad for what am going to do to her!' I thought.

We spend the day shopping; I tricked baldy into buying me some expensive gym clothes and some winter garments for school; he didn't seem to mind; in fact, he was pleased since my expression looked like a dog seeing his owner after one year of separation.

The wife stole some glances at me from time to time; astonishment is still visible on her face, 'Hehe! This is the first time she actually looked at me! I guess nobody going to lose his appetite from now one'

<Attention Host, You have a good chance of farming infatuation points>

"Huh?" I looked around and saw My big sister looking at a black dress with passionate eyes, 'Hmm, You want me to buy her that? I think You've mistaken something; I don't think relationships should be built on material stuff.'

<Host is the one who mistaken; because of the target Princess tendencies and the hate love approach we took, the host should do anything in his power to achieve a dominating position>

'And what gifts had to do with achieving that?'

<Because of the girl hidden tsundere masochist personality, she will subconsciously think that you are looking out after her>

I looked at the dress and noticed the price. 'Holy shit! 400 dollars? Fuck this! I needed to work for three months selling weed to get that much! I even pimped for the old lady in the town!'

Biting my tongue, I thought bitterly, "I'll just go and buy it, Grandma, sorry for spending your money like this, blame that perverted heroin addict husband"

Then, I secretly paid for the dress and sneaked it in Miku's bag. I went beside her like a loan shark approaching his prey; I tapped her back With my finger and put my elbow on her shoulder; if anyone did what I just did, he would probably be locked up immediately in prison, but my froggy charm made me look cool.

<In what world?>

'Shut up, you bully!'

She looked at me with the same hateful gaze; well, I'm too used to it anyway; in the past, it was disgust; now it's hate.

I formulated a shy toned voice and said, "Sister, I need my payment."

She was puzzled and asked, "Payment? What are you talking about".

"Look at your bag; cutie" Confusion filled her face, but she still grabbed her bag and checked.

In an instant, she spotted the dress she wished a minute ago, of course, if she told baldy to buy it for her, he wouldn't even hesitate. Still, her prideful demeanor prevents her from asking even her own father; after all, she's a "Princess."

She froze in her place; her expression confessed that she was completely taken back.

I waited for an answer for a while, and finally, in a soft, shaky voice, she said, "How did you know I want this dress?"

I shrugged my shoulders and just uttered the traditional "I don't know, did I?"

She deeply thought about something and realized that she's holding a gift from me, the ugly "froggy."

Leading up to that, dhe yelled in an irritated voice, "What's the meaning of this?"

"No, meaning really, I just felt like wasting my money on you, I mean, look how pitiful you looked after seeing that dress."

She couldn't take the humiliation any longer and threw the dress into the ground.

'Hehehe! That's exactly what I want!' I malicious announced to myself.

"Did you know that dress is super expensive, now it's all ruined, how could you compensate me?" A weird smirk former in my mouth; the dress wasn't ruined; It was a little dirty at best, but I definitely won't let this chance slip.

She got terrified of the idea of paying me back; after all, she still only 17 years old; how could she afford that much money.

<Well, she probably would've afforded such a dress from the money prizes she won from her musical competitions, if not for her father greed>

"Ah? I—i didn't mean to do it; here I will wash it for you, Ok?"

"Heh? No need. I want a new one."

She got angry and said, "How could you be so harsh to your older sister? You're even younger than me."

Dropping my lips, while shrugging my shoulders, I pestered, "I don't care! You either pay me back or become my maid for a month,"

"M-maid? Are you out of your goddamn mind?" her princess verbalism totally collapsed.

'Oh! How cute your brain can't accept serving master froggy? Not so fast!'

"Then pay me right now!" I angrily answered; my act was just too good; I really can see myself in Hollywood. But I want to be black, so I can die fast.

Silence followed that statement; I felt like I can butter her up and manipulate her to accept my ridiculous proposal.

"Look, I won't ask much from you, besides bringing my meals and maybe make me juice when I'm thirsty."

"J-juice? I never made juice, And I still have my violin practice."

'I know, I couldn't fucking sleep for three days because of that.'

"I'll show you how," I reassured her in a calm tone.

"Only juice and bringing meals?" she sharply looked at my eyes.

"Yes, only that."

"O-ok, I accept."

'Hehehehe! Narcos, we did it!! The arrogant princess about to be a servant! But wait, I still don't get how this is helping out our infatuation case.'

< From the time you been in the car till now, the infatuation points increased by 12 points>

'What?? How? I was just bullying her the whole time.'

<Host did a great job>

'I can't get how this girl's brain works!'

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