94 Classic Kelly

You stare at Kelly asking you the question of how do you know Nick. Why would a treating doctor ask a question like that? You don't know if you can trust her enough to tell her the entire truth. So you just give her a half-truth. You frown as you answer a question.

"We were deployed together and I treated his leg. Why do you ask?"

She gives you a wicked smile as if she does not believe a word you are saying. Then she looks at your fingers that are entwined with his fingers.

"Really? Only treated his leg?"

She makes you a little bit upset with her reaction to your answer. It has nothing to do with her how you know Nick. Then you remember that bedside manner, is not her strong suit with all her patients. Why would Nick be any different?

"Kelly, I think it is best that you just let me how it is going with him and how the operation went?"

"You know very well that I cannot tell anyone how the operation went. I can only tell the family"


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