4 Froggy with abs

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Training finally ended; I was soaked entirely with sweet; no, I was particularly swimming in it, I sneakily entered the house; if someone saw me like this, I would probably be kicked off, but luckily my uncle gave me the house keys.

Furtively, I walked up to the stairs when suddenly someone grabbed my shoulder; looking up; I saw a girl in maid attire staring at me with wrathful eyes as she said, "Are you perhaps the young kid, the master told me to take care of?"

"Yes, My name is Yami. Nice to meet you." I politely replied. The maid didn't look bad; her face was surprisingly pleasant to the eye.

"Ugh! You smell like shit! What were you doing? Playing with poop?" she snorted.

Hearing what she had to say, my assessment shifted faster than my nose detecting a mac and cheese plate.

'This bitch! I'm obviously training. Why are you acting dumb?'

"Um, I was just walking in the park when a dog chased after me." I cheekily said while acting innocent.

"I see; well, you should take a shower before touching the bedsheets, you understand?"

"Yes, mam," I answered while still thinking if I can change my species to a hound, maybe I would be treated better; nevertheless, following my thoughts, I ran straight to my room.

'Tsk! I can't let anybody know about my training; it's so god damn humiliating.'

I took a refreshing shower while getting instructed by narcos about my strict diet; it seems like I'm only allowed to eat tomatoes; for now, According to him, there's no need for high protein diet in this phase.

They called for me to have lunch, but I just told them I have no appetite.

Hours passed just like that; I felt like my stomach was about to say fuck it and eat my other organs; the hunger struck me like some kind of zombie apocalypse virus but the zombie in this case was my own stomach;

'I will pay anything to eat a meal.'

But too bad narcos paralyzed my body, or I would've obliterated the fridge entirely;

Nonetheless, I kept enduring till I fell asleep.

Two weeks passed just like that; I will run like a maniac and jump like a frog playing ground on lava for hours and hours; I'm now known throughout the park as captain froggy; the kids even want my autographs now; I felt humiliated, but yes, I still signed that stuff, after all, I might scam these dumb kids for some money in the future.

Every morning I will have a tomato and finish the day with a tomato but sliced up because I'm a man of culture, I can't have the same dish every time you know; but surely, I swear to god after my fat is gone, if someone brought tomatoes to me in a restaurant I would slam it on his face.

The rude maid showed tremendous interest in what I'm up to, but my loose clothes prevented her from spotting the crazy changes silently taking place in my body.

In this period, I managed to lose 23 kilograms; my mobility and endurance can be compared now to a normal man, but of course, there is still a lot of fat to remove; I guess I upgraded from fat froggy to just froggy, and I'm gradually losing fans! the froggy jump no longer creates earthquakes, shaking the ground; I felt terrible for my lost superpowers

"Ah! My babies! My money! Come back; I will show you my froggy side flip!" I wailed toward the kids at the park.

Today it was the start, or should I say the addition of new exercises; Narcos instructed me to add bodyweight practices; on top of my running regime, I will do push-ups, baby pull-ups because I am a weak frog, and dips, four sets each, I will train and train again in fear of getting loved by the lightning bolt, my diet also changed a little bit, now I can add some lean protein sources, like turkey breasts in tiny amounts, but at least I can eat something besides those damned evil tomatoes.

Another two weeks passed; it was one month now since I started training; I lost another 12 kilograms; the loss wasn't as significant as the last two weeks because I'm adding muscle mass; my body now can be compared to a regular bulky guy; my gained mobility and athleticism shocked me at first; I can even do side flips easily now.

I continued to stay as lowkey as possible; I rarely see the family members; as a none existent member of the Haruka family, I didn't have a table breakfast with them since my first day, yet nobody even asked how I'm doing;

'I really missed my lovely grandma.'

I felt like a pair of eyes followed me every time I walked in the house; I wasn't stupid; that damned maid definitely paying a close look to me, but I'm not doing anything illegal so I didn't fear here gaze, my days of selling weed is already over.

My body slightly changed; my new rule is to embrace the pain and adopt the routine; I didn't come out with it, but some crazy military dude on youtube inspired my uneducated brain cells.

Honestly speaking, I enjoy this kind of lifestyle now, challenging my limit every day and living like a diligent man.

That addictive adrenaline rush every time I attempted something new, Is just an indescribable feeling.

Ah! I forgot to tell you that I paid for a gym membership last week and professionally trained with dumbells and bars; my muscles are growing bigger, the abs can be faintly seen, and I finally got to see my jawline;

I might not have described myself early on, not because I forgot. But now it seems like it's ultimately worth it; I was initially a fat glossy brown-haired kid, grey eyes, white skin, contrary to everything on my body, my nose was sharp and pointy. But hot damn! My hidden features made me speechless; I'm not going to say that I turned into a god overnight, scummy froggy is still on the house, but the change is just completely unbelievable.

I stood in front of the mirror and marveled, "Mamamia, Who's the most handsome man on the planet?"

"Wait, don't tell me! I already know! It's me, right?"

<Host is shameful and totally delusional; even if you complete your training for another year, you're barely qualified as an eight>

"Screw your mother! Let me have my proud moment, ok?"


<Perhaps, you miss your grandma love, poor kid, I will give you love instead>

"No! Mighty Narcos! I don't want no love!" I immediately went on my knees, begging.

I'm on my last week of the promised day; I just finished my morning run and took a cold shower; nobody hangs out on the top stage of the house, so I gradually let my guard down and walked out with my underwear on.

A girl was yelling downstairs; I did not hear her because I was still singing loudly some Kanye west songs inside of the shower.

"Peggy! Are you there? My dad called you out to go shopping with us"

"She takes my money! When I'm in need!"


"Yeah! She's a trifling friend indeed!"


"Ohhh, she's a gold digger! Way over time! that dig on me!!"

Shortly after, footsteps reverberated.

A young girl angrily walked up to the last stage of the house; I was just about to exit the shower when I looked up and saw Miku looking at me with terrified eyes; I thought she was afraid because of my half-naked body, but I was utterly wrong.

"Mom! There's an introd....-" I quickly pounced at her and sealed her mouth.

'Is this what they call sexual assault? Now I understand why they say how half the man charged with this crime got jailed by mistake! Shit! Narcos, what should I do?'

<initialazing magic lenses>


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