26 Entrance ceremony pt 2

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<Does the host want to see her stats?>

Hearing Narcos's unnecessary question, my brain cells internally facepalmed, yet, as bitter as It could be, I still need to answer him.




Name: Aiya Hashimoto

Age: 16

Looks: 9/10

Talent: 9/10

Description: An even better pianist than her genius brother and the main progeny of the memorable master K family.

Infatuation: -3%

Description: A natural reaction for poor looking people.

Difficulty: B+


'Damn I look poor?' I was bewildered by such insult; I was wearing the school uniform like everybody else, so I had no idea where she concluded such a thing.

Going through her stats, they were exactly identical to Miku; the only change was that Miku's talent was lower by a 0,5 margin.

After conducting my survey, I looked at her, illustrating an emotionless face, as I gawked at her figure.

Her short raven hair meshed well with her wafer-thin body, and her ashen pale skin rebounded the building strong lights; she was a little woman, somehow fragile, a quarter less tall than her brother and probably half compared to me, pretty in a flawless delicate way, yet, her impeccable facial complexion, amended that delicacy to a fearless, lofty hue.

If I didn't previously meet three other goddesses on my own, I would've probably instantly declared her as the prettiest girl I have ever led my eyes on. However, my standards had already been altered by Narcos.

After finishing with my assessment, my mind went back to the real world, and to my surprise, I felt a soft shaking palm clasp my hand from behind the long desk.

It was none other than Miku.

'Why is she grabbing my hands?' I asked my system.

<Because you been frowning the whole time>

"Ah! I forgot about such a thing."

Perhaps, I was born with this particular habit; I always knit my brows each time I think, which made me lose many court debates when I used to be a fake licensed lawyer in the village.

'But how's that explain her actions?' I asked myself.

Then the answer came naturally to me; she is probably clasping my hand to hold me back from doing something silly, just like a husband holding his wife's hands on a shopping mall.

I patiently waited for their greeting to end.

"Good morning, Arima," she said in a low tone. Her eyes weren't looking at him, just in case I will try and take that opportunity to punish her. She was indeed too calculative; yet, I had no business punishing anyone today.

Arima kindly smiled and finally took the opportunity to bless my ears with his voice, "Hello, umm." he thought for a stretched period before uttering my name.


"Hello b...Arima," I blurted out; I almost called him, "Brother-in-law."

He had that comfortable look when somebody knows that his girlfriend's best friend is gay. But too bad; I was the friend that girlfriends say not to worry about.

Next, he introduced my target, "This is my sister, Aiya,"

I was the first one to talk after he said her name. Chiming while licking my lips, "Nice to meet you, "Aiya,"

Her face turned ugly, disgusted by my simple greeting.

Then she mumbled in an exasperation way, "Un,"

Once Miku and her exchanged greetings, Arima asked me about my grade and other stuff related to school. "Are you a first-year?"

"Yes," I replied.

The girl instantly rang, "Yes sir,"

I retorted with, "I don't see the need of calling me, sir, but he can go ahead if he wants to," I shrugged my shoulders; perhaps today, I was in a very good mood.

Her eyes twitched, awkwardness roamed between us, and I had to correct my sarcasm, "Oh, you were talking about me? My bad,"

Arima laughed it off and proceeded to walk down while his sister sat two seats far from us; he was the second year's representative, and his turn was nearing.

In the meanwhile, I had nothing to do. So I decided to horrify the girl beside me, as I whispered in her ears, "How about I use my privilege now?"

Her hands clenched my hand in fear as her heartbeat pounded hammers on her chest.

"What? Can't you? Didn't you declare "Whenever" you want?" I amusedly teased. The deal was way advantageous for me since now I can control her as much as I like.

Neither did I know that she was bolder than I expected; after all, she sealed my mouth with her wet lips, not minding any lucky spectacular.

I rushedly averted back, wholly taken back by her sudden action.

'Wait, what! She actually did it?' Miku's breathing was unsteady, and she looked like she's about to pass out from the embarrassment.

< As I said earlier, Miku cherishes this deal way more than what you are foreseeing; she's exceptionally committed to not lose it>

I wasn't paying attention to the system words; my eyes rapidly circulated the building, looking for any lucky viewer, and I did found two gapings at us.

Was it by misfortune or heavens luck, but the only people that saw us were the cool guy that paid for my uniform and my rich, third target.

<+5 infatuation points gained>

<Added curiosity stats>

The glasses boy didn't show much emotion on his face, yet, Akari's mouth was wide open; she didn't know what relationship we shared, but her thoughts were solely focused on how I could get a kiss from a girl as fine as Miku.

I acted as nothing happened and looked forward to the women that about to speak.

From her words, her name was "Aila," she's the first year's teacher, a wild-looking woman with messy hair, dressed in a pair of blue overalls.

She informed us about the subjects we are going to study and the additional activities.

The school takes care of the student's books and everything, which was decent for a poor guy like me.

Then, the second year's teacher spoke, followed by Arima, and then the third year's and so on till the vice-director took the word in the end, "You can now fetch your apartments, every three students share one, with no particular order. I wish you all a good year,"

People started clapping, so I did the same. Right after that, I got up leaving the still dizzy girl to her thoughts as I walked to my apartment.

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