22 A lips contract


"Miku?" I subconsciously said after I turned my head to face the woeful girl; she was standing right in front of the door, eyes emptier than void, clenching her knuckles so hard, her hand became white.

She talked to herself, mumbling words that I couldn't hear; however, she finally spoke one word after her right knuckle made a popping sound.

"Stop," eyes low, she said in a soft yet clear tone.

Narcos communicated through my mind, sending me the condition of the girl.

<High resentment stats coming from target number 1, the host is advised not to trigger any more jealousy stats>

Bread pieces dropped on the floor; I let go of the maid, directing my full attention towards Miku, trying to decipher something from her eyes. Yet, my attempt ended up in failure, as the girl wore an unreadable expression.

At once, I lifted my hands on the air and chuckled, explaining, "See silly, bread can not sound conceal,"

I knew my fudge was idiotic, especially in front of such an overly smart girl, but that's the only thing I can think of right now.

The maid hopped down from the counter, face uglier than a hog, as she rapidly composed herself, saying, "Ah, yes, your right! How stupid of me,"

Shame shown trough her redwine petal cheeks as her hair covered forehead heated up and her fingers fidget behind her back.

Waiting was my only option now; I can't tell what she's thinking, and I damn well have no idea how she would react.

In an instant, I heard her slow footsteps resound in my ears; she walked toward me.

'What now?', still not showing any signs of the stampede thoughts running in my head.

She reached where I was standing, not uttering a single word.

Next, I felt two fingers clasp my shirt, eyes lazy she didn't even look at me, only turning as she lightly dragged me outside.

Of course, the pulling force executed by her fingers was feeble, still, I decided to follow her in my own accord, exiting the kitchen in a few steps.

I kept being dragged till we reached my room.

Up next, She slammed the door, leaning on it as she finally looked at me with her now watery eyes while I stood in the corner, "What do you think you're doing?" I said, frowning over the odd behavior.

Nevertheless, I heard even odder words coming from her mouth.

"You don't need to kiss other girls; kiss me; I'll do it for you whatever you want," her eyes didn't avert from my face, flicking with a dangerous light.

"Huh!? who said I want to kiss you In the first place?" I said, while knots accumulated on my face.

I heard her again, this time walking forward, question me in an incredibly soft tone, "You don't?" Her voice sounded like a clear flowing waterfall in my ears that made me have another look at her figure.

A man would not be called a man if he rejected a request from such a mesmerizing girl; No, in fact, what I am witnessing is everything a man ever dreamed of, I do not doubt my mind that in the future, the elite of man in the whole country will desperately chase here just to get a second from her time.

'What do I have to lose?' The thought appeared on my mind, and before I know it, I felt two warm hands wrap my neck with a soft thing touching my mouth; after looking down, I saw the gorgeous violet-haired girl standing in her tip-toes kissing me on her own accord.

The sudden event took me completely by surprise; I never would've imagined the girl that was so disgusted with me to do such a thing in just three months; nobody would ever believe me even if I'm talking to drunk people that a girl as perfect as this, offered me her lips, rent-free, whenever I desired.

We had a brief kiss before she retreated; it tasted sweeter than honey, just like a promo for a blockbuster game, daring me to stay for the gameplay.

Subconsciously my mouth moved, uttering agreement words, "I do,"

Realizing what I said, I horrified to scoff it off. However, Narcos instructed me not to.

<We can use this opportunity to create more physical attachment, which can shoot up the infatuation points>

My mission was to farm infatuation points nonstop, or death going to be the only outcome. Hence, I nodded my head and conceded with Narcos.

Hearing my words, the corner of her mouth rose; she got instantly delighted by her successful attempt; nevertheless, she switched back immediately to a stern look, whispering, "Remember, you signed a contract with your words, my lips belong to you, and only you, but yours also the same way around,"

Contrary to the sheepish girl I tormented every day, her stares were so sharp; they're comparable to a knife-edge.

But I had nothing to fear; this was a considerable step to develop more points from her, and to me, that's all that matters; additional consequences can come later.

After not having any more words to spare, I Sighted, shaking my head, and then I walked away, leaving the happy girl blushing like a rippled tomato in my room for the second time.

Before totally departing, I heard her ask, 'where are you heading to?'

Yet I just sneered on the way.

Now that I rented my mouth for points, I felt like the old woman I used to pimp for back in the village. 'One part of my body doesn't belong to me anymore!'

Walking straight to the door, I went directly to the bike, stomach rumbling with horrendous noises; I headed to the art academy to see if I can improve my talent.

One hour later, I finally arrived.

I had a field day with the guard at the door after he refused to make me enter; these damned guards like to screw my plans, but this one tampered his nerves in fucking Alaska. After all, there's a philosophy department in the academy, and this poor dude had to ask each one of those damned monsters the two cursed questions.

"Who are you? And why you are here?,"

The answer sometimes can take 2 minutes and sometimes 6 hours. It really depends.

However, it was time to use my godly mind power, just when he asked me about my personal information. I exploded with all the bullshit I learned back at the shrine.

"I.." just when he heard the long I, he assumed that I'm probably one of those wicked eccentrics and let me enter without any extra words.

'Tsk, at least let me finish my outstanding speech,'

I went straight to the reception office, consulting about the price for the yearly fees.

This exactly what I heard: "Sir, this Academy doesn't focus on the pricing as much, our priority is to groom the best artists and musicians in the country, which means it's a selective school that only accepts accomplished artists, but if you managed to succeed in the qualifications test, you could start by paying a meager fee of 50 thousand dollars annually,"

"Wait, What? Meager? All that bullshit and 50 thousand? Does Jesus teach here?" I thought the most I have saved up in the bank is about 40 thousand (From grandma).

Not wanting to interrupt her work anymore, I exited the Academy, thinking about ways to get some money.

I still remember some of the critical events that happened nine years from now, but the most useful of them all to make the quickest money possible is sports betting.

There's a Mexican boxer called Nate Robinson that will have one of the longest winning streaks in boxing history, and also, There's the world cup coming up, which I can use to bet on the winning teams.

Making my plans, I went to find my bike, yet to my alarm, a girl was sitting beside it.

She was none other than Ai, my second target.

'What the heck she's doing there?' I asked myself.

She also seems to notice me, waving her hands as she sat at the bar.

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