My Neighbor’s Dirty Secret

Who knew a package could change someone’s life? Inside the box, contained her neighbor’s dirty secret. A secret that would change her life forever. Warning: Mature and threesomes.

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Neighbors Turned Housemates (6)

The hair on her skin had been shaved when she showered.

A soft lotion she never really touched had been applied on her skin.

Even her hair had been combed of all the knots and tangles.

Rhea even wore a sexy undergarments that her editor Sasha bought for her a long time ago for her birthday. After she glanced at herself in the mirror, she squealed. Rhea quickly messed up her perfectly combed hair. She was thinking too deeply about tonight. After all, Zeven only wanted to have a conversation with her. It's not like they were going to have sex or anything.

He promised he wanted to talk.

Still, she felt expectant and anticipating for something to happen. Rhea clapped her cheeks with her hands and ushered herself to step out of the room. The guest room she was in was further down the long hallway from the two master bedrooms that were directly across from one another. She quietly made her way through the dark.

She jumped in surprise when she saw a figure leaning by one of the rooms.


He leaned against the wall with his gaze toward the ceiling. It almost seemed like he was waiting for her to come out of her room too. Did he overhear their conversation? Rhea immediately turned back around but his voice cut through the silence.

"Stop right there. I caught you two red handed."

She flushed and turned around. "What?"

"Don't leave me out," he was looking at her like an abandoned puppy.

Rhea wanted to clear the misunderstanding so she walked closer to him. "Aziel. You don't understand. It's not like that."

"Oh really? With the way your bodies were shoved against each other and kissing, it told me all I needed to know. I barely heard what he whispered when I finished making my way around but I know my sneaky brother."

So he saw and heard! How embarrassing. She wanted to melt into a puddle and sink down one of the drains. Rhea couldn't stop flushing. Her cheeks were hurting from turning red all day today. Aziel was making it worse because he was purposely eyeing her lips.

"It was also obvious from the way your lips were so bruised."

Aziel advanced forward. "Can I touch you too, Rhea?"

Oh my god. Is this in reference with what she said earlier? This was all so weird. The twins that all the crazed fangirls wanted were asking for permission to touch her.

"Ughhhhh. Why do you boys keep asking for my permission?"

"You know...I've been wanting to touch you so bad since the award ceremony. I tried to drink away your pretty breasts and your sweet moans. I thought I was just horny. I even contacted a sub to sleep with her but I couldn't get hard. Damn, you're seriously screwing with my head you know that. So when I saw you in what I thought was my bed, I lost all control and everything I was trying to hold back just came out. I'm still mad at myself for violating you but this time I want to make things right and show you that I'm not that kind of violating guy."

This was raising her expectations a little too high. Rhea felt like she was rooted by a vine on the spot. She really couldn't move, a bit confused that she was creating this unknown effect on the twins. But just the same, they were creating an unknown effect on her that made her abandon all sense and reason.

She sighed breathily, heart pounding like crazy. "I don't know what's wrong with me but I also can't stop thinking about the two of you."

"Fuck I've never been so impatient before...Does that mean I have your permission to touch you?"

"Urg, stop asking me now! Just touch me, okay! I want you to touch me because you guys are also driving me so crazy. There, I admitted it are you happy?"

Aziel laughed but he opened his arms and hugged her affectionately. "Very."

Instead of feeling repulsed, she felt warm and safe inside his arms. She even sunk into him. His scent carried on a nice fruity citrus scent. What a literal slut she was. She was just in Zeven's arms earlier and now she was in Aziel's arms. The twins were not giving her a break. Rhea also wasn't sure that she wanted them to give her a break anymore.

These carnal desires inside of her...She wanted to get them out of her system so they'd stop haunting her every waking moment. It's not like these were the men in her romantic novels. But these were the men in women's sexual fantasies online. Really, this was such a strange relationship they were forming.

He pushed her against Zeven's door. That's right! She came out so Zeven could talk to her about something.

"Aziel," she scolded. "There, you've touched me. Now can you let go?"

He frowned. "So that you can go into his room and fuck him instead?"


"T-That's not what's going on. H-He just wanted to talk about matters of...mmh!"

Aziel swarmed her mouth violently with his. This was not a slow kiss. It was a desperate, almost helpless one as he shuddered into her. His tongue was playing with hers in a feverous passion. His hands also began to massage her back, making her feel relaxed. It felt so good but she didn't want to do this right outside Zeven's door!

"Aziel, you doofus! Stop kissing me."

He obediently stopped but he didn't pull away. "Okay. We can do things other than kissing."

Aziel's hand slid across her neck and down to rest at the cup of her breasts. Instead of using his mouth to kiss her there, he grazed the tender skin at her neck with his teeth. Aziel began lightly massaging her breasts with his hand, the feel of fabric rubbing against her nipples turning her on. She wiggled inside his arms and kept moaning but covering her mouth at the same time.

"I-I meant..."

"You said no more kissing and I'm only touching you," he found the point where her nipple was straining against the bra and pressed on the area hard.

She yelped and couldn't contain her excitement and confusion. Why did she feel even more excited knowing that Zeven was on the other side of this door and could possibly hear her moans? God, she wanted to satiate her desires and then bury herself under her blankets for eternity.

He roughly purred under his breath. "So, would you let me fuck you silly too or is that only something you'll let Zeven do?"

The door to Zeven's room swung open.

These next few chapters will be long and steamy before we get back to progressing the story, please be patient :)

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