My New Isekai! (Completed) Book

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My New Isekai! (Completed)


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After the defeat of the Demon King, Kazuma and Megumin got married, but the rest of his crew were never seen together again. Soon enough, fifteen years later, a new Demon Lord rose to take the spot. Now Aqua - now back in Heaven - has to recruit more humans from Earth to defeat the Lord. This is where we meet our main character. This fanfic will contain explicit content. Be warned. NOTE: I do not own Konosuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! I give all credit to Natsume Akatsuki and all of his writing talents. All the characters used in this fanfic will be in the current light novels, anime, and manga (some based on my own character design). Storyline mostly correlates with the light novel series. If you see moments in here that don't work out with the anime or manga, read the light novel.


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